State of the Knicks – July 4th, 2016

Happy Independence Day to all our American Knickerbuddies out there. Enjoy the festivities, and be safe. To all our non-American Knickerbuddies, happy regular old Monday.

A lot has transpired in Knicksdom over the last several weeks. The dominoes began to fall with the Derrick Rose trade a little less than two weeks ago. Rose lobbied his Bulls’ comrade, Joakim Noah, to join him in New York, and Noah turned around to convince free agent SG Courtney Lee to round out the Knicks’ starting five.

Of course, there was a lot of drama, hand-wringing, speculation, speculation about speculation, and a bit of terrible summer league play in the mix. By now, unless you’re living under a rock or very, very new to the Internet, you’re familiar with all of the gory details. I’m here to offer some perspective on the moves and the pending actions, although I suspect my take on all of it is only one of many possible takes. I’m sure a lot of you will passionately disagree with my thoughts, while others will offer their endorsement. I’m going to take each of the main transactions separately, then discuss the situation as a whole, and finally drop a few thoughts on where we go from here.

Derrick Rose

I’ve never been a huge fan of Derrick Rose. He’s always been enormously talented, even after his multiple knee injuries. Before the injuries, he was a lightning bolt of a player, an introverted Allen Iverson. After the injuries, he’s been quite good in terms of his athletic recovery, but his overall game has suffered. He hasn’t so much reinvented his game, as pushed harder and harder to get his old game back. In some ways, he looks the same on the court. You see flashes of that brilliant pre-injury MVP. If you watch his post-injury highlight videos, in fact, you’ll marvel at how many times the TV guys use the phrase, “That’s vintage Derrick Rose!” I can hear Mike Breen’s voice echoing in my head as I type this. See for yourself.

Go ahead and count the number of times “vintage Derrick Rose” appears. I’m too lazy to do it, but I’ll bet it’s more than 5. Question: If Derrick Rose is able to show his “vintage” self that often, does that mean he’s still very good?

In some ways, Rose is exactly what the Knicks need. Even in his diminished state, he’s a very good penetrator, he runs downhill to the hoop, and he’s not afraid to throw tough passes. He’s the anti-Calderon in both positive and negative ways. Calderon was notoriously slow, bad at getting to the hoop, and tentative about throwing difficult passes. He was also an efficient shooter and took good care of the ball, two things you can’t say about Rose. In effect, the Knicks have traded one sets of problems for the opposite set of problems. It’s a trade off I’m very happy to make because I think the riskier, less efficient play of Rose can be managed by talented teammates, who are all capable of making good plays on the other end of his wild forays to the hoop (see: Porzingis put-back highlights) and his wilder pass attempts (see: all decent NBA players’ skill sets).

Rose’s contract is up after the 2016-17 season, just in time for the hugest free agent bonanza of all time, and another rising salary cap. Next offseason will make this year look tame in comparison. The Knicks will be able to deal with Rose in whatever way they see fit, even holding onto him if he turns out to be the best version of himself. There’s a chance to showcase Hornacek’s system with a fast, athletic lead guard to entice a Rose replacement if there’s mutual interest. It’s a relatively low risk move for a moderate reward on the other end. Giving up Robin Lopez and his great value contract was unfortunate, but really there’s nothing too dramatic in this trade beyond some of the names.

Joakim Noah

I have to confess….I love Joakim Noah. Among the top three or four sports heroes of my youth stands Yannick Noah. The senior Noah played tennis with such a sense of joy amidst a crowd of stoic Europeans, only John McEnroe rivaled his passion on the court. He used a signature volley slam to great effect throughout the late-70s and early-80s. I would have been a Joakim fan even had he been a fringe NBAer during his career. The fact is, Joakim Noah is exactly the type of player Knicks’ fans would fall in love with were it not for his role on the rival Chicago Bulls. He’s a tough guy. He’s outwardly passionate, like his father. His game is predicated on hustle and energy. He’s a native New Yorker. Need I say more?

The main problem with Noah is his health. Joakim was DPOY three years ago and finished in the top 5 of the MVP voting. In 2013-14 Noah averaged 12.6 points, 11.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.2 steals, and 1.5 blocks per game. There have only been seven NBA seasons of that kind in history. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar averaged 11+ rebounds, 5+ assists, 1+ steals, and 1+ blocks back in the late-70s. Kevin Garnett did it three times in his Minnesota days. Bill Walton did it once, over 58 games, for Portland, and Sam Lacy did it for the Kansas City-Omaha Kings back in the day. Noah’s scoring average is one of the least impressive of that group, but the rest of the numbers pop out.

Noah is the first prime time player the Knicks have had next to Carmelo Anthony in his time with the club, who doesn’t require shots to excel. The last player of that sort was Jason Kidd, and we all remember how that turned out. Noah’s scoring has suffered over the last two injured-plagued seasons, mainly as a result of terrible shooting from the field and the line. The rest of his game has held remarkably steady, however, and if you look at the rates instead of the counting stats, he put up career highs in both rebounding and assists last year during his 29 games off the Chicago bench. The optimistic take on Noah, which I favor given my feelings about the guy, is that he can be an All NBA defender again if he stays on the court. His shooting can trend upward in the Knicks offense, and his court vision is prefect for keeping the ball on the move. You can run the offense through him at times and do some real damage in the process. Rose can push the ball and get into things early, while Noah can set things up in the half court.

The pessimistic take on the Noah deal has everything to do with the idea of decline, and the 4 years attached to his $72 million contract. The risk with Rose is that he’s washed up and won’t help the Knicks do anything in 2016-17. The risk with Noah is that he’s also washed up and he’ll drag the Knicks down over the next several years. It’s for that reason that Rose-detractors say, “Meh,” while Noah detractors say, “WTF????!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!”

I’ll stand by my optimism with Noah, deserved or blind, and say that he’s the most important free agent signing the Knicks have ever made….either for better or for worse. He’s Amar’e redux, only the end may already be upon us. To take your mind off that frightening possibility, I give you this:

Courtney Lee

With little cap space left over to build an entire roster, the Knicks desperately needed a starting guard to put alongside Derrick Rose. It was imperative that said guard be durable, good from beyond the arc, and solid on defense. Courtney Lee was sitting there around the right price point, but other teams had interest and the Knicks backup plan seemed to be Eric Gordon, which left me having night sweats. There was no way the Knicks could spend all their free cap space on broken Eric Gordon with Derrick Rose manning the other backcourt spot. In the end, Courtney Lee took a little less money (thanks in part to Joakim Noah’s recruiting) and the Knicks got a picture perfect guard for the personnel on the club already. Many of the NBA pundits have praised the Knicks for nabbing Lee at that price, and some have compared it to the shrewd decision making that landed Robin Lopez last year. Goodbye to one excellent value contract, hello to another.

