This is what it is supposed to feel like

This Knick victory, 151-146 over the Detroit Pistons, is the kind of game that the Knicks have been striving for – a win against a good team where the Knicks never felt like they were outclassed. It never felt like it was a shock that they were in the game. It felt natural. This is what we all want to see – not necessarily a win (although wins are great), but just the feeling of “It is not a surprise if the Knicks beat these guys.”

It’s a good feeling. I hope it continues.

As for the game, WOW, what a game! It’s amazing how the suspensions really have alerted Zeke to the idea that, hey, what do you know? The Knicks three best players all happen to be forwards and/or centers…maybe they should be on the court more often!! As KB has pointed out before (or was it Dave? Oh well, one of those two fellas…hehe), one of the best things about the suspensions is that Thomas literally CANNOT go to a three-guard lineup anymore, because he doesn’t have the manpower for it, and as a result, the Knicks end up having a BETTER lineup because of it!

Jared Jeffries steps back into the starting lineup, although Thomas’ explanation for it was kinda creepy, “I don’t want a guy penalized and lose his starting spot for protecting a teammate in a fight,” Thomas said, “You can’t punish them for that.” It’s not like the guy missed four games because he took a bullet for Mardy Collins. Weird. Anyhow, it is a bit of a shame, as David Lee once again looked awesome when he was on the court (although he was getting burned on the glass just as much as Frye, Curry and Jeffries – the Knicks are a good rebounding team with this lineup, but they were just flatout SMOKED on the glass by Detroit. It was embarrassing, really).

Marbury was amazing, especially making all three free throws. I really loved his game. John Hollinger recently wrote about “presents” for each of the league’s bad teams, and his “present” for the Knicks was to play Marbury less. I really disagree with him on that point. His position seemed to be that, since Marbury had a lower PER than the other Knick guards, the other guards should play over him. That sounds reasonable enough, but that’s like saying that, since Channing Frye had a lower PER than Malik Rose in the beginning of the season, Rose should play over Frye. Marbury should not be playing as poorly as his PER has been for this season, and I think these past few games have shown him coming into form again. Although, with Francis getting healthier, I can’t be the only one who is scared about what his return means to the team.

Jamal Crawford – wow, isn’t he so much cooler when he is taking 16-18 foot jumpers? And with the Knicks down four, who else was astonished that he drove for the hoop and the harm? I know I sure was – but it was pretty unbelievably awesome. Almost as awesome as him passing to Frye for the game-tying bucket.

Speaking of Frye, it sure is good to have the good Frye back again. But man, is it REALLY that much harder to hit a 22-foot jumper instead of a 20-foot jumper? If he could add the three to his repertoire…wow, look out!

Curry looked pretty good, as well. And how awesome was it to see him make the free throw to put them up one in the third OT?

I remember being really pissed off that the Pistons kept getting the ball into Rip (who was freaking unbelievable tonight) and Billups’ hands for free throws, but I felt pretty silly when Billups then missed one…hehe.

Anyhow, great win, and while the Knicks still need to play some better defense, this current lineup has been a real revelation, and it is almost getting to the point where I would not be surprised if you told me “Knicks over Suns” early Saturday morning.

Okay, I guess we’re not really THERE yet…but it looks like they’re on the way.

P.S. How sad is it that I’m scoreboard watching in late December? And is it sadder when the team I’m scoreboard watching is all of 13-16?

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62 thoughts to “This is what it is supposed to feel like”

  1. “WHY WAS ISIAH THOMAS NOT PLAYING DAVID LEE FOR THE ENTIRE SESSIONS OF OVERTIME. He was on the bench almost the entire second overtime. He was on the bench for good chunks of the first and third also. Everytime the Pistons got tripple offensive rebound tip-ins with Nazr Mohommad because David Lee wasn?t in there vacuuming the glass, I wanted to shoot reeds up Isiah Thomas?s finger nails. You cannot have Channing Frye, Jared Jeffries and Eddy Curry in the game as the front court all at the same time, you have NO rebounding. And it almost cost us the game.”

