Swift, Brown, and Fun With Logos


Stromile Swift just signed with the Houston Rockets for the mid level exception. Swift is 4 years younger than Jerome James, and has a career Player Efficiency Rating that is 5.6 points higher. James has a higher block rate and better shooting percentage, and that’s it. Swift is better in every other category including half the foul rate. I’m not going to say that Isiah could have signed him, because Swift might have preferred Houston over New York. But how did the two end up with the same salary? You’d at least think that somehow the Knicks could have gotten a better deal. That’s like buying a Big Mac & finding out a Jackson Hole 7oz burger is the same price.

Hearing about Larry Brown and the Pistons, did any New Yorkers have flashbacks to Bill Parcels? I’m not going to say that Brown would solve all of New York’s problems, but I will say that Parcels did turn around the Jets. If it wasn’t for him, I’m convinced the Jets would rival the Arizona Cardinals for futility in the NFL.


So the Detroit Pistons have designed a “new” logo:

As you can see it looks almost exactly like their old logo. Is someone going to tell me that people prefer a logo that:
* is simple
* uses primary colors instead of pastels
* doesn’t have a horse
* doesn’t have automobile exhausts
* doesn’t have flames coming out of the above mentioned horse and exhausts
* has legible text instead of oddly angled 3d fonts

My theory is that they had this logo for years, but since it looked so much like their old logo, they needed something garish in-between. And I’m sure the owners of the Pistons are upset that everyone who bought a jersey, hat, t-shirt, bobblehead doll, beer cozy, etc. may feel the need to rid themselves of the old item & purchase a brand new one.