Stuff to talk about at half time

Evening folks! Robert and I thought we’d toss up some nice halftime discussion fodder for y’all.

Over at the Times, I ask the question whether the Knicks should think about “sliding” back to the 8th seed. We won’t call it tanking, because only terrible teams tank…. Right? RIGHT?

Even cooler, earlier today Bobby joined a slew of TrueHoopers on the NBA Today podcast with Henry Abbott. I haven’t listened to it yet (Robert and I are both traveling — not together though, so don’t get any ideas), but I imagine he fills the airwaves with smart, clever things. Check it out here!

Oh and and enjoy the game!

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Jim Cavan

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6 thoughts to “Stuff to talk about at half time”

  1. To borrow a feature from P&T…


    What’s everybody eating?

    Me: A big ass order of General Tso’s. American Chinese food is good comfort food.

  2. Mobb Deep 3-16, Knicks getting outrebounded 33-18. Not what I would call a recipe for success. If we were playing a good team, we’d be down by 30.

  3. losing to try to draw Chicago is crazy. NY was outrebounded 52-32 tonight, can you imagine what Chicago will do to them on the boards? you don’t have to, we’ve seen it a few times recently. no, thank you.

    and I’m not saying Miami is any easier, but certainly no reason to try to lose to get either of them.

  4. Yeah, while trying to avoid Chicago and Miami made a ton of sense, I don’t think it is worth trying to pick between Chicago and Miami. They’re pretty much close to equally tough opponents. The Knicks could theoretically beat either one of them and will likely lose to either. It is not like 1999 when they matched up so much better against Miami than Indiana.

  5. Doug – did MSG really mention me?? I was also the guy in the stat jersey waving the “miss” signs behind the basket at the cavs players in their own building lol.

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