    I had written this in the earlier blog entry, I want to point out again in response to the current blog that the only time the Knicks got smoked on the glass was only when Curry Jefferies and Frye were on the floor at the same time. Brian writes here that the same thing was happening when Lee was on the floor in any other combination of front-court, what??????? Curry, Frye and Jefferies combined had 20 rebounds total, versus Lee’s 13 rebound contribution. The Knicks were NOT smoked on the boards when Lee was in the game last night.

  2. This was a great win by the New York Knickerbrawlers over Detroit. Though I am surprised that Mayor Bloomberg didn’t have the National Guard on standby at the Garden, given that the Knicks were playing the original “Bad Boyz.”

    Who knows what could have happened when the Malice at the Palace meets Fight Night at the Garden?

    Anyhoo, it does seems that Isiah has found the key for turning around the Knickerbrawlers’ season since the Madison Square Garden Melee.

    The Knicks should stage a riot/brawl at MSG every week. They would be well on their well to a NBA Championship if they did. And think of the ratings.

    Go KnickerBrawlers!

  3. Lee logged 45 minutes so its hard to say he was on the bench so much, but in overtime Frye was a beast and needed to be in. They played who was playing well – Marbury and Crawford were on, so was Frye, and Curry has become a late game necessity. Jeffries drives me crazy but perimeter defense was key in the late game with Detroit’s sick lineup of Billups, Michael Jord – I mean Rip Hamilton, and Tayshaun Prince on the floor and he’s much better at it than Lee.

  4. i was a the game last night, and the garden became electric. it started out disbelieving, but by the third quarter, it felt like the ghosts of ewing, starks and oakley were back on the court.

    jeffries did a great job on hamilton when isiah had to go big and jared played the 2. it’s actually a nice big look for the knicks to show from time to time, and i don’t think isiah realized he had that as an asset until he needed to use it last night. and now, it looked like it’ll work, if not disrupt.

    great game last night. dare i say, let’s go knicks.

  5. I know I’m going off topic here but did anyone see Posey’s foul on Deng last night in the Heat/Bulls game. That was 10 times worse than Mardy Collins’.

  6. “The Knicks were NOT smoked on the boards when Lee was in the game last night.”

    That’s not exactly true. Nazr did get the best of Lee a few times, but he’s always been a good offensive rebounder. Granted the Knicks were better on the glass with Lee on the floor, but he didn’t exactly solidify the situation. (And are the caps & excessive exclamation points really necessary?)

    LaimbeerFan: LOL

    “jeffries did a great job on hamilton when isiah had to go big and jared played the 2. it?s actually a nice big look for the knicks to show from time to time, and i don?t think isiah realized he had that as an asset until he needed to use it last night. and now, it looked like it?ll work, if not disrupt.”

    I agree, and as Brian noted I’ve said it ad nauseum this season: the Knicks do better when they go big. There are problems on the offensive end with these lineups, but we have 4 guards that can penetrate. When all else fails the point guard should try to create by heading to the hoop. Additionally with the bigger lineup the Knicks should be able to recover their misses with strong rebounding.

    But most importantly when they go big, they play better defense. So what if they aren’t as efficient on the offensive end, because they’re getting it back & then some.

  7. How great was it to see the Knick bench (Francis, Marbury) really celebrating after Crawford hit that last 18 footer? They really were rooting for the guys on the court. I know Marbury fouled out but Francis could have sat and pouted but he didn’t he supported the team. Great win! I agree with KB Crawford is amazing when he takes the ball to the basket.

  8. 13-18. And yes, I may have been watching yahoo gametracker as well?

    I meant that the team I’m WATCHING (Toronto) is all of 13-16. :)

  9. And yeah, they may have been beat on the boards LESS with Lee, but Nazr was getting easy boards off of Lee, too.

  10. It’s weird, though, Dan.

    Nate is shooting very well for the season, and the Knicks really COULD use another shooter, but who do you take out?

