Game Thread: Knicks vs Bucks

The Bucks seem to have had our number of late, but I have a good feeling about this one, despite the fact that both Redd and Bogut seemed to have revived somewhat of late. Here are Thomas B’s thoughts from his Week in Advance….

n the two losses to the Bucks, the Knicks had eFG% of 44.4 and 38.3. That is well below the Knicks’ average eFG% of 50.4. The Knicks need to move the ball and get good shots against a team that is not especially strong on defense (106.3, 13th, 49.6 eFG%, 16th).

What to watch for: Get to the line. The Bucks defense gives up a ton of free throws (32.9, 30th). Playing defense with their hands, rather than their feet, as Clyde would say. Getting to the line will be helpful if the Knicks are having another poor shooting night against the Bucks. As an added bonus, the fouls will get you to the Buck’s thin bench quicker.

What to watch for 2: Hope that the Bucks coaching staff does not realize that Luke Ridnour is not as good as Sessions. Sessions plays really well against the Knicks. I’m not sure why Ridnour is starting over Sessions, but I’ll take whatever keeps Sessions on the bench.

What to watch for 3: Bogut. Big, good footwork, soft touch, and efficient (54.9 eFG%) are all adjectives you don’t want to read when describing an opposing center. This is particularly true for the Knicks who have huge problems stopping those sorts of players. New York has to keep Bogut from catching the ball deep. The Knicks don’t have the size to force Bogut out, but the Knicks can pressure the entry passes so the Bucks have a harder time getting Bogut the ball.

2009 Game Thread: Knicks at Kings

Via Thomas B.’s Week in Advance…

The Kings are rebuilding around Kevin Martin, John Salmons, and uh…not much else. Sacramento is one of the worst defensive team in the NBA. They are 29th in defensive efficiency (112.9), tied for last in defensive eFG% with Golden State (52.8), and they don’t do well on the defensive glass giving up 29.5% of available defensive boards (29th). Only one team does it worse – you guessed it, the Warriors again. Their leading shot blocker is Hawes (1.8 per 36 minutes).

What to watch for: The Knicks should take the same approach they took against the Warriors with one exception – play better defense. The Kings are not strong on offense coming in 21st in offensive efficiency (103.7) and 15th in eFG% (15th). The Kings frequently turn over the ball (17.2, 24th), so added defensive pressure should bring those numbers up.

What to watch for 2: The Knicks should run the high pick & roll with Lee and Duhon against the Kings’ slow frontcourt players.

What to watch for 3: Push the pace. This game is the second of a back to back for the Kings. The Knicks come into this game on two days rest. The Knicks should push the pace and try to wear the Kings down. Hopefully, Nate, JJ, and Mobley (I’m still holding out hope) will be able to give us around 20-25 a night and help us keep the pressure on the Kings.