The Knickerblogger Podcast: Examining the Derrick Rose Trade with Kevin McElroy

Hey KnickerFriends. Given yesterday’s earth-rattling trade, in joint project with Hardwood Paroxysm, Kevin McElroy and I sat down (well, Skyped, but you catch my drift) to take a look at the newest Knick, Derrick Rose. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts to “The Knickerblogger Podcast: Examining the Derrick Rose Trade with Kevin McElroy”

  1. Enjoyable listen, guys. If nothing else, this trade at least gives us something to talk about.

  2. I mean, I agree with Kevin here on the idea that if you’re starting point is “Is this better than what we expected the Knicks to do?” Getting Rose means we’ll probably lose 60 or so games and get a good pick. Maybe it motivates Melo to be traded.

    But if your starting point is “What is best for the Knicks to do?” or “Will this move work out the way the front office intends for it to work?” then this is a stupid choice.

    And I think the big thing Kevin misses here with the argument that we’ll sign another center is Robin Lopez could have been traded for a decent player. It’s not about getting someone “better.” It’s about the fact that Rose value is inflated by his brand power. IMO we would have been better off trading Lopez for nothing and just giving another roster spot to an undrafted player on a 3 year deal with team options. At least that has upside. This trade is just giving away couple guys with a little trade value for nothing.

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