    As you mention, when Q is back, obviously Q would have that role, but Q doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon…

  11. By the way that’s not to malign Nate who has played well – just that one of the problems with missing 10 games is that if the team starts taking off with a less players/bigger players rotation, you’re the odd man out when you get back. Francis and Q will likely be in and out this whole season, so Nate will probably get opportunities that way, you’re right, but with everyone healthy he should be used more for emergency offense than anything else.

  12. I think Larry Brown had it right?., send Nate to instructional league. I like his offense (when he isn?t charging into a defender), but he gives away too much on defense and makes awful decisions. Worse thing to happen to him was winning the dunk contest.

    I don?t know if Zeke would have figured out the rotation without the brawl. But now that he?s found the magic?, I agree, Nate is so benched.

    Love this team. Most exciting Knick team in awhile. Love how the Garden came alive last night. Shades of Reed, DeBusschere, Bradley, Monroe and Clyde!

  13. Is anyone noticing this? The Knicks are an exciting team again. I know they pulled off six in a row around this time last year, but it seems like something special might be starting to happen at the Garden.

  14. It’s easy to kick a dog (Nate) when he’s down.

    You guys seem to be forgetting how many times

    Nate ,single handily, brought the team back when

    they were down by double figures.He does have to

    figure out as a short guy how to defend without

    giving up an easy foul.

  15. Nate has brought us back many times. He’s played pretty well…but if we continue to play like we have been, he and Francis should not see much action.

    Also is interesting that we’re doing this without Q, coincidence?

  16. I am new to this site and I think it cool.
    Having said that I have noticed something about the New York Fan,your thoughts and ideas are shaped by the sports writers and maybe even ESPN.

    Why do I say this.
    To me any knowledgeable basketball fan could see the talent on the Knicks and realize lack of discipline is holding them back. You can see the lack of discipline in the defensive rotations last night. We forget that they are a young team.

    Why are the Knicks so maligned when they are second in their division and have a better record than the NETS? Anybody noticed what is happening in NJ? Why is Larry Franks getting a pass? Shouldn’t NJ be ruling this division? Yes! Shouldn’t their record be better than it is now? But, the media has been brow beating the Knicks so long the fans are echoing their thoughts. Big ups to the fans that understand what team chemistry and confidence is, and how lack of it can destroy a team or a person.

    To whomever said that Isiah did not know what he had when he signed Jeffries – I could have sworn at the news conference the Knicks had to announce Jeffires signing, Isiah said the thing he loved about Jeffries is his ability to defend all 5 positions.

    Am I wrong?

    One more thought.

    In my mind there was one other incidentt similar to Knick meltdown and it was the Jibril Wilson hit on Vince Young. When that happened I felt the Giants would loose the game because of the way Vince Young bounced up. When the brawl occured I said good for the Knicks, to me they needed that. I think this fight is going to be bigger than we realize. As far as beating Phoenix, I dont know, but it will be a step in the right direction.

    That would mean, over the last two weeks or so my Knicks have beaten Utah, Chicago and, Detroit.

    I will take 2-3 three on the road trip. 3-2 is a godsend.

    Food for thought – How do think this lineup will do? Curry, Frye, Lee, Q and Jeffries that the point. If not Jeffries how about Balkman? He can handle.


  17. We’re not talking about the Nets because, well, who cares about the Nets? It’s a Knick blog. :)

    And seriously, Jeffries at the point?


  18. “About Jeffries at the point”

    It would be only for a few minutes and all we asking of him is to feed the “beast” Eddie Curry.

    Is that asking too much of him?

  19. While this was a great win for the Knicks, I don’t know that it’s much to be excited about. If I read the boxscore correctly the Pistons shot the ball something like 35 more times than the Knicks!! You can’t give the other team that many shots and expect to win very many games. The only reason they did win was thanks to a very lousy percentage for Detroit.

