They Said It (11/06/07)

The internet offers a place for many people to express their opinion. Gone are the days where only the opinion of people who get paid for writing are seen by the masses. Today anyone can state what they think on a subject publicly, for everyone to see. Below are some quotes taken directly from various web pages, so I can?t take credit for any of them. I?ve only added a lighthearted header (in bold) to enhance your reading pleasure.

I find them to be pretty useless after 82 games too.

Power rankings are pretty useless after only 2 NBA games.

Ummmm Chris, this article is either 1 month too early, or 4 months too late.

Fire Isiah Thomas

It’s over. Done. Finished. Thomas is not the coach for this team. Nor is he the president. Thomas would be a great fit as the Knicks’ director of college scouting, but I don’t think he would agree to that type of demotion.

And I hate posting ironic quotes…

I hate jumping to conclusions so early… Yet we are 2 games into the season and I am already sick of Q… these past 2 games have been awful for him and he’s brought nothing to the table thus far (Not even good defending)

I would have said it would take him 13 attempts to hit you 4 times.

If you heckled [Jamal] enough that he charged into the stands, just hide behind another fan because you know Crawford doesn’t fight through screens.

This could be taken 2 entirely different ways. (Real thread title on a message board.)

Where are all the Kurt Thomas Lovers?

I think your last sentence answers your question.

Why are we the most hated team in the league? Everyone seems to treat our team almost as if we should be kicked out of the NBA. I know we’re from NY and there’s high expectations but we get trashed more than every other team in this league. They talk bad about us on almost every forum. It’s crazy because there’s no team in this league that we can’t beat on any given night.

Although this was a funny answer too. (Response to the post above.)

They jealous because they don’t have a 33 win team like us.

OK, we will.

“That will change next year,” Crawford said in a phone interview. “You can quote me on that one. We’ll be in the playoffs next year and beyond, God-willing that everyone is healthy.”

Put down the crack pipe, and slowly walk away from the computer.

Come on now people,

SO WHAT if [Crawford] wants to take the final shot. he is the ONLY player on NY that actually isn’t afraid to step up. If everyone was keeping up with the knicks you would know that he has brilliant court vision and a high basketball IQ. Almost Single handedly he was responsible for Eddy Curry’s explosion this year. He is a great passer and NEVER gives up when he makes a mistake.

Talk about buys who are full of shit, like jarred jeffries & jerome james. We have our perimeter defenders in JJ, QR and balkman. Unfortunately, Two of those guys were injured teh majority of the season. If Crawford didn’t go down, I bet you that we would have been in the playoffs last year. A man scores 52 with 15 straight shots while he has injured, what more do you want? That was when Curry was injured he stepped up, after the denver brawl, crawford was part of the crew that stepped up.

You wanna look for deficiencies, in NY…. Blame the medical staff. Its there wrong prognosis on Lee, Crawford and Quentin that cost us the season.

I heard Simonides of Ceos is much more civilized. (Responding to the quote above.)

I can’t have a civilized argument with a homer. whatever I say, you will just spew the same old rhetoric. I just wish there was a policy where extreme homers like you got banned. Hopefully in the future.

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13 thoughts to “They Said It (11/06/07)”

  1. I can live with Isiah the general manager. I can’t do the coach.
    THey look terrible defensively. Horrible.
    They are not going anywhere. They win games with offense. ANd they have enough offense to win 35-40 games. But they will go no further.
    I think Isiah is too busy being these guys buddy.

    It is not just Isiah. Look at that Denver team. Larry brown got to the finals with Iverson and a bunch of nobodies. NO, him and Iverson did not get along but they won way more than they shoudl have. I bet that George Karl gets nowhere near the NBA championship. Trying to be their buddy.
    Same thing with that Detroit team. Larry is there and they win a championshipt he leaves and they can’t win anything. And no they didn’t like him either.
    I think many of these coaches spend too much time trying not to alienate their players and consequetnly dont’ get the most out of them.
    ANd I realize it is easier to fire the coach.
    Sorry for the rant, but we are not going to win with Isaih coaching and maybe we need to go back to some of the old school coaches and let them coach and not run a popularity contest.

