Thank you, Trent Tucker

As it turned out, the only way to keep Jamal Crawford from hoisting up a long distance, period-ending jumper was to have a rule that specifically says you canNOT shoot the ball.

And thankfully for the Knicks, that’s just what happened.

It’s still only the Bobcats, but two wins in a row are two wins in a row.

I’ll take what I can get.

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4 thoughts to “Thank you, Trent Tucker”

  1. I can’t stand this idiocy of the last shot. Crawford waits too long to initiate and usually ends up with a contested 3-pointer. It’s a dumb idea anyway–if an isolation gives the best probability of a score then why not run it every play? Why is team basketball (supposedly) emphasized throughout the game then abandoned at its most crucial moment? I suppose it minimizes the chance of a turnover, but it also reduces the chance for a good shot and a foul.

  2. I agree – i can’t stand to watch Jamal pull up from 25 feet for a last second shot. Is it bad execution that he doesn’t drive or does Isiah draw it up like that?

  3. One of Crawford’s the buzzer beating misses was not his fault – Steph dribbled out the clock leaving Crawford stuck.

    What’s up with Morrison. The story on him was he could score – so he gets guarded by Marbury and he disappears.

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