  20. How about Curry, Lee, Frye with Crawford and Marbury? Rotate Q, Jeffries and Nate (u guys convinced me…, he’s a better option than Francis and he’s the future). That’s the 8 men rotation. Make Cato first option to spell Curry.
    Let’s have patience with Curry. He’s established his low-post offensive game and is improving to adequate on defense. I think it will be half way thru next season before he improves his rebounding. But when he does, wow!
    Give Isiah his props. If the team maintains Isiah will easily have met the “substantial improvement” criteria set by Dolan. I loved Larry Brown but it sure looked like he sabotaged last year so he can show significant progress this year. He must have known the talent was here. Go Knicks!

  21. Riich – you’re absolutely right – though I do think it was more our gaudy % than their “lousy” %. It’s truly amazing to win a game in which you get so many fewer shots.

    Confucius – As for NY fans listening to the media – it’s the same in every city. That’s what the media does – it shapes the views of people…whether it’s in politics, sports, NY or some little town in Idaho.

    Fair point about the Nets (see the Jets/Giants for a similar situation). The Gibril Wilson hit I don’t recall, do you mean Frank Walker (the hit “out of bounds” for a personal foul)?

  22. Dmull – yes it was Frank Walker. I understand the media shaping thought and opinion. My problem is with those that regergitate the information as those that say Isiah is doing a lousy job. Is he really? Hence my point about the NETS…sorry Brian!

    Robles – That is probably the rotation the Knicks will go with.

    RIICH. I dont get the only reason the won. The point is the won.

    Over the season it all balances out.

  23. Nate is awful and doesn’t help the team. I am not kicking him when he is down, I said that the day after one of the Knicks heroic, but failed, comebacks when he shot 9 for 10 (or something like that). He plays no defense, turns the ball over or dribbles forcing poor shots. Nate winning the slam dunk contest maybe the worst thing to happen to him – more likely it was going in the first round.

    As a second round pick Nate would have had to earn what he got and might have gone to the D-League.

    Strange how as the season is progressing we read the lines – Larry Brown was right about . . . – more frequently.

  24. I agree that Nate is out of control. His defense is suspect. He does not pass the ball effectively.

    Seems like he should not even be allowed back on the team. However he is young. He has tremendous energy.

    I think if he matures he can be dynamite. He can become a great guy off the bench.

  25. But Larry wanted to keep Francis and dump Steph. Give up on Nate is a wee extreme. He wanted Nate to play under control and play smarter.

  26. I think we can all agree that Nate has some flaws. When the team was struggling Nate was fun to watch – Remember the Yao ming block. How many of us called for him to replace Stephan when he was struggling? With coaching and maturity the kid will be good.

    Now that the Knick appear to be “jelling” are getting better I would like to see Nate get on board and compliment what has transpired over the last week.
    Listen Larry Brown sabotaged the Knicks trying to get Isaih fired. Very few guys come into the league and contribute right away.

    Give the KID a break!

  27. Rip is really an awesome player, he just stays within his game and does his slashing and jump shots. In an imperfect world he would be someone like Jamal Crawford, who is way too three happy.

    I know Jamal isn’t entirely awful from long range, but if he modeled his game more like Rip, he would be much more lethal.

    New to the site, but I like it here.

  28. I just hope that Nate ends up as a little bit tougher version of Earl Boykins. I’d be satisfied with that–instant O, two, three assists, and a few disruptive perimeter fouls to give. Or, better yet, some trade value for a good defendinpass-first point guard that doesn’t need to shoot.

  29. How about this for a trade idea:

    Nate Robinson & Malik Rose
    to Charlotte for
    Brevin Knight & Othella Harrington ?

    All four players have two seasons left on their contracts, so it is a wash from that aspect. Charlotte picks up a bit more salary, but it needs to this season anyway under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    Nate gives the Bobcats the backcourt scorer they so desperately need, as well as a crowd-pleasing young player to help them draw (where they’ve been struggling). Malik slides right into Othella’s role.

    Brevin becomes the true pass-first backup point guard the Knicks have been longing for, while Othella takes Malik’s role at the end of the bench. The Knicks’ rotation suddenly gains a lot more focus!

    If i were Isiah i’d be willing to add a second rounder to sweeten the deal if need be, considering his neck is in the noose.