  2. Personally, I enjoy some Knicks fan sites where someone writes something semi-critical about the Knicks and suddenly 17 people are challenging his manhood, implying he has sex with his mother, and basically needs to shut up…
    The semi-passable English is especially pleasing because I can hear in my mind the city street vernacular. On this site all we can expect are some typos…:)
    I also love the Isiah faithful. He can do no wrong, even if he continually does wrong…
    And the Crawford love is just mystifying. The fact that he has no conscience largely is viewed as a strength, whereas I think it’s his greatest weakness.
    The man could go 0-12 and he’ll still do his little cross over, step back 25-foot prayer, with an open man on the block and a slashing forward open for a feed.
    And it does seem a bit queer that the most passionate David Lee fans appear to be white…for the life of me, I can’t figure out why…

    All this Randolph love is killing me.
    Okay. So Randolph plays 35 minutes, shoots something like 30 percent, but he gets 12 rebounds.
    Suddenly he’s the “baddest” guy on the team.
    But how is it better than Lee?
    Lee per 40 is better on the boards, is a more efficient scorer, is a better passer, and a better defender. And Lee doesn’t require any kind of set up to be a good scorer, whereas Zach needs the ball fed to him…
    On the other hand, Randolph also isn’t as efficient a scorer as Curry, although he is better on the boards, and their defense is about a wash, although Curry is about three inches and 30 pounds bigger.

    So am I missing something?
    Does anyone doubt that Lee could be a 20pt (55 percent), 14 rebound guy, with 3-4 assists and be a decent defender if he got 30-35 minutes?

    Randolph and Curry should be sharing minutes, and Lee should be getting 35 minutes a night. He’s earned it.
    Balkman should be starting.
    Q should be backing him up.
    Crawford’s D is clearly costing the Knicks 10-15 points a night. Whoever he guards just damages the Knicks. Our only hope is he can outscore the guy to offset his poor D. But his poor D also hurts other Knicks defenders. You simply cannot afford it.
    And despite Marbury having a decent night against a poor team, Robinson has earned the right to 25 to 30 minutes at the point. Marbury’s failure to stay home on defense has opposing guards simply setting up 20-25 feet from the basket simply waiting for a feed. My Knicks staple is watching clips of opposing guards taking the feed and watching number three make a half-assed attempt at running at the shooter, rarely even getting close enough to even attempt a block. Marbury makes other rookie mistakes, too, see game 1 argument while his cousin raced to get a layup…
    Everyone is thrilled that Marbury gets 17 and 7 assists against a bad team.
    How is it that a point guard on this team, with all the scorers, doesn’t get 10 assists per night?
    I’m convinced that Robinson is the better scorer, facilitator and far, far better rebounder. He’s also a more committed defender, who hustles and plays hard.
    Oddly enough, at this stage in his career, Robinson is a more complete player than Marbury.
    And the more he plays, the more seasoned he will get.

  3. “Everyone is thrilled that Marbury gets 17 and 7 assists against a bad team. How is it that a point guard on this team, with all the scorers, doesn?t get 10 assists per night?”

    One thing that I expect to see a lot this year is moving the goalposts. Now usually this is done by Isiah when our goal of winning a championship becomes “making the playoffs” becomes “improving” becomes “rebuilding” becomes “building chemistry,” etc.

    But I really don’t think it makes sense to keep moving the goalposts on our end either. We aren’t asking Marbury to be Steve Nash, the stars of this team are now Curry, Randolph, and Lee with others like Crawford and Nate rapidly moving up as well. If Marbury plays solidly, 17 and 7 say, and doesn’t get in the way of things there’s really no need to bash him saying he should be dropping 10 assists when practically no one in the league last year put those numbers up and in many years no one did.

    Ditto Randolph. Before the season there was a lot of doom and gloom about him and Curry co-existing. So far they have actually played fairly well together, in the first game outright great together, and Randolph has indeed showed how he put up 23 and 10 — he’s a strong rebounder, skilled offensively, and plays with a lot of effort. Obviously it could be better, but do we have to move the goalposts already given the expectations just last week?

