Seven Seconds or Mess: Webisode 14

I napped through most of last night’s game against the Hornets and woke up some time late third quarter and had this message from Mike in my inbox:

Are you watching this. Are the Knicks just switching on every pick (esp. with Jeffries)?

I’ve seen the Knicks do this when the opposition tries to establish the post but last night was different. There was a switch on practically every screen. In the video I said it’s possibly because the Knicks are terrible at getting over picks and it burns them often (Jarrett Jack’s layup around Lee to go up by 3 most recently). It’s not how a team would normally play defense but it’s helped the team’s interior D tremendously.

Pay attention to Wilson Chandler, as well. He is really committed to providing weakside help. I thought Jeffries would fill that role but having him clog passing lanes in the high post as Chandler roams has really grown on me.

SSoM Episode 10: Blazers vs Knicks

Mike and I have decided to post the videos on KB now to foster even more discussion about games. I would’ve posted last night but the game thread was going up, so here it is on an off night.

(Enjoy the new widescreen format.)

Great call by the coaching staff to attack Greg Oden. High PnR gets his shot blocking ability out of the paint and he simply isn’t quick enough to recover or match up against this style in general. I’m a bit surprised at LaMarcus Aldridge’s lack of effort, though. Joel Przybilla got all of the minutes from mid-third quarter on and changed everything defensively for Portland. It allowed them to get quicker while the Knicks got tired. Bad combination.