    Maybe there’s a better deal out there for Brevin, Charlotte has not been shy about making him available….any thoughts?

  30. As much as I love watching Nate perform, I actually think thats a very logical trade. I would go for that and it makes some sense for the Bobcats too

  31. Paul – I dont like the proposed trade because I thnk Malik Rose is more valuable to the team than you realize. It is my belief that provides leader ship on a team that desparately needs it and, speaking emotionally I like Nate and what he brings to the table.
    The trade does not address the team need for a pure shooter and/or defensive minded guard. What is this pure point guard stuff?

    Villainx. – Why does everyone hate on Jamal Crawford? Who has a better cross over than Jamal? He is younger than RIP, and he is coming along nicely. Jamal should be Jamal and the Knicks will benefit from that. It took RIP a few years to become the player is his now. He is now learning dribble penetration.

    Confucius say be patient with Jamal and you will like the player he becomes.

    OH – did I say Jamal is my favorite Knick.

  32. This team needs direction and basketball IQ more then anything. I haven’t seen too much of Peterson or Knight but from what I’ve seen, I don’t think they will be the answer to the Knicks problems. The Knicks already have some good players at every position but they just make stupid plays repeatedly. Bringing in another role player without a role will only add more to the chaos.

    As for stupid play, I can’t stand watching Curry wait for the double team only to swing the ball around to give Jeffries, Balkman, or Rose a long jumper from the opposite corner. Those guys shouldn’t be taking those shots. The coaches should know the strengths of the players and set them up to use their strengths. Curry needs to make quicker moves and Marbury should be the one taking the kickout to the basket or taking the outside shot.

    As for the lineups these days, I like David Lee and just can’t understand why he is not starting. Doesn’t Isiah get it. When Frye got injured, Lee started and Curry went on a tear. Frye comes back and Lee goes out and things go downhill. Then the Brawl and Lee’s back in with Jeffries suspended and what do you know…they get better. Jeffries comes back and Lee goes to the bench and they start getting blown out in the first quarter again.

    If Isiah wants to start Jeffries so bad, how about as a shooting guard to defend the other teams perimeter. They need to improve their defense and Marbury/Crawford are not a good defensive pair. One possible lineup that I haven’t seen yet would be Marbury, Curry, Frye, SF=Lee and SG=Jeffries. It’s limited from the outside but pretty strong around the basket. Couldn’t be worse….could it?

  33. The Knickerbrawlers should never ever trade Nate Robinson. That guy is worth the price of admission for his comic relief value alone.

    The way he put up his dukes in Carmelo’s face at midcourt at the Garden will go down in Knickerbrawler lore. As will his chokehold around J.R. Smith’s neck.

    Nate Robinson is what you would get if Gary Coleman decided to become part of Ultimate Fighting.

  34. Boy, I go away for a couple of weeks, the Knicks get a couple of nice wins and suddenly the inmates are on the loose!

    Jeffries at the point?!? Rip’s just learning how to penetrate? Man, Rip is a nightmare to guard — his game is 95% rubbing off screens to get open treys. Putting the ball on the floor is something he only does to keep defenders honest. Confucius you gotta’ lay off that opium…does bad things to your brain.

    I’m on board with Kevin — I don’t have to kick Nate when he’s down since I’ve been kicking him all along. He does one thing well, and that’s score when he gets the feeling. He does everything else badly, and his attitude just sucks. That game (forgot against who) where he tried to bounce pass the ball to himself for a highlight dunk? How effing stupid was that? He thinks this is andone? Guys on the bench were laughing at him, but I didn’t find that funny — I found it selfish, stupid, and exactly the kind of behavior that embodies the team’s lack of discipline. If I were the Knicks coach he would have had two choices after that: (1) He could run stairs for the entire next team practice or (2) He could sit the bench for the remainder of the year. His choice. Either way, he would have remembered not to dis the game like that again.