    If the Knicks crack 41 wins and make the playoffs, that will meet my expectations for this season at least. I don’t want to keep pushing the goalposts just to rag on them if they exceed these expectations and the same should go for the individual players.

  4. But Jamal was responsible for Eddy Curry’s explosion last year. He was the only guard to feed the post. Of course that was when he decided to take a break from his step back 20 foot jump shot.

  5. Dan Panorama:
    Very rational argument. I think it’s also valid.
    I am hard on Marbury because each year as a Knicks player he has declined in assists.
    He averaged 9.3 apg in 03-04, on a terrible team.
    04-05, 8.1 apg
    05-06, 6.4
    06-07, 5.4
    Lifetime, he’s at 7.9.

    You look at that and think, okay, bad teams, so his scoring probably increased. But in truth, scoring also has declined, not as steadily, but it declined.
    03-04, 19.8 ppg
    04-05, 21.7 ppg
    05-06, 16.3 ppg
    06-07, 16.4 ppg

    His scoring efficiency dropped off fairly radically last season also. Normally, he’s a 43 percent to 46 percent guy. Last year, 41 percent.
    Now he’s got 14 years in the league. That’s a lot of mileage. He’s still relatively young in years, but he’s approaching the end.

    I think if he buys into the system, and tries to make his team better, he’s getting more assists…
    Maybe 10 is asking too much, but how about his career average?
    Last year,
    Kidd was getting 9+ apg
    Chris Paul got 9+
    Iverson got 10
    Nash got 8+
    Billups got 7+
    Baron Davis 9+
    Ray Felton 9+

    I mean, among the top 15 PGs in basketball, Marbury is probably 10th or 11th in assists, so what I’m asking is not unreasonable.

    And not many of them have three 20 ppg-type guys in the starting lineup.
    This would seem like it is tailor-made for a big assists year for him.

    I mean Jamal Crawford is out-assisting Marbury at the SG position…
    I think if Marbury were on his game, even a step slower, he could be getting a lot of assists.

    One of his greatest drawbacks, which is amazing to me for a point guard, is his entry passes into the post are the worst I’ve ever seen, which probably explains why Crawford is out-assisting him.

  6. As the resident age fanatic, I’ll point out that Marbury is not still young in years – he’s 31, when virtually every player is in decline. It’s This is especially true for guards — you don’t shrink, so bigger players decline more slowly. I might say that he is more prone to decline, since he never became an above average shooter and has never been accused of being a savvy player, so he doesn’t really have the skills to fall back on.

    But it’s not fair to expect him to play the way he did 3 or 4 years ago. Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are BIG exceptions, just look at everyone else.

    Like Steve Francis…

    …or Isiah, who I think was out of the league by 32 (or 33).

  7. Isiah got 6.9 apg and and 14.8 ppg in his final year and shot 41 percent.
    You are correct on his retirement age.

  8. I think it hard to attain an assist average over 7 when you play point for a team that uses post players and one on one play to score points.

    You dont get credit for an assit when you dump into the post and the post player dribbles in closer then makes a shot. Marbury does not get an assits when Crawford does his shake and bake either. Furthermore, Marbury and Robinson lost a couple of assist when the big men couldnt handle a couple of good passes. Marbury also found Q open for two jumpers which he missed. I wish there was a stat for blown assist opportunities. Marbury could have had 11 assists vs. Minnesota if not for missed jumpers and dropped passes.

    Nash and Kidd can pile up the assist numbers because their teams score alot in transition and niether team scores much on back to the basket post plays. Plus they have slashers who can score quickly of interior passes without putting the ball on the floor.

    The Knick offense is not tailored for Marbury to get 9 assists per game because this is not a motion, fast break, or pick and roll offense. That is too bad because I think Marbury and Randolph could play a very effective pick and roll game.

    I think we should be happy with what marbury has done (on offense) thusfar. 17 points and 7 assists are very average numbers for a point, but in this offense, we need to focus on turnovers. Marbury has only one in two games. That is much better than what we got from him last year.

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