Thomas Told to Stay Away

According to Fox Sports, Isiah Thomas has been “barred from having any contact with the team.” As I said earlier, even if Thomas stayed on the payroll he would have no ability to undermine the current leadership. This story seems to validate that thought.

If anyone from MSG is reading this, I’d like to suggest extending Isiah’s ban to the following:

  • Selecting any Knick for his Fantasy Basketball team
  • Playing NBA Live as the Knicks
  • Wearing blue or orange
  • Playing knick knack paddywack
  • Speaking to any Knick fans
  • Eating anything with the ingredient ‘curry’
  • Contacting anyone with the last name Sanders or Browne
  • Setting foot on any numbered street or avenue
  • Posting on any Knick-related web sites under a pseudonym
  • Buying Marbury’s sneakers
  • Contacting any possible future Knicks
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    75 thoughts to “Thomas Told to Stay Away”

    1. lol, nice post mike. i dont think youll have to worry about nba live tho. the knicks are pretty hard to be effective with in that game.

      if we are keeping him in a “limited capacity”, what exactly does that mean?

    2. That’s definitely one way of reading this, and may well/probably is true. The other is, he’s not barred from talking to Dolan hence can try to go above Walsh’s head, and Dolan still cares, for one reason or another, enough about him to keep him around. Time will tell, hopefully for the best; I’d actually like my cynicism about this team to be unfounded for once.

      Mostly, I can’t believe we’re still talking about him. He’s like some sort of unkillable movie monster.

    3. “he’s going to offer draft advice, not sure why everyone has such a hard time with that concept.”

      Because he’s a fucking idiot and a contemptible bastard to boot.

    4. When he says “not sure why everyone has such a hard time with that concept,” Jon is referring to the fact that people don’t seem to know what his role is, not that Jon thinks such a role is a good role for Thomas.

    5. Since he’s on the payroll still, maybe he could be sent to Mongolia on a scouting assignment…

      …and be told not to return until he’s found the “Kobe of the Gobi”.

    6. So, tell me, who is a better player, right now, than Chris Paul?

      That first quarter was absolutely sick…. 3-3, 8 assists, no turnovers, and cans a crushing buzzer beater…

      I have said before Paul is my MVP this year, but I still can’t believe what I am seeing from him in the first five quarters of the playoffs…

    7. Owen,

      when I did a draft piece a couple seasons ago I couldn’t believe how efficient an offensive player he was. It was astonishing.

    8. as an aside, this was a quote from dwight howard in the daily dime on tonight –

      “LeBron did it last year and got Cleveland to the Finals. I’m just trying to do the best I can every night to help my team win. “(Magic assistant coach) Pat (Ewing) is always on me about giving my best effort every second. He pushes me to another level every night when I feel like I can’t do anything else so we can keep on winning.”

      someone was asking the other day if d-ho ever attributes any of his success to ewing. well there ya go.

    9. “someone was asking the other day if d-ho ever attributes any of his success to ewing. well there ya go.”

      That was me and honestly that’s a nice comment to see. If Patrick CAN light a fire under fat Curry’s fat can, I’ll readily take him for an assitant.

      If Walsh can work a miracle and move Zach, and Ewing can work Curry back into 2006-07 offensive output, maybe we can move him for a pick next year.

    10. I pay about as much attention to Dwight howard’s opinion of coaches as I do to Kobe’s GM rankings.

      And yeah, Chris Paul is an all-timer. He’s still just 22, I think…

    11. It’s astonishing how much Dwight Howard physically resembles a young Wilt Chamberlain, albeit 2 inches shorter and believe it or not, less athletic. Check out some old video on you-tube and see if you agree.

    12. Howard is clearly the best frontcourt player in the NBA right now and probably will be for the next 8 years, barring injury.

      I don’t think Ewing has anything to do with that. Howard’s athleticism is completely exceptional, just like Wilt.

