A few Knicks-related things (and non-Knicks-related things) to be thankful for this holiday season:

1. Hope – at this moment I would put the probability of signing LeBron James in 2010 at just under 50%. So much can happen between now and then. Even if Bron Bron never signs with the Knicks, sound fiscal decision-making is an unambiguous good. If the prospect of getting him inspires this franchise to do the right thing then thanks LeBron.

2. Ill Will – The last of Zeke’s draft picks has shown substantial promise alongside some significant flaws. What I’m thankful for is that in a season that for all practical purposes is lost, Chandler’s development provides a reason to watch.

3. The KB staff – I might have completely lost interest in the Knicks by now were it not for you guys. The level of discourse and the quality of insight here is still fantastic. In a similar vein I should highlight Metsblog and Field Gulls for helping me to maintain my sanity in a maddeningly disappointing sports year. (Hat tip to a recent discovery Rock M Nation for bringing first rate analysis of my Alma mater. Go Tigers! Beat Kansas–and whoever the hell comes out of the Big 12 South!)

4. The KB readers – You guys are the best.

5. Leon Lett – Lett’s turkey day foible is as much a part of Thanksgiving as these guys.

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13 thoughts to “Thanks”

  1. the second those trades went through last week, the Knicks potentially mattered again.

    two pieces I saw on this today: Bill Simmons seems to have heard that it’s not just LeBron and Bosh who made a pact in China to come to NY, it’s LeBron, Bosh and Wade. and before you say that can’t happen, they could certainly take deals starting at $10 million each, they’d own this town forever.

    the other one is the first hint I’ve ever seen anywhere that Cleveland should maybe possibly start to consider the possibility of TRADING LEBRON JAMES:–LeBron-James–Flirtation-with-New-York.html

    any whiny Cavs fans, shut up and enjoy him now, you’ve got almost two full years and likely two more runs deep into the playoffs. after that, we’ll see.

    July 1, 2010=only 19 months away. we’ve waited this long, that is nothing.

  2. 3. The KB staff – I might have completely lost interest in the Knicks by now were it not for you guys. The level of discourse and the quality of insight here is still fantastic.

    And with me on board, it just keeps getting better.

  3. Crawford is 1 for 8 right now, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting the Warriors much. They scored 67 points in the first half in Boston…

  4. And the guy he was traded for is currently 0 for 8 with a -22 against the Pistons…

    So far that trade has been a wash.

  5. Q is easily the worst player for the knicks I saw him get a steal and every other thing he has done is just terrible.

  6. get used to this phrase: “Tim Thomas for three…no good.”

    That one I expected, but add Harrington to the list.

  7. To those watching on MSG instead of the League Pass feed (which is giving me the Pistons feed), you’re missing multiple priceless features on the Piston dancers and a “making of” feature on the swimsuit calendar featuring said Piston dancers. More entertaining than the game itself.

  8. Tim Thomas is still really hard to watch. Thankfully, I believe that out management seems to understand that when you’re this bad, there are no quick fixes. Is it 2010 yet?

  9. Dred, you read my mind. That behind the back dribble in traffic leading to the turnover and clear path foul pretty much sums up Tim Thomas and everything he does to inspire scorn.

  10. BTW, I think Duhon’s game will be hurt more than anyone else’s by Randolph’s departure…his ability to penetrate is really helped by the presence of some sort of inside scorer (Lee doesn’t count) who can take it up strong off a pass deep in the lane. Now he’s passing mainly to streaky jumpshooters or guys who hold on to the ball too long before making a move.

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