The Ten Commandments of Preseason Basketball

I mentioned these in the comments section, but once I got the link, I figured it was worth its own post. Dave at Blazer’s Edge (which is a very cool blog) came up with these a month or so ago, and I think they are just excellent. Here’s a little taste:

1 THOU SHALT NOT believe anything you read in glowing reports about returning players until thou hast seen it demonstrated with thine own eyes during the regular season…repeatedly. Everybody is talented in the off-season.

2 THOU SHALT NOT put any stock whatsoever in any team’s pre-season record or what it might indicate.

3 THOU SHALT NOT clamor for a player who gets 22 minutes a game in pre-season (for purposes of evaluation and giving the veterans a rest) to get that same 22 minutes once the regular season starts.

Read the Ten Commandments of Preseason Basketball at Blazer’s Edge.

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11 thoughts to “The Ten Commandments of Preseason Basketball”

  1. Most analysts will weigh the previous year VERY heavily in regard to the next year, unless you make a MAJOR addition of a top player. In the Knicks case this team was completely out of synch last year. It’s a horrible year to use as a guage of what the true capabilities of this team are.

    I know that many will say this team has been bad for a long time, but i’ll remind them that the BULK of this team is NEW. They’ve been here for only a season or less.

    Curry, Frye, Lee, Nate, Francis, Jared, QRich, James, Balkman, Collins & Jalen, plus whoever we add as the 15th man. All of these players have only been here for a season or less and that season was tainted by the LB saga. I don’t care what this team did last year, THIS is going to be the real test of what this team really is about. So far I like the WAY the team is playing. Wins aside, the style of play and the spirit of the teams willingness to share the ball and move without the ball is very promising. We’ve not see a Knicks team play this way in a LONG TIME. I believe that we’re on the same page and deep enough to make a real challenge for the Atlantic crown and the playoffs this year. I could care less what some analyst thinks. I’ve got my own eyes and sense of how this team is playing.

  2. What’s up…

    Adam Francis here from RaptorsHQ…just thought I’d send out a quick note to see if you would be down for something this NBA season. We’re about to re-launch our site and were thinking of including a calendar with each Raptor game on it and their opponent. What we were hoping was to have the respective logos for each opposing team on the calendar linking to your blog so that Raptor fans could get the “other side of the story” for each game. Would that be ok? We were thinking after the Dime article it would be good to keep the network going throughout the season…might yield some pretty good stuff!


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