      I just hope Howard doesn’t end up falling short of a title, like his current mentor.

      However, I really doubt Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, and Hedo Turkoglu have the makings of a championship supporting cast….

    13. Owen, do you think Dwight Howard is “clearly” better than Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan? (I’m assuming you’re not counting LeBron)

    14. Well, let’s see. Perhaps I should just say, Howard is at least as good as Duncan and Garnett, and probably better.

      But really, I don’t know believe that. :-)

      I think Howard’s advantage in ts% over Duncan, and his advantage in rebounding over Garnett, plus the physical vitality to be able to play more minutes for his team than either of them, makes him my choice, at least on this season’s numbers.

      And going forward, it should become very obvious who the best player is.

      Howard’s weakness are free throw shooting (and he still has easily the best ts%) and turnovers. I think if he had the supporting cast that Garnett and Duncan have, his numbers would be much better in terms of turnovers. He probably would score much more also. The only guy who feeds him really well is Hedo.

      The free throw thing is interesting. Really, if Howard could shoot 75% from the line, he would be one of the most productive players in the history of the NBA. The guy shoots 11 free throws per game, and only 59%. Probably no player has ever left so much easy money on the table.

      Ad for Lebron, he is a fabulous player, and a great scorer, but Howard has an even more potent combination of youth, size, and athleticism. If I were starting a franchise tomorrow, I would start with Howard rather than James. Probably controversial, but I don’t think you can go wrong taking the most productive player at the most productive position in the NBA.

    15. Interesting… I guess if it were up to me, I’d be willing to take Dwight over Duncan… maybe. But I’d still rather have Garnett, largely based on the defensive end. KG doesn’t really seem to have durability issues. Of course, as time goes on it won’t be so close…

      And sorry, I’m gonna go with LeBron. I mean, Hakeem was something else, but would you have rather had him or Jordan?

      And where does Chris Paul fit in?

    16. “The free throw thing is interesting. Really, if Howard could shoot 75% from the line, he would be one of the most productive players in the history of the NBA. The guy shoots 11 free throws per game, and only 59%. Probably no player has ever left so much easy money on the table.” Ironically enough the only guys who did would propably be Wilt and maybe Shaq.

    17. Garnett is an all time great. But the last winning team he played for in Minnesota was only 14th best on defense. They were miserable last year as well.

      Boston was one of the best defensive teams of all time this year, and obviously that has a lot to do with Garnett. But there are a bunch of outstanding defenders on that team. Rondo is probably the best defensive point guard in the NBA. Perkins is excellent. Paul Pierce is quite good. Posey is excellent.

      Meanwhile I can’t think of any good defender on the Magic other than Howard, and they were still 6th in the league in defensive efficiency. People don’t seem to think he is a good defender for some reason, but I can’t ever remember seeing a more mobile 7 footer defending pick and rolls. He has no trouble keeping up with guards. And he is a rebounding machine.

      If you were starting a team today you have only three choices. Chris Paul, Lebron, or Dwight Howard. I think Chris Paul has been the best player in the NBA this year, but over the long haul I would bet on Howard being the most productive.

      Re Hakeem, Jordan and Howard.

      I think Howard will be better than Hakeem. He will be a better rebounder and a significantly more efficient scorer. Olajuwon has a defensive edge, but in the end, Howard will probably end up posting much more impressive numbers. Speculation at this point…

      I would take Jordan over Howard, since Jordan was, statistically speaking, the best player in the modern era, other than perhaps Magic.

      Lebron is not in Jordan’s league, as much as many people would like him to be. His free throw shooting is a major problem. It really limits his shooting efficiency overall.

      I would love to see Lebron’s stats this year adjusted for pace though, might make me rethink a little bit…

    18. YOu might be giving LeBron short shrift… he’s still just 23, and if he’d gone the Tim Duncan route he’d still be a rookie… of course so would Chris Paul, who doesn’t turn 23 for another two weeks. And Howard, 22, would still be a senior.

