The Dream of Kobe

Well, Kobe Bryant has (rather oddly, really – I get complaining about the management, but demanding a trade? Really, Kobe? Really?) demanded a trade from the LA Lakers, thereby possibly turning this NBA offseason COMPLETELY upside down.

So the question is – what NBA team has the best chance at getting him? And do the Knicks have a shot?

As is most common whenever a trade comes up nowadays, the Chicago Bulls are a name thrown into the mix, as few teams have as much tradeable assets as the Bulls do. Ben Gordon and the #9 pick could be the backbone of a pretty decent offer for Kobe, I would think.

Jon Abbey suggests Crawford, Richardson, Frye, Francis and the #23 pick plus agreeing to pick up the remnants of Radmanovic and Kwame Brown.

It’s a pretty fair offer, but the Lakers most likely will be trying, instead, for one big “name,” which is why I think a Gordon-centric trade is most likely (perhaps the Bulls would even part with Deng, although I doubt it).

So what do you folks think? Do you think Kobe will even end up being traded? And if so, which team do you feel has the best shot at him?

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35 thoughts to “The Dream of Kobe”

  1. the Bulls only big salary left is Ben Wallace, LA would have to take that back to deal with Chicago, and I don’t see that happening.

  2. Instead of taking unequal value for Kobe – you have to imagine LA will pick up a star to appease him. Unless they would like to rebuild/get younger.

    I can’t imagine them taking the NY package. A lineup of Crawford, Francis, Q, Odom and Bynum w/ Frye off the bench won’t be all that enticing to the Lakers.

  3. but who can afford to trade them a star and still be a contender? McGrady for Kobe? Marion for Kobe? Nowitzki for Kobe? I’m not sure any of those teams would do that, maybe Houston.

  4. I think he goes to Boston. Ratliff’s deal is ending, Wally Alphabets is ending next year, that is enough to take Kobe and Radmanovic off the Lakers hands and give them a ton of cap relief to start over. To sweeten the pot, they can throw in the 5th overall pick, Gerald Green and Tony Allen to give the Lakers a young and athletic back court.

  5. If, and it is still an if, the Lakers trade Kobe there is no way to get equal value. You never do with a superstar. The best bet is to find some team that can match the salary (there is a trade kicker in Kobe’s contract) but mostly give the Lakers young guys/picks. Bringing in a “star” will not work, the Lakers fans have grown weary of watching three seasons of “the star and the four dwarfs” (not that Kwame Brown is actually a dwarf, but you get the idea). For what the Lakers charge for seats (and Knicks fans should understand this) you have to offer some hope, the chance to watch something build.

    I’m not sure how well the Knicks meet that criteria. But it’s safe to say, that if traded he will go to a team in the East.

    As a Laker fan, this whole situation makes me sick. Nobody is without mud on them in this.

  6. I don’t think Ben Gordon is going to be enough of a “name” player to snag Kobe. I live in LA, and Kobe is huge here– he’s the only sports icon in the city. No, David Beckham doesn’t count. Trading him for Ben Gordon ain’t gonna cut it with Laker fans.

    I haven’t heard Kevin Garnett’s name come up, but that’s the kind of name it’s going to take to pry Kobe away from the Lakers. I don’t think Kupchak would go anywhere near that proposed Francis-Frye-Crawford offer, even if the Knicks agree to take Brown and Radmanovich. He’s not going to give up a player of Kobe’s stature for a bunch of flotsam and jetsam.

  7. If for some shocking reason the Lakers decided to trade him, they could get decent value in Orlando (Dwight Howard), Toronto (Bosh & Calderon) or Charlotte (some combo of Okafor, Wallace, Felton the #8 pick). I think any of those teams would consider it. But why would the Lakers do it?

    Kobe is not going anywhere – at least not until the 2009 deadline, if they really think he’s going to opt out.

    In the meantime, either Buss & Kupchak will win the day, in which case Kobe just has to eat it… or Phil & Kobe will convince them to let go of Andrew Bynum, who along with Kwame’s contract could bring in a pretty good player.