    Here’s a hint as to the diff between Rip and Jamaal or Nate: Rip played for Jim Calhoun for four years. The thought of trying to do something like what Nate did on that play couldn’t possibly enter his brain even in his worst “DUH” moment ever. Nate experiences this type of brainlock on an everyday basis. Jamaal’s brain has yet to notice there is anyone else on the court besides Jamaal and his defender. Rip never in his college or NBA career played as badly as Jamaal or Nate.

    Being young does not make Nate “the future” — it means he might possibly improve enough to make it in the NBA as your eighth or ninth guy and be a nice offensive spark off the bench. However, it’s just as likely that he will not. I would trade him in a…well in a NY minute.

  35. The Knicks sure could have used Nate during the Clippers game. It seems that he has been on court during almost all of the team’s furious (and ultimately futile) comebacks from early deficits.

  36. Also, Count, if you want to compare Crawford’s ballhogging to somebody, you might want to pick someone other than Rip (who played THREE years at UConn, by the way).

    Crawford’s assist rating (percentage of his possessions that end in assists) is 17.5 and Rip’s is only 12.7, which is one of the worst among shooting guards. Crawford passes the ball plenty. It’s just that when he shoots, he’s quite inefficient.

  37. My main point about Crawford is basically, Marc (and I’m sure plenty others): It?s just that when he shoots, he?s quite inefficient.

    If Crawford gets to the low .4’s in FG% he would be a really, really nice player. And I only mention RIP, because of all the great scorers and shooters out there, he stays within his game quite well, and hasn’t become enamored with the three point shot. If Crawford worked on his mid range game more, he has the game to be sort of like RIP.

  38. If Jamal were to move without the ball like Rip he could be a consitant 22 ppg player. He would wear down his defenders on one end which could hide some if his defensive shortcomings. Rip did not make a single move Jamal can’t do better if he tried, he just always had a step on his defender because he was constantly running around.

  39. And I thought I was the only one who recognized how destructive Nate is to the Knicks. Guys like him are terrible for team chemistry – he’s the opposite of David Lee.

    Years ago I was at a Knicks vs. Grizzlies game at the Garden and Jason Williams was leading a 3 on 1 fast break. So instead of Williams passing to one of his wingmen he passes the ball to himself off the backboard. Williams lost control of the ball and turned it over. He opted to please the “visiting” crowd rather than make the easy two.

    Does that remind you of anyone on the Knicks? Do you think Williams would do that on Pat Riley’s team?

    Trade Nate.

  40. Marc R. Said: “Also, Count, if you want to compare Crawford?s ballhogging to somebody, you might want to pick someone other than Rip (who played THREE years at UConn, by the way).”

    I don’t believe I compared ballhogging at all. What I said was: “Rip never in his college or NBA career played as badly as Jamaal or Nate.” (Although I do stand corrected on the three years.)

    Jamaal (even in his best moments) has very poor court awareness. He makes bad DECISIONS with the ball — his bad decisions aren’t shooting, they are shooting the wrong shot. He takes a fallaway 22-footer with a hand in his face when he should have up-faked and gone to the hole. Rip doesn’t have this problem because in his game, the jumpers he takes are opened up by his motion without the ball and the screens Detroit runs for him. Jamaal tries to get open jumpers by dribbling the ball around on the perimeter — as villainx pointed out, if he learned to move without the ball he could be a better Rip than Rip is.

    I think Jamaal is more talented than Rip — he can crossover as well as anyone in the league. But Rip is a better PLAYER because he understands how to play within a team concept (which was my point about Calhoun — you don’t play for Calhoun if you don’t play within his concept). Jamaal was actually getting much better at this under LB, but he regressed as soon as Isiah took over. Nate’s team player concept isn’t even worth discussing…

  41. Marc R – why did the Knicks need Nate last night. By your own admission Nate’s contributions are in failed efforts. Look they can lose without him.

  42. Count-
    “Jamaal was actually getting much better at this under LB, but he regressed as soon as Isiah took over.”

    Couldn’t agree more. With the right guidance, Crawford could be a lot more consistent. Though he makes poor decisions, he is a more creative scorer than Hamilton, more apt at taking defenders off the dribble, and a better finisher.