There’s not much to say about Lee, except that everyone thinks highly of him. The most common refrain you hear when his name comes up is, “How does a solid player like Lee bounce around like that every year?” The Knicks have locked him up on his reasonable deal for 4 years, which will take him into his 35-year old season. Lee is the sort of player who can legitimately start on a team with talent at the other spots, and slide into a prominent bench role if the overall talent upgrades. He’ll play 30+ minutes for you in a supporting role as a starter, or 20-25 minutes off the bench as a reserve. I’ve always liked Courtney Lee from afar. He’s the kind of “3 and D” player that Knicks fans see on other teams and wish they had at MSG. The Knicks never seem to have a guy like that for very long, but here we are today. Looking into him a bit further, I stumbled on this video that ought to make Knicks fans happy.

The Big Picture

Each of the moves I described individually can be dissected and debated on their own merit. Basketball is a team game, though, and the whole is always greater than the parts. How did the Knicks fare as a unit in rebuilding the starting lineup?

On the surface, you can talk about replacing Jose Calderon with Rose, Afflalo/Vujacic with Lee, and Lopez with Noah. In that equation, the Knicks upgraded their talent, particularly in the backcourt, and injected a different sort of personality/profile into the center spot. The team was so abysmal in the backcourt last year that almost any move was going to improve prospects. Adding Jeff Hornacek as coach necessitated a different approach from the guard position, so Phil Jackson and company killed two birds with one stone. They replaced the NBA’s worst starting guards with guys who can play with pace. Lee’s statistical profile isn’t a huge departure from Afflalo, except that he plays good defense. That alone helps the outlook. The two biggest changes we ought to expect from the new group are 1) pace on offense, and 2) aggressiveness on defense. The pace on offense will be predicated on Melo’s willingness to run, and his ability to keep the ball moving. The efficiency of that offense will remain in question until we see how well Rose and Noah shoot. On defense, the Knicks ought to look a bit more “attacking” than reacting, although Derrick Rose has never been one to create a lot of turnovers. If the team is going to be successful in upping the pace effectively on offense, they’ll have to become much better at forcing turnovers in the backcourt. It remains to be see whether or not Rose has it in him to make that happen. To that end, it’s important to sign the right backups with our remaining cap money, in order to hedge against injury and ineffectiveness.

The last “big picture” note involves the Melo/Porzingis timeline. Clearly, all of these big name moves are an effort to appease Melo in his shrinking timeline. His contract is up after three more seasons. Noah and Lee signed up for four. There’s no reason why the Knicks shouldn’t roll the dice this way, given the fact that Porzingis will only be 24-years old when the contracts expire. That’s insane when you think about it. There is an argument that building slowly and incrementally would allow the team to build a sensible, young core around Porzingis. By the time Melo leaves, Porzingis’ team would be primed to fill the power void left by the aging crop of contemporary superstars. I don’t think it’s impossible to do that anyway, but that plan is temporarily on hold in favor of some playoff basketball at MSG (maybe…hopefully). The Knicks are going for it, and I suspect the big push will come during the 2017 offseason as they look to add the final pieces to a short term championship run. For the record, I’m skeptical they have any sort of realistic shot at that whatever they do, but I admire the gusto nonethless.

The Path Ahead

There’s a lot of work to do beyond July 4th for the Knicks. The biggest need is guard depth. Presumably, the Knicks will be able to retain Lance Thomas, although nothing is guaranteed. Bringing back Langston Galloway solves some problems with bench depth, but really the Knicks need a guy who can step in as a full time starter behind Derrick Rose if/when he misses time. That guard has to be able to duplicate some of the skills Rose brings along in order to have some continuity in the system. Langston isn’t that guy. He also isn’t a great shooter, so you’re not bringing a “spacing” guy off the bench when you give him minutes. Willy Hernangomez will likely be joining his former Sevilla teammate, Kristaps Porzingis, on the team, but the club has to allocate cap money to a few other guys before that situation becomes clear. WHG’s agent is already playing footsie with Euro clubs in order to push the Knicks to pony up some money.

As things stand now, although nothing is set in stone, the roster might look like this:






There’s at least some possibility that Phil Jackson trades KOQ’s contract to someone for cap space. At $4 million, that contract looks like a huge steal for a team in need of depth at the PF position. The Knicks could hang onto him and commit to using him more next year, or they can turn his cap hold into an asset to address the backcourt. In fact, they may have to do that given the slim pickins and the big money being tossed around.

Hang onto your hats, friends. More is yet to come. In the meantime, be safe on the 4th and don’t watch the summer league. Trust me.

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182 thoughts to “State of the Knicks – July 4th, 2016”

  1. Damn, that NTC hurts us now.A desperate Oklahoma is out on the market. We could have robbed a few assets for Carmelo.

  2. I wonder if Cleveland is gonna try and load up now. A “big 3” of LeBron/Kyrie/Melo would give the Dubs fits if they can fill the roster with defense and shooting.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed watching and rooting for the Warriors the past few years. What I liked about them was that it was an organic group, built through the draft, that came of age and achieved true greatness. I think the Durant add kind of devalues what they created and have accomplished.

    It reminds me of when the 1996 Yankees added Roger Clemens. The rich got richer, but the character of the team went from exciting to boring pretty quickly.

    The irony is that if the league hadn’t meddled in the playoffs, trying to control outcomes, the product for next year would have been better. Best not to try to play God.

  4. why would OKC want Melo now, and why would they give anything up for him? They pretty much have nothing of value to trade, except maybe Kanter, and I don’t see them trading him for Melo if the point is to win now. Westbrook will be gone next year; having Melo isn’t going to make him want to stay.