      So amazingly, I’d expect all three of these guys to get a lot better. At least one of them should give Jordan a run for his money. And then there’s David Lee…

      I wouldn’t argue for a second about Dwight Howard being an excellent defender, but I don’t think he’s as versatile as Garnett. Minnesota may have only ranked 14th, but the rest of that team… phew. And Boston’s numbers would look even better if Garnett (and Pierce) hadn’t been resting on the bench the last six weeks.

      Another question: who is the most overrated player in the league? Off the top of my head, I will say Carmelo Anthony.

    19. Owen:

      Hollinger had some formula that showed that Dooling was an extremely efficient defender.

      I would take Olajuwon any day over d-ho. Olajuwon finished 7th in career steals and 1st in blocks, not to mention his awesome dream-shake and fadeaway.

      Howard may finish up there defensively, but I don’t ever see Howard evolving into the offensive and go-to threat that Olajuwon was. Howard is a 60% free throw shooter, which is a serious liability in crunch time.


      Newsday’s Alan Hahn quotes Donnie Walsh on Isiah Thomas’s role: ” ‘He’s not going to be here on a full-time basis anymore. I’ll be calling the shots, I’m in charge of the franchise. It’s my responsibility where it was his.’ Walsh also added this about Isiah’s role: ‘There is no job description. He more or less is going to work when I call him and ask him to do things, he’s a guy, for me, that I could call up and say, ‘Listen, there’s a tournament in Europe and there’s a guy playing and I want you to go see him and give me an opinion on this guy.’ … That would be an example of the kind of things I would ask Isiah.'”

    20. I was very impressed with Dooling’s D, on that Miami championship team.

      But I’d agree the rest of Orlando’s roster looks pretty terrible on the defensive end.. Lewis? Turkoglu? Jameer Nelson?

    21. Carmelo is easily the most overrated player in the NBA. It was a joke he was a Western Conference starter.

      I might be giving Lebron short thrift. If he were shooting 83% from the free throw line, I might be singing a different tune. His TS% would be up over 60%. We shall see.

      I can imagine Howard and Lebron playing better. I sort of can’t imagine Chris Paul playing any better than he is now. His numbers are pretty otherworldly, especially given that he is 5’11.

      Hakeem wasn’t all that efficient offensively, well above average certainly, and with excellent volume, but at 55% for his career not exceptional. Howard is at 62% right now, and that is with his ft% acting as a significant drag.

      Honestly, if I were the Magic, I would have him shoot free throws and do nothing else all summer.

      As for Dooling, he played less than 20 minutes per game.

    22. I know what you mean about Chris Paul — how could he play better than this? And it’s definitely true that big guys age better; they don’t shrink.

      Still… what could CP3 do better? He could (and probably will) become a better on-ball defender. Not that he’s bad now, but as he gets stronger, watch out. Also, just because he racks up 11 assists a game — why not 13? With even fewer turnovers? Why not shoot an even higher percentage? I predict a similar improvement to LeBron and Howard, but eventually (like in 7 or 8 years) a somewhat quicker decline…

    23. Yeah, who knows. I suppose it’s possible Paul improves. Certainly if Nash can post a ts% of 65%, Paul can shoot for that as well. Still has a long way to go in that respect.

      Paul led the leagues in steals, which indicates to me that he is a pretty good defender already…

    24. An idea to throw out:

      Hakeem had a more versatile game than Howard does (at the moment, anyway) on the offensive end. Could you make a case that the variety of things Hakeem could do allowed him to play in more systems and with more kinds of players than Howard, who may owe a greater portion of his current success to Orlando’s decision to surround him with three point shooters? If so, how much value does that represent in front office flexibility?

      It may also be said that we remember Hakeem’s game best from his title winning years- when he was almost a decade older than Howard is now. Where Dwight will be in 10 years with his game is interesting to imagine.