    Crawford was the best player on the team in the last half of the 05-06 season under LB. He limited his contested, fadeaway three point shots, and seemed like a better decision-maker. This year, especially in the 4th quarter, he gets the ball in the final seconds, and has taken horrible shots. Part of the blame though has to go to Isiah’s “coaching”. He has clearly given Crawford the green light to shoot whenever/wherever, much to Jamal’s detriment.

  43. Count Zero said: “I don?t believe I compared ballhogging at all.”

    My mistake. When you said “Jamaal?s brain has yet to notice there is anyone else on the court besides Jamaal and his defender” I thought you were complaining that he was hogging the ball and not noticing his teammates. I guess you were saying something else. Sorry.

  44. Count

    That?s right I said it. Jarred Jeffries at the point! How about creating mismatches in the Knicks favor. In the Clipper game we saw the benefits of the big guard.

    OH how se seem to forget that RIP was traded from the Wizards to Detroit because was not getting it done in Washington. Yes RIP is now learning the dribble penetration. For years all he did was run his defender off screens to get his shot. That is why he was compared to Reggie Miller. Now RIP has augmented his game to include the dribble penetration. Having said that RIP is a great player but it took time to get there.

    I am not disagreeing with Jamaal inefficiencies. I just saying he has tremendous upside. And Isaiah get blamed for bad coaching because Jamaal is missing his wide open three pointer. Nothing said about the play that was run to get Jamaal the open shot but the coaching is bad because he misses.

    As for David Lee, he should be starting.

    As for Nate, it is not enough to say trade him. For whom?

  45. confucius: “As for Nate, it is not enough to say trade him. For whom?”

    My kneejerk response is trade Nate for anyone or anything. Truthfully speaking, Nate might be more tradeable right now that he ever will be. He is a very young proven scorer that has not yet proven that he is uncoachable. . . and he has entertainment value.

  46. Why trade Nate for nothing, he does have upside and if he improves his dicipline and decisions he could be a solid player. If we were to trade him to Seattle and swap the Bulls 1st round pick with the Sonics 1st pick the Knicks would improve. Isiah’s strength is evaluating talent, so trading for picks makes alot of sense. Last year it was rumored that the Sonics wanted Nate, and with their ownership issues they could use an entertaining player to distract the fans from their lack of defense.

  47. Hudson: On Seattle there is one guy I would love to see in a Knick Uniform. Mr Ray Allen. I know it impossible to get him, but, the days of doubling Eddie Curry would be over.
    I love Jamaal’s game but I would consider including him or Stephan in a package to get Mr Allen.

    A final thought: The one guy that can really help the Knicks is Channing Frye. Raising his level of play will make all this chatter moot!

  48. Confucious,
    No one is blaming missed open shots on coaching–

    Its Crawford’s shot SELECTION that has been alot more suspect under Isiah, especially late in close games. Jamal continually takes difficult, contested shots when he’s cold (he’s shooting .391 FG% and .294 3pt% this year), and he seems to have the green light to do so. That’s a coaching issue.

    The disappointing part is that he seemed to respond well to strict coaching, and was a more efficient player under LB.

  49. John The numbers dont support your statement.
    career ( shooting .400 FG, .341% 3pt )
    Last year ( shooting .410 FG .345% 3pt )

    His minutes are up.
    His shot attempts are up.
    His assists are up.
    His Free throw pct is up.
    As i stated before his 3 pt jumper is off. The increase in his mins and shot attempts will impact his shooting and 3pt percentage.

    I am not sure if you noticed but Jamaal is often stuck with the ball as the 24 sec clock expires.


  50. I agree with Confucious on Frye – if he was hitting his jump shot with the automatic consistency of last year Curry would really be able to dominate. Shaq and Haslem would be the model – Haslem earned his big contract by being able to quickly hit an open midrange jumper every time Shaq kicked it to him out of a double. There’s no reason Curry and Frye couldn’t do the same. And having a Frye threat on the perimeter can open up others as well – a pass to Frye can turn into a pass to a cutting Steph for example, as defenders rush to rotate to Frye.

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