The Knickerblogger Podcast, Episode V: Jared Dubin


Now that Carmelo Anthony is back in orange and blue, we can start having a substantive conversation about the rest of the Knicks’ offseason. Our man in Havana, Jared Dubin kicks off today’s chat-fest. We’ll be speaking with The Cauldron’s Editor-in-Chief Andy Glockner later today for further ‘Bocker discussion, in you’re still planning your Knick-centric day.

Among the topics covered are: the cap situation going forward based on the flimsy information we have on Melo’s contract and potential targets for this offseason. Dubin has a player in mind that he thinks can raise the Knickerbockers’ ceiling for this season. No spoilers, though. You’re going to have to listen and find out who that special dude is!

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4 thoughts to “The Knickerblogger Podcast, Episode V: Jared Dubin”

  1. Five years $123 million for Melo.

    Some discount. $1.4 million a year.



  2. It’s a face saving move for Melo and Jackson that may be of marginal benefit, but it’s less than hoped for by people that think Melo is generally overrated. They still think it will be tough to build a champion around him as a close to max player unless we get some very good deals elsewhere

  3. The players can opt out of the CBA in 2017. Maybe a new agreement will include a new amnesty provision which the Knicks can then use on Anthony.

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