  5. The NBA just got a lot more boring. I mean, it’s sort of like why bother even playing the next two seasons.

  6. So the Dubs just won the title with a little less than a year to spare. Big whoop, that was never our endgame for this year; it was posting a respectable record to attract a big guard FA next year as our last piece to hopefully put us in spitting distance of a title. At least we’re in the East and KD spurned the Celts. Let’s say the cap hits 108 million next year. Then we would have 19 million plus 24 from DRose minus 12ish million if we keep Lance and Gallo minus draft salaries and whatever the increase in all the vet minimums is. The mega max would be 37.8, which might be a stretch if we keep our youths, but those guys should be moveable at that price. A normal max at 32.4 would borderline let us keep them if they’re good value, and a minimax of 27 mil will definitely be doable. It all depends on how backloaded the new contracts are and what the rest of the moves will be this offseason, but this team could definitely be a contender in the near future. #Knickstape #Knickstaps

  7. I’d love to see Lebron try in vain to will his way through this 80 win team in the finals. It’d be some noble, Thermopylae-esque shit.

  8. Great breakdown, Mike. The Lee breakdown was helpful in particular (it’s going to take a while to not think “David” when I read Knicks references to “Lee.”) Hopefully it doesn’t get overlooked by the megashit insane Durant to GSW news.

    GSW is an evil mad scientist’s dream come true. This is a 6-team fantasy league roster. I can’t wait to see what holy hell they unleash on the league. What a time to be alive.

  9. With KD going to the GSW (cowardly), what’s the likelyhood that Russell Westbrook joins the ‘bockers, after letting D.Rose’s contract go?

  10. @8

    This is the greatest possible Hype Williams-directed “TO BE CONTINUED” rap video ending

    This is the ending of DOOM and LeBron is the Space Marine

  11. What’d be the cap situation for acquiring Westbrook? How much cap would we have to clear?

  12. I believe Russell will have 8 years of service next year so it would be 30% of the cap (approximately 32.4 mil)

  13. What if Durant to the Warriors is all just a ruse? The Warriors trade all their depth and let Barnes go to make room for Durant and then last minute he says never mind and resigns with the Thunder.

    I know it’s not but what a great way to weaken a conference rival.

  14. I feel it’s pretty likely now with KD gone that the Thunder trade Westbrook. I smell a Rose/KP for Westbrook trade coming on…

  15. I feel it’s pretty likely now with KD gone that the Thunder trade Westbrook. I smell a Rose/KP for Westbrook trade coming on…

    the knicks can’t be that stupid, right? RIGHT?!

  16. @nygrec OKC won’t trade Westbrook now.

    WHy? Losing KD ups the odds he’ll leave next summer dramatically, and their GM just traded Ibaka on the worry he’d leave. Plus, Presti has successfully rebuilt in the past. He knows he can do it.

  17. Westbrook himself wont agree now. He will try to run the franchise.He will be in an “FU KD. I am better than you ” mode. Probably after a few months when he realises he can’t win alone a trade may happen.

  18. Let’s see:

    Melo vs. Durant EDGE: Knicks
    KP vs. Draymond EDGE: Knicks
    Joakim vs. Nobody EDGE: Knicks
    Lee vs. Thompson EDGE: Knicks
    DRose vs. Overrated Choker EDGE: Knicks
    Our bench vs. Their bench EDGE: TBD


  19. Noah is the first prime time player the Knicks have had next to Carmelo Anthony in his time with the club, who doesn’t require shots to excel.

    cough cough TC cough cough

  20. I’d love to see Lebron try in vain to will his way through this 80 win team in the finals. It’d be some noble, Thermopylae-esque shit.

    Maybe more of a Pheidippides deal for LeBron :-)

  21. Lebron is a free agent mind you… If you can’t beat them,join them….

    He could easily play the 5 on that squad and pass Jordan’s 6 ringz….

  22. Who are the Warriors going to shed to sign durant? Obviously they’re not going to match on Barnes but they still need to shed another contract or two no?

  23. Warriors renounced Ezili and Barnes and will trade Bogut. (Apparently, Bogut and Barnes are best friends and Warriors will try to trade him to Dallas).

  24. Unreason July 2, 2016 at 5:59 pm
    Phil Jackson, ladies and gentlemen, wouldn’t know a good deal if it hit him in the face.
    Let me tell you what. We’re getting screwed. These team presidents, they don’t know how to make deals, and they’re killing us. We got the greatest franchise in the world and we’re getting killed. It’s terrible.
    If I became president this is what I’d do. I put people in charge who know how to make deals. I know these people. I’d call my friend Carl Icahn and say “Carl, get me the best most efficient players available. Oh and by the way: Leave us plenty of cap room for next season when the real FA come on the market.” Boom. Trust me, that’s all you need. Simple. In fact, I talked to Carl last night. I asked him and he said he’d be happy to do it. Happy.
    You know what else? I’d put a ban players from Chicago. Right? People say “You can’t do that.” Watch me, OK? You know what I saw? The day, that terrible awful day, when the Eddie Curry trade went down. We all remember that. The tragedy. It was horrible. You know what I remember? Chicagoans all up and down Michigan avenue celebrating as they watched our suffering. All our hopes crashing down around us. I saw it with my own eyes. Now here they are coming in again with their exploding joints, hogging up our cap space. Enough. No one else from Chicago gets in until we figure out what’s going on.
    You know what else? I’d build a wall around Madison Square Garden. Right now there are people, these scalpers and Wall Street crooks, they’re just streaming into the garden with their weapons and their drugs and I don’t know. Of course they want in. Why wouldn’t they? That doesn’t mean we have to let them. So I’d build a wall and make them pay for it.
    Free agents, free trade. Sounds great right? Let me tell you something. Nothing’s free, alright? It’s rigged. The whole system’s rigged. It’s time we take this team back and make the Knicks great again. I’ll make this the greatest team in…

  25. Six years of being a top-5 player and only making the Finals once… that’ll do something to you.

  26. Unreason, your comment really opened my eyes to all the corruption and stupidity in the establishment, please consider bringing me on as your agent to manage your candidacy for this position. As a way to establish my value and seriousness please see speech I have written for you below.