  8. JK47 – It doesn’t really matter what the fans or the organization want. The Lakers are not going to get equal value for Kobe if they trade him.

    Look at the Shaq trade for reference.

    Or Drexler for Thorpe.

    Or Barkley or Hornacek.

    Or Barkley for Cassell.

    They don’t trade him because they want to, they trade him because they have to. They’ll just try to get as much as they can in return, and unfortunately Gordon and Nocioni might be it.

  9. I’d hand them a copy of the team’s roster and tell them to take what they want, including as many future picks as they want.

  10. he’s like A-Rod, he can’t really be traded, but he’s likely going to opt out when he can (after two more seasons for Kobe).

  11. It’s nothing but a dream: Kobe in a Knicks uniform. I really think heads will roll out in LA, maybe even all the way up to the GM. There is no sane reason why the Lakers would trade away their star this offseason! Come 2009, well… thats another story. They wouldn’t even close to equal value for him.

  12. i’m sure for kobe, isiah will figure out a deal to turn the lakers into a powerhouse. he has that knack.

  13. i think the nets has the best chance in landing kobe,
    a sign and trade for vince carter + + for kobe.

  14. Sounds like Kobe had a “come to Jesus” meeting with Phil Jax, who probably said something like, “If you really want out of here you can’t go telling Stephen A. We’re not trading you for Raef Lafrentz, a pick, and rack of balls.”

  15. Vescey is reporting in today’s Post that LA and Ind have laid the groundwork for a deal to bring Jermaine O’Neal to LA in a swap he thinks will include Bynum and Odum going to Indiana.

    I linked to the story at

  16. Ahhh rumors. One says “I think [Kobe] would only go to New York.” Another says “a source close to the situation claims that Kobe has been eyeing Chicago for the past month as his preferred destination.” And yet a third: “My gut tells me that Kobe’s not going anywhere.”

    I love rampant speculation.

  17. “I love rampant speculation.”

    Mmm. Rampant speculation… agghhhh…. :P

    Makes the pre-draft summer go by so much faster. :)

  18. New rumor (granted one he says is untrue) from Chad Ford’s blog – David Lee/Nate Robinson for Telfair/Gerald Green/#5

  19. why would the lakers send him to a market that is bigger than their own in NY, it doesn’t make any business sense whatsoever?
    …on the other hand Kobe’s behavior is so detrimental he is very dificult to build a team around, he is of course the perfect complimentary player but who does he compliment on the Knicks, especially if Stephon goes to L.A.? Steve francis, Curry, Nate?

  20. I think that would be a good trade if he went to the bulls….for the bulls that is because honestly I dont see gordon really being a strong threat in LA…however if kobe goes anywhere, the bulls would be the best situation to go to and thats automatically a puts them as a tough, strong contender in the east,if not the best in the east

  21. I would love to see him in a knick uniform but there is just no way that would work…..YOu would have to trade the whole knick roster and a pick just for him. I think that the knicks have a good offensive threat over there, its just that They need big men….good big men and theyre coaching situation is terrible…..If you solve those two problems over there, then you might have a descent basketball team

  22. Kobe is an awesome player but a terrible teammate.
    is he a cancer?
    (every team should be cautious not to overlook that aspect in a trade for him.)

  23. Kobe in Spain – demanding he be traded AGAIN – this time in a face to face with Jerry Buss. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Let the speculation begin, AGAIN.

  24. I see Kobe sitting out atleast the entire preseason. then play a few reg season games in the name of further showcasing himself, but remaining indignant, demanding a trade. I think the knicks chances are OK, but the bulls have to be the frontrunners. That would be a nightmare destination, and hopefully we can pull off a miracle.

  25. sorry for the triple posting that should be edited or posted into one… but anyway, on second thought, kobe has no reason to showcase himself further and his teamates would have completely alienated themselves from him by that point, so i don’t see him playing another game as a laker again. it’s kind of incredible. i wonder what kind of influence, if any, the zenmaster has left. thinking about all the crap he dished out against kobe in his book a couple years ago, i doubt he has any influence.

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