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As you all are probably aware — and if you’re not, congratulations on never being on Twitter — Robert, Mike, Seth Rosenthal, Dan Litvin, Jamie O’Grady, Jared Dubin, Jake Appleman, netw3rk and I wrote a book about last season. Said book was ideally supposed to be out in time for Christmas (THERE ARE NO OTHER WINTER HOLIDAYS), but alas, being the first book ever put out by a start-up publishing house is bound to come with its fair share of quirks. Believe me, once you get a look at the insides (that actually sounds kinda gross), you’ll see why the wait was worth it.

Besides, YOU ALL ARE GOING TO BUY IT ANYWAY, so what’s the difference?

Anyway, this is as close to the final product of the cover(s) as we’ll see. Big props to Norman Hathaway, whom Seth brought to us and who has done some incredible interior illustrations for the book as well. He’s also married to Anne, I’m assuming.

So yeah. Bitchin’.

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  1. OMG!!!! That’s so freakin’ awesome. How come I had no idea about this? ;-) Look at your names in that big ass font on a real published piece of literature. No doubt, this is going right next to our toilet seat. Congrats, you guys are gonna be famous.

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