The Knicks Lost Again, But Here’s Something More Important to Think About

The Knicks lost again today (my apologies for the lack of a game thread, I thought they were playing a day game tomorrow not today), but once again they showed worrisome signs that they will soon be winning too many games as they hung with a decent Phoenix team for much of the game. Once they start getting their players back from injuries, this Knick squad might be just good enough to finish out of the bottom five.

But anyhow, forget the Knicks for a second and lend your thoughts and/or prayers to our good friend, Jim Cavan, whose son is scheduled to undergo surgery some time this week to remove a cancerous tumor. Little Rett (short for Everett) is six months old and this is a frightening operation (likely to last about twenty hours) so if you believe in the notion of good thoughts and/or prayers having any sort of positive effect, well, we’d certainly appreciate it if you shared them now.

Plus, if you’re interested in sending some money to help with everything, there’s a Go Fund Me page here.

Here’s Jim, Rett, Jim’s wife and ol’ Saint Nick…


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5 thoughts to “The Knicks Lost Again, But Here’s Something More Important to Think About”

  1. Jim – if you are reading this, I wish you peace and health. I offer love and solidarity.

    If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to ask (you have my email). I will drive anywhere, call anyone and do anything.

    Friends, please give to Rett’s fund to display solidarity.

    Go Rett Go!

  2. Sometimes, hopefully not too often, life shows us what’s truly important (and that these games are just a bullshit sideshow). I hope everything goes well Jim. I’ve always loved your writing. Please update us on your son’s progress. Very sorry.


  3. It might be just a drop in the bucket, but this is the best holiday gift I’ll give all year.

    Best wishes to you and your family, Jim.

  4. Some of your knicks opinions are suspect, but every spec of my soul wishes the best for your beautiful son’s health and well being.
    All those tears represent love, the most precious part of life.
    That little boy was meant for you. Hang in there.

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