Three Things

1. Thanks to “moneyp” on the APBRmetrics web page. I thought I shut down my server from downloading stats for my stat page. However, I only turned off the player pages, not the team pages. Hence the playoff teams were being judged by their playoff stats in the team stat pages. I fixed it yesterday, and now the final stats for the 2004 season are up. The good news is since it’s apparently possible for my “program” to run the stats for the playoffs, I might just do that.

2. The NBA Carnival has arrived at Forum Blue & Gold. Only go there if you want to find a ton of NBA blogs, most covering the playoffs.

3. Tonight’s games should be interesting. The three favorites are all up 2-0, all heading to the opposing team’s court for the first time. Any home teams that lose tonight, can call up their friends on the Nets tomorrow to schedule some May tee times. If all three visitors win, that would mean half of the first round is settled. Although my bracket wouldn’t like it, the Bulls can make it 5 series that would be settled with a win on Saturday.

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Mike Kurylo

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