  27. LeBron James is done; meaning he has no load to carry or chip on his shoulder. He won and then went home to to play hero ball. Mission(s) accomplished.
    The Knicks lack leadership. Carmelo ain’t dat. Is Mr Rose a leader? I haven’t followed the Bulls since MJ

  28. Spec Press Release for Job Candidate Unreason:
    Back in 2013 Knicks fans believed in analytics and the power of Zen Mastery to keep the money happy and free flowing while keeping us safe from the terroristic interference of James Dolan a.k.a. JD&TSS that led to that tragic February day back in the 2000’s. Sure, we haven’t had any large scale Dolan activity here with the Knicks during his tenure, but doesn’t that only make Phil Jackson more suspicious? Cablevision continues to grow into a monopolistic threat to the Globe with excruciatingly bad customer service. They are out there in the real world stealing money with overcharges and every day they’re cutting off new channels from cable packages. But here in the Knickerblogger comment section media people go nuts if we even talk about message boarding complaints about them; they say it’s ineffective and torturous. Torture? Look, when I’m president I will bring back message boarding, and I’ll bring back a hell of a lot worse than message boarding! What about Phil’s NON-response to Dolan’s hostilities with the Liberty? He sits on his hands and does nothing, allowing Dolan to set up a caliphate in the WNBA headed by his puppet. Phil’s inaction on this front is weird, I just don’t understand it, very suspicious. Phil just is not the protector of women that I am, and lady knicks fans need a President who will stand up for them. Feeble Phil hides away in his office, I will draw the important redlines and know when to cross them when necessary. Technical fouls be damned. And now Jackson plans to take in 200,000 refugee Liberty fans. OK, so they’re escaping the atrocities of Dolan on their franchise that they’ve witnessed firsthand, but come on, are we really supposed to believe a few JD&TSS supporters won’t sneak in? Maybe that’s just what Phil wants… I’m not saying it is, but I can’t know for sure.

  29. We all know those zen people are lazy, it’s just a common trait among their kind, and the Zen Master will clearly be the last zen practitioner to fill the post of President. He’s been such an abject failure that he’s ruined it for the rest of them by proving that they just can’t handle the job. Now I’m only talking about most of them, of course I have some friends who are zen but they are the exception and are real winners unlike the rest of those losers, especially Jackson. Little Jeff Van Gundy stood there on TV like a robot and kept saying “Let’s dispel with this fiction that Phil Jackson doesn’t know what he’s doing, he knows exactly what he’s doing”, but we all know that none of those zennys know what they’re doing. Thank god Chuck Barkley took Little Jeffy down. You always need a fun fat guy around. I have a great relationship with the zens, they know I will create wins. And you can’t stay zen if you’re always losing. Hey, can someone please get these disruptive zen lives matter people out of here? Their philosophy of peace and enlightenment is so lame, I wish someone would just beat them up like we did in the old days.

  30. I was the first one to question whether Phil had ever actually even PLAYED for the Knicks! Of course, some say technically it is not necessary to have played for an organization to be its President, but that’s only if you buy into the agenda of Lyin’ Donnie Walsh. Phil’s father (in law) was part of the LAKERS organization!!!! And I think his wife probably is too! How can people not see that Phil “Buss” Jackson is not a true Knickerbocker! Sure, he gave the media pictures of his youth on the Knicks, but have you ever heard of Photoshop? And then we have this so called short form contract; if you believe that thing is real then I have an Unreason University diploma to sell you. We still haven’t seen the long form contract, though they’ve certainly had time to fake one by now. Willis Reed claims that he remembers playing with Phil, well I say true MVP’s don’t get injured, especially not in The Finals! Personally I don’t remember Jackson’s time in Orange & Blue, but he was certainly very memorable for his role in the dynastic Bulls and Lakers that crushed the hopes of so many Knicks fans. Some even say these radical franchises were where Jackson was educated, or should we say brainwashed, in how to act as President. Speaking of Bulls, Never Forget who committed that Draft Day atrocity in 2005. Coincidence? There are no coincidences with this President. I don’t like to say that Phil Jackson is a Los Chicagoangelino and a secret Dolanite, but you have to decide for yourself.

  31. Look, Phil Jackson has destroyed this team and he is about to abandon it high and dry next season. Knicks fans love me and I am crushing the fan polls. The Knicks need a leader, not these pathetic excuses for candidates in the running against me. Look at Low Energy Steve Mills, how did he even get his job? Is he somebody’s brother or something? Then we have 1 for 3 Glen Grunwald. He’s always talking about how he presided over one season of winning knicks basketball. He won’t tell you about the fact that that he opted in to the ZenCare strategy of signing old injury risk players that end up leving you with unproductive players on albatross contracts. I don’t want to say that Bargnani was a giant rotting bird corpse dragging this team down by the neck, because that would be mean, and I’m not a mean guy. But he’s a loser and only losers pay for losers. I want to go negative but Glen is so irrelevant it’s not even worth it.
    And now I’m being attacked by Goofy Alan Houston. We call him Pocahontas because he started out as Knick and then was captured and converted into Dolanism. I won’t talk about how badly he screwed the Knicks with his overpriced ridiculously long contract, or how he has betrayed Knicks fans by aligning himself with JD&TSS. I have too much respect for what he did for the franchise in his early years to tarnish him with any of the ugliness of that injury riddled nightmare contract. But someone else should.

  32. If Crooked Isaiah Thomas can’t satisfy Liberty fans, what makes him think he can satisfy Knicksdom? We’ve already suffered through one Thomas Presidency with the Knicks and I don’t have to tell you that ended in impeachment and disgrace. Thomas enabled his own sexual deviancy and was one of the worst abusers of women in history. Not to mention his emails while he was a consultant that Knicks security is investigating. It is only a matter of time before Thomas is indicted. For all we know the ROCKETS hacked his email and used it against us in stealing Jeremy Lin. And that’s probably true. You can’t tell me that’s not the reason! Also I heard he probably killed someone once.
    Speaking of which, I almost feel bad for poo rold Crazy Sam Hinkie. Look, I know we all hate the Sixers, they really are such losers, but it really is a shame how that whole thing went down. The establishment really stole that job from him, totally rigged. I think if I were President, we could convert a lot of angry Philadelphians over to Knicks fans. Philadelphians really are the worst, but the ones who supported Hinkie were sort of like us, and the Knicks could really use their support… Starting with their help, the Knicks fandom will expand from their base in New York across the entire nation, nay the world. We will bring in fans who’ve never even watched basketball before and ride them all the way to the Larry O’Brien Trophy! Together we can Make Our Knicks Great Again!