    25. well, LeBron knocked out Detroit last year with a worse supporting cast than Howard has in Orlando. if Howard can do that this year and make the conference finals, then I can see the case for him over LeBron, otherwise no, at least not yet.

    26. “well, LeBron knocked out Detroit last year with a worse supporting cast than Howard has in Orlando”

      To me Varejao, Ilgauskas, Gooden, and a red hot Boobie Gibson was a fairly strong complementary cast last year. Howard didn’t have Lewis last year, and Hedo wasn’t playing all that well.

      As for Hakeem, as discussed in the last thread, I don’t give out “versatility” bonuses. I also think that to say Howard’s success depends on having three point shooters around him is sort of wierd. His success depends on being the most athletic guy in the NBA, inch-for-inch…

    27. What I’m saying is more that for a team to best take advantage of what Howard is able to do, they need to surround him with Rashard Lewis types. Hakeem could play with those, or he could play with Clyde Drexler. If the market is out of whack for one kind of player or another I think it may give some advantage to having a star who can play with many kinds of players, since in theory you can add more talent per dollar to a team that way. It’s a minor advantage if it exists, but when you’re parsing players at this level every little edge matters- also part of why I’d go with LeBron, personally.

    28. “Versatility bonuses” can be the difference between being a dominant fourth-quarter player and a great statistical player. Hakeem Olajuwon was better than David Robinson because you could throw the ball to him in a crucial situation and get a basket in crunchtime. And yet Dave has better stats than almost anybody; he won the IBM Award year after year.

      It doesn’t really make sense to compare Howard to guys who have finished their careers until he has also finished his. Would you take Howard over Shaq or Duncan? Really? Because the latter two guys have 4 rings each. We don’t know yet what Howard is going to do or how successful he’s going to be. It’s just premature.

    29. if dwight howard and chris paul were on the same team they would win more championships then the dynastic bulls

    30. “To me Varejao, Ilgauskas, Gooden, and a red hot Boobie Gibson was a fairly strong complementary cast last year. Howard didn’t have Lewis last year, and Hedo wasn’t playing all that well.”

      I was comparing Cleveland last year to Orlando this year, you missed my point, so I’ll make it again. if Howard wins two playoff series this year, then there will be a discussion as to whether he or LeBron is a better franchise player right now.

      also, put those listed Cavs on a different team and let’s see how much they do. they’re all glorified role players who can be effective because they’re playing with LeBron (most of the Bulls in Jordan’s era were along these lines too).

    31. Ah, misunderstood you, but I get it, if Orlando doesn’t beat Detroit in the next round, Lebron is the better player.

      I don’t really buy the implicit logic, basically that Lebron beat the Pistons all by himself, and nnless Howard does the same, he is the lesser player. I think people seriously underrate the Cavs squad last year. They were the fourth best defense in the league, and that wasn’t just Lebron. They had a pythag win expectation of 52 wins in a season in which Lebron wasn’t nearly as effective as he was this year. Ilgauskas, Varejao, and Gooden comprised a very effective frontcourt, and they were a big reason Lebron was able to lead them to upset. Varejao may be a role player but he is highly effective. They really struggled without him, in fact their whole season turned around after he returned this year.

      Meanwhile, the Magic posted 56 expected wins this year, better than anything Lebron’s teams have achieved. That may be because Howard’s supporting cast is better, but I don’t think so…

      Anyway, time will settle the question for us, along with further rounds of argument. I will take Howard, the rest of you can have Lebron… :-)

      Enjoying watching the Celts, love Rondo…

    32. I don’t think Dwight Howard isn’t the most dominant interior player just yet. He’s made great strides but he has a lot left to learn.

