The New York Knicks, Marvel Comics-Style

As you might have heard, ESPN the Magazine has teamed up with Marvel Comics to create “covers” for every team in the NBA as part of ESPN the Magazine’s NBA Preview.

You can click here to see all of the covers for the Eastern Conference teams (and here for the Western Conference teams), and you can read on to see what they came up with for the New York Knicks!

The Knicks piece was penciled by Leinil Francis Yu, inked by Jeffrey Huet and colored by Laura Martin.

A little on the unnecessarily snarky side, but still a pretty cool drawing!

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9 thoughts to “The New York Knicks, Marvel Comics-Style”

  1. I’m a bit disappointed in the Knick cover. Other teams had their players cast as super heroes. At the least they could have made Amar’e into Cyclops, given the visor. I mean look at the image above, the two are right next to each other.

    Also what’s up with the Thing being the only one with a Knick jersey?

  2. Mike Kurylo:

    Also what’s up with the Thing being the only one with a Knick jersey? Mike Kurylo


    That’s not The Thing, that’s Timofey Mozgov

    (rim shot)

  3. Here’s what I think happened with the Knick cover:

    “EDITOR: Hey Yu!

    LFY: Who me?

    E: Yeah Yu!

    LFY: What’s up?

    E: We got a tie in with the NBA and you’re doing the Knicks cover?

    LFY: What’s a Knick?

    E: It’s a basketball team. Let’s be creative on this.

    LFY: I have an idea. I’ll just take their best player and put him in the center.

    E: OK what else?

    LFY: Oh I gotta do more? Well uhhhhh he’ll be yelling.

    E: Why would he be yelling?

    LFY: Cuz you know… uhhhh … he’s angry.

    E: Alright, well are you going to put some Marvel characters on there?

    LFY: Sure instead of having a theme I’ll just put some random characters. The Thing, Cyclops, Ant Man….

    E: Yeah and put Iron man, Wolverine, and Spiderman. Everybody loves those.

    LFY: Yeah, and I’ll stick one female superhero too.

    E: Which one?

    LFY: I don’t care. Oh and Ant man on his shoulder. That’s *really* creative.

    E: But what does that have to do with the NBA or Knicks?

    LFY: Uhhhhh I’ll throw a Knicks uniform on one of them.

    E: Not all of them?

    LFY: Nah i can do it much quicker if it’s just one. I’ll just draw it on The Thing.

    E: Sure whatever. I got a 11am tee time. Gotta go.”

  4. What’s Nate Robinson doing on Amar’e’s shoulder? Am I reading Hoopshype’s salary page wrong?

  5. I’m disappointed we got stuck with Leinil Francis Yu. Never been a fan of his style.

    At least he’s pretty high profile! Some teams got guys I’ve barely even heard of!

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