  33. P.S. Sorry, no offense by the way Mr. Unreason, I forgot you used to live in Philly, personally I consider you a true New Yawker and the only pure Knickerbocker up for the job.
    Please let me be your agent, I’m sure I can help you get to at least the final round of interviews. I promise to only mildly assault members of the media and you can fire me whenever your kids decide I’m not doing a good job anymore. Especially your daughter, you know, she does have a very nice figure, if you two weren’t related you’d probably be dating her! I know I can help you Make The Knicks Great Again!

  34. BJ, keep it under a paragraph chief. It felt like an online text book. Words quickly blurred together

  35. Sessions signed with Charlotte (2years /13 mil) so one option less for backup PG.

  36. Tim Frazier or Seth Curry or bust

    really hope if we trade O’Quinn we get some assets back, though.

    But more than anything we should be saving our cap for the 2017 Westbrook sweepstakes.

  37. my thoughts on KD’s decision
    KD-super chicken-no balls

    As for the Knicks now i must say that after watching “Greece vs Iran” for the “2016 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament” i’d give a roster spot to Thanasis [again] !
    The kid plays furious D.
    His shoot is still shiit but his D and his energy are A Class.

  38. Does Durant have to go to the Sixers to prove that he has the heart of a champion?

  39. I still think the Knicks should take a chance on C.J. Watson the Magic don’t need him and they have close to $104m of cap money tied up to 13 players.

  40. Going to the team that has just f#ked you hard don’t earn my respect…sorry

    Allow me to respect Melo for having the BALLS to come [and stay] in TOUGH NYK [even for his own personal reasons]

  41. Ring don’t give you the heart of a champ.

    Ewing-No rings-Greatest Knick ever

    JRSmith/Kevin Love-champions…

    It’s not the ring.
    It’s the way you fight for it that makes you great or not so great.

    KD choked hard [as westbrook did also] at the last 2min of the 6th game vs the warriors and now he swallowed his tongue with his decision…while showing his g-string at the same time[my thoughts]

  42. Knew Your Knicks, I’m vibin with your viewpoint. I thought the “Open up his chest/rough riders” line was next. Who says that?

  43. Allow me to respect Melo for having the BALLS to come [and stay] in TOUGH NYK


    You must have balls to play in NY with a 124M contract!

  44. Either we got Jennings cheap and it’s a really nice move or we did something dumb to get him

  45. Which is the reason that LBJ was SERIOULY considered among the GOAT after this one ?
    Is it because it’s his 3rd ?
    Or is it about the way he got it ?

  46. Anywho…

    Can someone do the math on what we would need to clear for Westbrook in 2017?

    Also it looks like Pau Gasol is signing with the Spurs on a 2yr 30M contract. Seems like Duncan is retiring, by the look it. If Pau is healthy and productive that team is monstrous but still dwarfed by The Golden State Monstars.

  47. Why StephCurry lost this year’s chip ?
    Is it because the other starting PGs were healthy this year…?

  48. @55
    Yes Sir !
    Especially if you can play[?] in Mempis with 153 after a serious injury…

  49. Jennings as our back up is fine. We should play a much faster pace this year, which is nice.

  50. Yes, I like him on a show-me contract. Question is if we have to renounce Lance and/or Langston to fit him in.

  51. Very good contract for Jennings.

    Does that affect our ability to sign Galloway or Thomas–like do we have to renounce one or the other to eliminate the cap hold? Really hope not.

  52. We have four guards under contract now: Rose, Jennings, Lee, Holiday. Ron Baker is the one guy on the summer league team who looks like an NBA player. So if we have to renounce Galloway to fit Jennings, I would be bummed, but I would get it.

  53. i like Jennings too.
    now i think we need a durable backup of the backup pg and a deadly spot up 3p shooter..maybe from former Jugoslavia !!!

  54. I will track Phil Jackson down and I will fight him for control of the club if he dumps Langston

  55. My god, I forgot about Jennings! Yes! The medical staff can resurrect his Achilles while they’re tinkering with their knee, shoulder, and back formulas.

  56. I like the Jennings pick up a lot. Very good insurance policy, if Rose’s knees fail us. Plus we got him at a good price.

  57. Problem is Galloway has been a relatively productive NBA player who can be had on a cheap medium/long term deal and it would be short sighted of Phil to sacrifice that for an admittedly nice one year rental of BJ. I’d rather renounce Lance, if I had to choose between the 2.

    Hopefully they can make it work by tweaking the contract numbers w Noah/Lee.

    Is Willy gonna come over for the room exception? I read a report that he was getting decent offers from Euro teams, but that could just as well be his agent leaking information as leverage in contract negotiations.

    Signing Noah, Lee, BJ, retaining LG and LT, and keeping O’Quinn would make this a decent offseason in the context of “making the playoffs now.” I give a Phil C- for team vision, but a B in the offseason for execution of his mediocre vision.

  58. Why would the knicks have to dump Gallo if they can go over the cap for him? I mean if they renounce DW cap hold Jennnings should fit right in.

  59. I think they might be a couple hundred k off of fitting him in by renouncing D Will. If that’s the case, then I don’t think Noah would be opposed to taking 71.5k vs 72k. Contracts can be tweaked, at this point.

  60. Phil is signing way too many “medical incidents”
    Is it possible that he knows something about a serious future health discovery that we ignore ?

  61. Phil does this weird thing where he makes a really boneheaded trade (Chandler/Rose), a questionable free agent signing (Afflalo, Noah if you’re pessimistic about his health), and a high quality value play or two(RoLo, C. Lee, BJ, LT) every offseason. Makes it really hard to judge his ability as a talent evaluator, since it appears he has a decent eye for good players on the cheap but doesn’t know how to value them properly when it comes to their status as trade chips.

    This is bracketing his/Dolan’s (?) rather silly team vision of “winning now”, of course.

  62. To everyone wondering, even with this deal, it looks like the Knicks still have the cap holds on both Langston and Lance, that this requires only Derrick cap hold to be revoked.

  63. If Rose rises to a replacement level player and Noah plays more like he did two years ago than he did last year then I think so…maybe an 8 seed?