      I love watching him go head to head with Tim Duncan, it’s easy to tell Howard is far stronger and more athletic than Timmy. And also that he’s capable of dominanting a game with his rebounding, defense and/or scoring and more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Duncan in these areas. Yet Duncan always outplays him. Dwight doesn’t have the intelligence of a championship player to go with the raw skills and power yet. Such as what move to make in the post, when to challenge the shot, how to avoid the silly foul, when to pass, what pass to make … stuff like that. He’s getting there but he’s not there yet. Duncan is still the most dominant interior player in the league. Ditto for comparisons with guys like Olajuwon. Still a work in progress in that regard.

      Dwight or LeBron? Dwight dominantes the Cavs and controls the game when they meet head-to-head. That counts for a lot in my book. Dwight has a larger amount of control throughout the game but Bron is obviously the better finisher. A lot of that is the virtue of having the ball in your hands and being able to create any shot from any where versus the virtue of interior force like Dwight. I’d pick Dwight. It’s very close though.

      Howard is an excellent defender. I have him a notch behind Duncan and KG and right there with Rasheed Wallace as the best interior defenders in the league. If he keeps playing like he has against Toronto he’ll be moving on up.

      Gotta feel good about the Magic’s chances of beating Detroit in the next round, I expect them to win that series.

    33. “I don’t think Dwight Howard isn’t the most dominant interior player just yet.”
      Typo there – I don’t think he’s the best interior player yet

    34. “Gotta feel good about the Magic’s chances of beating Detroit in the next round, I expect them to win that series.”

      we’ll see, Detroit has done a good job of shutting down Howard previously.

    35. I love that Onion article with Isiah “working” for National Institute of Mental Health:

      “I don’t know what made us pick Isiah,” said NIMH director Dr. Thomas R. Insel, who is weathering demands for his resignation over the Knicks’ losing record and treatment of fans. “He had no psychological experience, he wouldn’t listen to noted experts who tried to help him, he responded to criticism with aggression, and in four short years he all but ruined a once-proud mental health organization through arrogance and incompetence. Frankly, if you ask me, the man’s insane.”

    36. I’ve been thinking about this Marc Jackson story. I think it would be nice to bring in a New Yorker like Jackson, but Thibedeou is WAAAAAAAY more proven and already known to be EXCELLENT. It’s not like we are comparing two unknowns or a known mediocrity to an unknown. We are comparing perhaps the best defensive coach in the NBA to an unknown. It’s NO CONTEST!

    37. From today’s Boston Herald:

      “He’s the best defensive coach I’ve ever played for,” Rajon Rondo said. “He’s the hardest working coach that I’ve ever seen. I asked him a question about how he works one time, and he said that it takes him four hours to break down one film.”

    38. Howard is a special player and might be my first pick if I was starting a team, but he is not better than Hakeem.

      First off Hakeen is a signifigantly better shot blocker, passer and got alot more steals. Also his turnover rate is much better, a healthy (for a center) rate of 13.1 (which would be lower if not for some very turnover prone seasons late in his career) compared to an Eddy Curry like rate of 17.5 for Howard. Also the rebound difference is not great, 12.2 for Howard with 3.5 orbs, 11.2 for Hakeem with 3.3 orebs (once again Hakeem’s average would be higher if not for some less productive seasons late in his career). Also while not measurable by stats I believe Hakeem was a better on ball defender.

      So that just leaves scoring and while Howard does score much more efficiently than Hakeem he is not as productive and much more limited on the offensive end. I believe that Howard cannot be counted on to score as much as Hakeem and instead the opportunities have to come to him rather than he creating them himself.

      I am a huge Howard fan but he is no Hakeem.

      As for right now I would take Duncan or Garnett over Howard. Next year maybe not, after that almost certainly not.

    39. Hakeem in his early years were very much like in Howard offensively in his ability to overpower and dunk on everyone. However, Hakeem has always been one of the most dominating defensive players (not just centers) ever! You don’t have to look at his career stats in steals and blocks, but just watching him just showed how he was so dominant.

      Howard is definitely improving by leaps and bounds and already a very good defender, but he still can improve especially in foul shooting and maybe a mid-range jumper like Amare has to keep defenders more uncomfortable and honest.

