Summer League Game Thread: Knicks v. Mavericks

For all your Summer thoughts about the SummerKnicks! Comment Early, comment often…

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5 thoughts to “Summer League Game Thread: Knicks v. Mavericks”

  1. Early already seems likable. Glad that Cole’s on board, and I think TH2 eventually makes Shump expendable. The rest… yikes…

  2. Larkin got his feet set on the highlight dunk and it really was a charge. He’s looks tiny, though.

    Cleanthony looked efficient and smart. Plays within himself definitely.

    THJ looks out of control but I guess this is his idea of veteran leadership.

    Love Cole, glad to have you back kid. This is your year to show what you have. Stay healthy, play 30 minutes, pull down 8 rebs and maybe LAL will give you 4 yrs. 21 Mil.

    Coach Fisher, congrats on your first win. Now, please stop playing rotation players in summer league garbage time.

    To Hubert: Yes the LBJ move is probably at it’s heart cynical. I mean, everyone knows where Joe Dimaggio went, you know? Happy for Cleveland fans, though. Yes, Dan Gilbert is an idiot, and the organization is poor but you do realize the irony of a Knick fan saying that, right? Would you discourage him from coming here? I mean, isn’t it nice that good players still want to play for dumb owners? LBJ is probably going to be de facto GM and coach anyway. If he does win multiple chips in CLE he’s back in the conversation for best ever, so there’s that too.

    I’d love the Knicks to maximize Melo as opposed to maxing him out. Let’s be the smarter team this time, Phil. God, how great has DEN been since that deal? Not any deal, but the right one. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Bosh got 118 Mil. I imagine that’s where Melo will come in. We can then use that big 11 million discount on some nice impact NBA FA’s (LOL).

    Today, might have been the high water mark of our season! Nice to watch young hustling ball players.

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