  64. The problem with this move is that it means that Noah and Lee are both taking less money in their first year. The reason why that that is a problem is that it means that they’ll be getting salary bumps next year, which cuts into the Knicks’ cap room next year, presumably by $5 million. So $5 million there, $12 million to re-sign Galloway and Thomas, raises to Melo and Porzingis, suddenly you’re looking at $20 million in added cap room to next year’s cap, when the salary cap is going up $13-15 million. So suddenly Rose and Jennings’ $26 million in cap space is not all that valuable.

    That said, obviously Jennings on a $5 million one year deal is a great signing in the abstract.

  65. Maybe I’m wrong in looking at the upcoming season this way, but I see the only important thing as being the development of KP.. Yes it would be nice to make the playoffs.. And making the playoffs would help in attracting higher notch free agents.. But in reality if KP takes another step, maybe that gives the Knicks an even greater shot at a CP3 or Russell Westbrook next season… I’m just not sold on Rose/Noah doing anything for the team other then selling some more tickets early on .. I hope to be wrong but there’s just too many question marks

  66. Wouldn’t learning how to win be a good step for KP? I’m always flabbergasted that people think that these two things are exclusive. You can get better and win at the same time. Some would argue that learning to win makes you better. For example learning how to play with pressure down the stretch in important games

  67. Shit, as I was looking at the cap situation, I thought to myself, “Hmm…actually, doesn’t this sort of look like they’re just going to say no to Galloway?” That idea was so foolish I figured I must be nuts, but…well, guess not. Well crap, I like the Jennings move a lot less now.

  68. 84 –
    I’m not at all saying winning would be bad.. The object of the game is to win obviously.. But looking more big picture, this roster as constructed is kinda shaped to keep evolving each offseason… With Jackson having flexibility to keep adding players and also having a first round pick next year… Lee and Noah get added on long term contracts.. But our point guard position will still likely be a question mark next year with rose and bj on 1 year deals…. All I’m saying is the most important thing I want out of this season is for KP to keep improving.. I’m not concerned with the playoffs quite yet..

  69. Phil Jackson has no concept of the value of young, cost-controlled assets. What’s next, refusing Willy H a contract?

    Cue the Phil Jackson apologists trying in vain to justify letting our only plus perimeter defender (and another young asset) go in 3…2…1….

  70. Phil is signing way too many “medical incidents”
    Is it possible that he knows something about a serious future health discovery that we ignore ?

    Of course the Zenmaster does. He’s going to put them all on Leucine supplements and upregulate their mTOR pathways…………….

  71. I don’t get the Langston love. He’s a “dime a dozen” kind of player. This is supposed to be a stats-oriented site. Please tell me what stat speaks kindly about Langston. TS% .490? No. WS48 .077? No. 3Pt% .34? No. FTr .194? No. DRtg 108? No.

    Brandon Jennings is as good or better than Galloway in nearly every statistical category. I have no problem with renouncing Galloway to get him on an almost impossible to believe deal. ! year, $5 million? Come on.

  72. @90
    Very possible.

    There are also rumors that he tries to sign the winner of this year’s ‘Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine’ for vet minimum.

  73. I could see Galloway going to the Celtics or magic.. Could work well as a durable 3 and d off the bench for Vogel or Stevens.. Sad to see him go

  74. Please tell me why you would keep Galloway based on actual performance stats. By any metric, he has stunk so far.

  75. @97 I would have on potential. He was so great in the first quarter or so last season

  76. Sometimes I think the Knicks have a vendetta against me

    They’re merely threatened by your genius, logic, reason, and dare I say rugged handsomeness (or so I’ve been lead to believe anyway; no creeping, I swear).

  77. Galloway is a keeper.
    -Great character.
    -Hard Worker.
    If i had to choose between him,JRSmith and Shumpert i’d kept Galloway without checking their stats.

  78. The point is that .075 WS/48 on a 24 year player is well above replacement level and below league average. League average players aren’t cheap, and Langston had room for improvement at 24 and was cheap. A player like Gallo in this market is more like 6-8M per, not a dime a dozen. Giving up a young cost-controlled role player for someone who may or may not be better, who is older, and who’s on a 1 year rental is not smart–not for rebuilding teams, and not for teams looking to do anything other than get bounced in the 2nd round of the EC playoffs, which we seem intent on doing.

    Moreover it seems that we could’ve kept him and signed Jennings– even if we couldn’t, we could have worked with Noah to tweak his numbers slightly (on the order of a few 100k) in order to clear up the cap space needed to sign Jennings w/o renouncing Gallo. The fact that we didn’t go over the cap for him and the fact that if we couldn’t we made no effort to fit him is absurd. Phil has literally no idea how to hold on to young players and has no clue of their value to any organization interested in success in the short and long term.

  79. Does every healthy player has to be banished or something. Gallo needed to be coming back from an injury or something.

  80. Memo to GSW: they still only play with one ball. With all of those great players chemistry problems may arise. Certainly worth the risk, but I wouldn’t hand them the trophy just yet.
    Jennings is a good pickup at a great price. He will likely play more minutes then Rose who will probably miss extended time with injuries. Say what you want, and there is a lot of negativity going on here, the roster is far more talented than last year. Hopefully they can keep Galloway and LT.

  81. I don’t get the Langston love. He’s a “dime a dozen” kind of player. This is supposed to be a stats-oriented site. Please tell me what stat speaks kindly about Langston. TS% .490? No. WS48 .077? No. 3Pt% .34? No. FTr .194? No. DRtg 108? No.

    Brandon Jennings is as good or better than Galloway in nearly every statistical category. I have no problem with renouncing Galloway to get him on an almost impossible to believe deal. ! year, $5 million? Come on.

    This, This and more This!

    Jennings was having a career year in 14-15 before his injury and coming back in the middle of the season off a ruptured Achilles Tendon played 48 straight games statistically better than Galloway. Career 2.6-1 A/TO rate and > 3.o in 14-15

  82. Does every healthy player has to be banished or something. Gallo needed to be coming back from an injury or something.

    Galloway needed to have more ability……


    You may clear cap space to get FA and not get the players you want because they went elsewhere or stayed on their previous teams or even worse got seriously injured.
    You may tank like the 76ers but NEVER makin’ the next step !
    You may build your team slowly and carefully like the Bulls did but injuries happened and chemistry broke down.
    You may look like a contender like OKC but in one sec you may look like a lottery team…
    Lots of different situations, same result.
    Which is the best way to go for the chip then ?