    40. Anybody heard the rumours that D’Antoni could be out of Phoenix if they lose this series? I don’t know if he would be a good fit for NY, but the 04-05 Suns loom large in my memory.

    41. I saw a report yesterday that D’Antoni, Flip Saunders and Avery Johnson could be gone if their teams lose early.

      If D’Antoni were available he’d be head and shoulders above the other candidates out there, IMO.

    42. The right Howard/Hakeem comparison would be comparing Howard to Hakeem at age 22, his 2nd year in the league… I’d say Howard has a very good chance of having a better career than even a unanimous Hall of Famer… but of course time will tell.

    43. My question is will these clowns listen if the Knicks waited for the playoffs to finish to see who becomes available. Brown and Wilkens din’t get through and from my point of view this team is the worst of all in that regard. Of course if Walsh can move some of the roster I wouldn’t feel it would be a waste of coaching talent.

    44. “D’Antoni could be out of Phoenix if they lose this series”

      Steve Kerr got death threats after the Marion trade (seriously– threats that invoked his murdered father, saying PLO was coming for him next…). The thousands of letters that didn’t mention killing him simply called him an idiot ad nauseum.

      I don’t see how D’Antoni is the scapegoat when the fans seem to like him and hate Kerr. It would be a strange PR move (even if D’Antoni talked Kerr into the Shaq trade, which according to Kerr he did).

    45. The Suns have played close games on the road that were definitely within reach for a win. Not a bad place to be in. They can get two at home and this will be a whole new series.

    46. >>>Steve Kerr got death threats after the Marion trade (seriously– threats that invoked his murdered father, saying PLO was coming for him next…). The thousands of letters that didn’t mention killing him simply called him an idiot ad nauseum. <<<

      That’s really sick.

      I know it was a controversial trade, but it wasn’t like Marion loved the Suns or he was the favorite of the fans. It was just a deal that you could see working out very badly if Shaq was still hurting or the chemistry didn’t work.

      As it is, there were probably some pluses and minuses and that’s the way it should be. Not every deal is like Gasol going to the Lakers. Those fans are nutso.

    47. “Those fans are nutso.”

      The fact that Steve Kerr gets death threats and Isiah Thomas didn’t shows just how civil the NY fan is.

    48. On another site I saw people discussing how to put a hit on Isiah without getting caught, but that was all in fun………I think. ;-)

    49. I would love D’Antoni or Avery Johnson.

      As for the Hakeem/Howard comparison even in Hakeem’s second year in the league I would take his production over Howard’s. Also Howard relies so much on his athleticism I see him starting to decline around age 29-30 much like Jermaine O’Neal and Garnett. There is no way he plays 18 years like Hakeem. He will have a great career but I think comparing him to the second best center in the last 25 years is a bit premature.

      I admit he will might very well have a better career than Ewing or Robinson but I just do not see him surpassing Hakeem or Shaq.

    50. I guess you could say it is a matter of just not having the personnel to defend it, but man, Pop is making D’Antoni look re-donk-you-less in the SA/Phoenix series.

      D’Antoni has not adjusted to the Spurs giving Parker and Manu the ball and driving constantly, so Pop is just busting him with it again and again and again.

      Again, like I said, D’Antoni might just be screwed from a personnel standpoint, but it still doesn’t look pretty.

    51. And it happened again. Tonight’s game:

      (1) Spurs run pick and roll.
      (2) Shaq is late.
      (3) Duncan/Parker/Manu scores.

      The Suns looked awful tonight. You gotta say, at least Isiah didn’t trade for Shaq – that’s one crappy contract that the Knicks don’t have to contend with over the next couple of years.

      Anyone catch Pistons/Philly? Philly doesn’t look so hot (Reggie Evans is suddenly their best post player?!?!) but man the Pistons look tired. Flip may finally get that vacation slip he’s been flirting with for awhile.

