They Said It (6/28/07)

The internet offers a place for many people to express their opinion. Gone are the days where only the opinion of people who get paid for writing are seen by the masses. Today anyone can state what they think on a subject publicly, for everyone to see. Below are some quotes taken directly from various web pages, so I can?t take credit for any of them. I?ve only added a lighthearted header (in bold) to enhance your reading pleasure.

I’ve heard of a ‘hot foot’, but I think this is a bit extreme.

I think [a trade to another team] would be good for Frye..force him to man up! He may have some resentment maybe not as intense as Spreewell but it could light a fire in his crotch because he would want to prove that he was the better player of that draft..he was the lotto pick. It will be his third season..and if he goes to a new place…not near his hometown who knows what kind of affects that will have on him…maybe it will toghen him up mentally.

And all this time I was saying ‘crackwhore’.

suns are working out noah and according to suns posters, brewer. and going by what griffin said about their chances of moving up, there must be some serious trades talks going down.

i’ll stick to my darkhorse prediction that i made about 2-3 weeks ago, marion to charlotte for #8. and i’ll also introduce my even wackier crackhorse prediction, barbosa + #23 + #29 to charlotte for #8.

Depends how far East China expands.

This helps me arrive to another question. When Yao retires, is he allowed to stay here or is China going to force him to move back?

Guitar player? Tennis player? Xbox player?

I am going to make a bold statement…Josh McRoberts is the best player in the 07 draft…better than Oden & Durant.

If this guy’s in a fantasy league, I’ll phone in to the draft.

The more i think about the more i would like to see us SHOW SOME NUTS in a trade! face it we’ve overpaid on every deal we’ve made in the last 6 years when do we say enough? I like a lot of our players and feel they can play we just need a couple more who can bring some different things we don’t have to our team.

Why should we let everyone feel their players are so much better than ours humm? Spurs are the only champs everyone else failed with Kobe,with KG etc. Jefferson is not better than Lee nor are any of the other players Celtics offered to wolves for kg much better than the players the knicks can offer it seems like the old additive we seem desperate so we get ransomed and shafted…

Where exactly do you place “internet yahoo” on your resume?

As far as “knickerblogger” goes I find the guy to be nothing more than any other internet Knicks basher the majority of the time. Some people give way too much credibility to anything they see on a website online. Like if its in print it must be true. He is not a paid journalist for a major NY paper. He is just some internet yahoo that made his own website.

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3 thoughts to “They Said It (6/28/07)”

  1. “Like if its in print it must be true. He is not a paid journalist for a major NY paper.”

    Because a paid journalist at a major NY paper, of course, is the gold standard of truth and integrity.

    [This message paid for by the Peter Vescey-4-Mayor committee.]

  2. BTW the best part of that quote is that I’ve turned down a job to be paid for my writing (for personal reasons). I guess if I want respect on a message board, I should have taken this life changing step.

  3. Everyone’s a tough guy behind a computer screen. Or as Tim Thomas referred to Kenyon Martin in the 2004 playoffs, they’re fugazy..

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