    Doing the best that you can and praying to Lady Luck to give you her grace.
    And never forget:
    Enjoy the ride !

  84. 110

    Entertaining post.. Has me just thinking about how the thunder once had durant Westbrook harden and Ibaka all on the roster at the same time… And by next summer they may no longer have any of them….

  85. From what I have seen on twitter, it seems like Gallo can still be resigned. Just going to take some capnastics to make it work. LT saying he is happy to take a discount as well to stay on.

    If we manage to keep Lance on a good deal, I would be willing to give the off-season a B, but with an asterick that it be looked at again for reassessment at the All-Star break. Probably loses points for giving 4 years to both Lee and Noah. I don’t mind the players, just prefer short term deals at the moment. The Rose trade is what it is. Ultimately we have upgraded to a certain degree, but health is going to be the real kicker that will define the upcoming season. The moves will at least make for an interesting season.

  86. I can’t believe anyone on this blog is not disappointed with Galloway’s lack of development last season. He’s a lovable guy, but is neither a PG or a SG and put up lousy numbers for both positions.

    I’m not a Jennings fan, but he’s better than Gallo unless you are absolutely blind to statistical analysis. He’s gonna cost at least as much as Jenings and there is no guarantee that he improves beyond what we can find in the D-League. Any attachment to him is either purely sentimental or a weak attempt at Jackson bashing.

  87. Depth chart as of now:

    PG: Rose, Jennings
    SG: Lee, Holiday, maybe Ron
    SF: Melo
    PF: Porzingis
    C: Noah, O’Quinn

    All signs point to Lance returning to back up both forwards. Langston could return, but seems less likely now. Hopefully, Willy signs for the room exception. Fill out the other spots with kids or vet min lotto tickets, and that’s an interesting roster. I hate the Rose deal, and wish Phil had stayed the course, but the best possible version of this team could be fun.

  88. We don’t want Willy for the room exemption. The room exemption is only for a year. We need to sign him for at least 3 if not 4 years to lock in value and allow for growth before someone snipes him with some poison pill deal. At this point bringing him over and locking him down for 3 or 4 years needs to be the biggest priority.

    As for Jennings it is a good signing and the first value we’ve gotten this offseason. He is better than Galloway and honestly Galloway for 4 years and anything over 15 million seems like a hefty price to pay to see if he improves, he did not really improve at all last year.

  89. Ian Begley (yeah, I know) thinks that Galloway’s QO was rescinded to make space for Willy:

    “My best guess on the Langston Galloway decision is that the Knicks’ rescinded his &2.7 million qualifying offer to give them enough cap space to sign Willy Hernangomez to a deal longer than two years. If they used the ‘room exception’ to sign Hernangomez, they’d only be able to sign him to a 2-year deal. They can sign Hernangomez to a deal longer than two years if they use cap space to do so. Hernangomez is the club’s 2015 second-round pick and the Knicks fully intend to sign him. For what it’s worth, he’s also close friends with Kristaps Porzingis.”

    If that’s indeed the case, yeah go for it Phil.

  90. Another player with a sub .500 TS%

    It’s gonna be hard to see the ball go in the basket this season.

    Phil is trolling us.

  91. Chris Haynes: Forward Lance Thomas has reached a multi-year agreement to re-sign with Knicks, league source tells @clevelanddotcom.

  92. Begley: Lance Thomas has agreed to a multi-year deal with the Knicks worth $6 million annually, sources say. Exact years unclear at this point.

    Max we could pay him with Early Bird rights.

  93. Leave it to the Warriors to get Zaza for 2.9mm — I thought he could have gone for 10-15mm…

  94. galloway was a very good defender….. offensively he wasn’t good but i thought he was a good fit in the derek fisher mold….

    jennings is a solid signing in isolation… 1 yr 5mm for any rotation level player is a coup… in aggregate though i have serious doubts that we can have everyone in our rotation come away unscathed health wise given the collection we have… you can add lance to that equation as well….

  95. jennings is a solid signing in isolation… 1 yr 5mm for any rotation level player is a coup… in aggregate though i have serious doubts that we can have everyone in our rotation come away unscathed health wise given the collection we have… you can add lance to that equation as well….

    That’s where I guess the off-season grade either losses marks or requires re-assessment. Certainly some gambles amongst the signings and trades. I think most of us would have preferred a safer approach, but if (and it’s potentially a pretty big if) the core group we have a sof today can stay on the Court for long enough to build some cohesion, this could be an okay team to watch.

  96. It seems every season Phil finds a way to completely upgrade the roster to the same pathetic results. A rare talent, indeed.

  97. well with noah and rose it’s skill erosion on top of their health concerns…. with lance it’s really a question of whether those 40 or so games is the real lance or the 4 yrs previous was….

    so we could be healthy but if noah and rose are replicating their years last year… that’s not nearly good enough… with noah esp it is crucial or else we are basically left with someone worse than amare on his last 4yrs….

  98. So let me get this straight:

    The Warriors sign Kevin Durant AND Zaza Pachulia to replace Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut while they retain Iguodala and Livingston.

    2016 2017
    Curry Curry
    Thompson Thompson
    Barnes Durant
    Green Green
    Bogut Pachulia
    Iguodala Iguodala
    Livingston Livingston


  99. This past season:
    Galloway: eFG%. .458, TS% .490, WS/48 .077
    Jennings: eFG% .452, TS% .491, WS/48 .082
    Overall, they are similar players statistically. The difference is that Galloway is younger and not injury plagued, so I can understand why Phil would want Jennings. Not a horrible move like Rose and Noah, but overall meh.

  100. “$3m for a 2nd rd pick?”

    A 2nd round pick who would’ve been a first this year, who is buddies with KP, and who we want to get on a 3-year deal or more. He may not get the whole 3 mil, but a good chunk of that will go to him if he doesn’t take a bigger offer to stay in Europe.

    And we will still have the room exception to sign one more veteran if we want.

  101. it seems like we’re doing a lot of things for non-basketball reasons….

    the wily thing i feel is fine tho…

  102. The Jennings signing also does not address the team’s lack of shooting. Currently constructed this is a poorly (putting it nicely) efficient shooting team.