    52. Not sure what to make of these top flight coaches being available. Who would actually be a good fit? I think D’Antoni’s system can be fun and beautiful and would love the Knicks even more if they would run and gun – but I’ve also heard that he’s not interested in developing young guys, which is why Phoenix traded away so many draft picks in recent years. Maybe it’s just situational, but if it isn’t then I don’t think he would be a good fit.
      Avery Johnson has a rep. for being really controlling, especially with his pg’s. Also, look at how far his team has fallen – I think plenty of the blame has to be laid at his feet for that.
      Not sure what my thoughts are about Flip Saunders..the Pistons have been inconsistent since before he came aboard.

    53. Out of the big name coaches with their jobs on the line, who would you like or consider for the Knicks job?

      D’Antoni would be tempt me. I’d love to see Avery Johnson coach the Knicks, I think a lot of the criticisms have been off base and that’s he’s a quality coach. George Karl? Nah. Flip Saunders? No.

      I’m not sure about Tom Thibodeau. He reminds me of Mike Brown. A brilliant assistant who just wasn’t meant to be a head coach. Tom T has gone on a lot of interviews over the years and has been highly respected for years, why has nobody given a job? Does he have the personality/character/gravitas to lead a team. He’s great with defensive details but he can bring a group of guys together and get to play as a team. Can he keep morale high after a few big losses, can he handle the personalities in the locker room. I’m worried about that type of stuff with Thib.

      Mark Jackson seems a huge risk. Could be great, could be Sam Vincent. I think the biggest difference between young coaches who succeed and fail is their ability to communicate effectively. Sam Mitchell was great at that as player, so was Avery. Is Mark Jackson? He was as a player. He was great when the ball was in his hands. Not wild about listening to his analysis as a commentator but he was as a player. Is he just holding back when working as a commentator or does he need the ball in his hands to get the message across? I don’t know but it’s been in the back of my mind for a long time.

    54. At times theres too much blme put on the head coach. The job of the coach is to have the players prepared to execute a game plan offensively and defensively. Go through scenarios in practice to prepare for game situation and make sure the team is in game shape. Once those players get on the court they need to execute if they dont you cant blame the everything on the coach. Daily News is talking about Kenny Smith having an interview for the GM position. I kinda dont mind that.

    55. the nba seriously needs a solution to the hack-a-shaq gameplan. watching shaq take 6 ft attempts in the 1st qtr due to hack-a-shaq makes this game hard to watch.

    56. i agree, but like the commentators were saying – you can’t change league rules because someone has a weakness. Shaq should have learned to shoot ft’s after 30 years of basketball.

    57. that’s funny, since they changed the rules on zone defense solely because of Shaq’s dominance. but yeah, you can’t do anything about this and you shouldn’t. it’s part of the game.

      now this flopping bullshit, I’d love to see that legislated against. maybe the league office could study video of the biggest offenders and start handing down suspensions after a certain number of obvious flops, like they do with flagrant fouls.

    58. Danis:

      Shaq broke his wrist when he was young. thats why he has a weird hitch in his ft stroke.

    59. IMO Shaq can’t shoot FTs (or jump shots) because his hands are too big — if you want to get the idea, try shooting basketball style yourself, with a softball or tennis ball.

      I’d guess he would be much more successful shooting underhand, but he just doesn’t want to do it because it seems embarrassing.

    60. You don’t have to be a brain to coach basketball. If you’re ready and organized, you can do really well. Although Jackson has no coaching experience whatsoever so making him the number 1 choice is a joke!

    61. Ewing should get the assistant position – he has 4 years experience, is the greatest Knicks of all time and is ready. I’ll be pissed if Jackson gets the head spot but not really because he will probably be fired. The Knicks will got through at least 2 more coaches before they get good again.

    62. And yes you may be right that the Walsh thing may not be started out well but it is too early to tell. They should have interviewed more candidates though but Dolan hired Walsh out of spite.

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