  103. Galloway has done nothing but suck in his 3,500 NBA minutes. I can’t believe that anyone thinks he has more upside than Jennings. Put it this way…Jennings played as well as Galloway while recovering from a serious injury.

    Jennings is 26 years old and we got him for basically nothing. Does anyone seriously think that we can’t find a better player than Galloway on the waiver wire for the minimum? I could understand not liking Jennings (I actually don’t like him myself) but there are more reasons to doubt Galloway than Jennings at this point.

    Ant let’s not make it seem that Gallo is the second coming of Gary Payton. He was not great at defense either, only looked great next to El Calderone, matador extraordinaire. He’s not even a PG!! He had an asst% 0f 15.7!, Jennings was 40% until he got hurt, and was still 29% last year.

  104. Agreed, Jennings doesn’t address shooting issues, but neither did Galloway.

  105. Not a big fan of the Lance deal, though. That’s a lot of $ and a lot of years for a scrub that had a few good games last year.

  106. My understanding is that the disappointment re: Galloway is more sentimental. He was a guy we pulled off the scrap heat and was essentially “home grown” for lack of better words. Definitely replaceable though on a production front.

  107. I don’t mind the Lance deal. Aside form what he brings on the Court, he by all reports sounds like a great locker room guy. As we have known from when Phil stepped in, he wanted to change the culture of the franchise, and Lance seems like the kind of guy you want on your team.

  108. Langston is a good guy. I would have no problem with keeping him around on a cheap deal. He’s just not a PG, backup or otherwise. The reality is, on most good teams he would never see the floor. Jennings is a legit backup candidate on a make or break deal. While I would rather have Ramon Sessions for 2 years @ $6.5 mill, this is not a bad deal at all, and if losing Gallo is the cost of making it, so be it.

  109. As to Lance, on the bright side, it seems to be the case that several players took less money to play here. Maybe Noah, Definitely Lee and Lance, possibly Jennings. The main thing I attribute that to is Porzingis. I think that’s why Rose came here, which is why Noah came here, which is why Lee came here. Jennings will try to score a big deal next year, but probably could have gotten more this year if he was patient.

    Things are looking up!

  110. Wow. Jennings and Rose huh? I guess you have to try the absurd in a world where KD, Steph, Klay, and Draymond are on the same team. Jennings is clearly gambling on himself. If Rose goes down, and Jennings shoots well and becomes a better playmaker, then he wins. If Rose stays upright, then we lose because out of the 2, Rose is definitely the better choice to get minutes at the point. I shudder when I imagine Hornacek goin to a 2 PG lineup with Jennings and Rose. If Jennings could somehow get his FG% up to around 44%, it completely changes his game and makes him really good. There are things to his game that I like, just not enough because he shoots so poorly. Is his low percentages because of poor shot selection and lack of size to finish? If so, maybe Hornacek an coach him to better shot selection.

    If Rose wasn’t already on the team, I’d actually be OK with Jennings. He’s got that fearless PG swagger and he’s not intimidated by big moments and shots. And he’s actually a good penetrating playmaker. I think he didn’t show that alot because in Milwaukee, they needed his scoring more than his ability to be a floor general. I hate the fact that with Melo/Rose/Jennings, we’re heavy on inefficiency. And I hate the fact that we had to renounce Galloway to sign him. Kinda makes me feel like Phil isn’t optimistic about Rose’s health.

    On another note..the Lance Thomas inking is a very good signing. He probably replaces Williams. Hopefully he decides to return because I think we’ll miss his ability to get buckets and draw fouls. There is a nice offense to defense ratio on this team. I just hope everyone stays healthy. If we do, this will be an entertaining and good team to cheer for. Eh, fuck it. I like this off-season, but I’m cautiously optimistic

  111. Rose came here because we traded for him and by all reports we were the only team interested in trading for him. Who was offering Lee or Noah more money than we did?

  112. @143 Rose also expressed a strong preference for NY. It could also be wondered whether the Bulls could have gotten more if they shopped around.

  113. By all accounts, Lee was definitely offered more. Here’s one:

    Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto

    Sources: Sacramento Kings making a strong push to land Courtney Lee in free agency. Hearing an offer could approach $14 million per season.

  114. Someone said that if it were 2012 they would love this team. Why not love them now until there is actual on-court evidence that Rose, Noah and Jennings are toast? They are all young or at least not old.

  115. I love Gallo and how he muscled his way into being a legit rotation player in this league. However- he’s too small to guard 2s, not quite quick enough to guard good PGd, and he doesn’t provide any playmaking at all on offense. Unfortunately I think someone like him is probably reasonably replaceable from the D League.

    But the most obvious reason to let him go is because he didn’t (and shouldn’t) want to sign a one year deal. I haven’t done the math but I am pretty sure that with Jennings on a 1 year and even with Lance on a 4year deal, we will have enough $ for a max next year plus hopefully some left over. That wasn’t going to be possible with LG on a long term deal.

    So unless he wants to come back for the room exception, he’ll be elsewhere. Sad because I watched him at westchester and cheered him on when he got called up.

  116. Years is a risk, but maybe the lesson of this CBA is that locking in long term deals before a cap rise is the new market inefficiency. If BRI keeps going up, these contracts will look more valuable, despite a drop off in player production. Sure, the TV money will be mostly priced in after next year’s increase. but all these stars leaving small markets for bigger ones will have an affect. NY playoff basketball is much more lucrative than OKC.

  117. Updating earlier depth chart:

    PG: Rose/Jennings
    SG: Lee/Holiday
    SF: Anthony/Thomas
    PF: Porzingis
    C: Noah/O’Quinn

    That’s 9. Assuming Willy H. comes, that’s 10. Ron should obviously make 11, because he’s Ron. Given who’s left in the world (the Mavs just signed Seth Curry for 2 years, $3 mil per), and the fact that we’re likely only going to have the room exception and minimum contracts for those last 4 spots, whom do you want? A third chance for Cleanthony? Plumlee the Third? Guys on other team’s summer league squads? Random Amundson-esque vets?

  118. not sure what is current status is but the sixers didn’t extend the QO to christian wood… i imagine he could be had pretty cheap….

  119. I am actually amazed at what PJ was able to do with free agency and trades. He replace 4 out o 6 top rotation players and improved all 4 of those positions (IMO). Getting Thomas back is key too – and on a good 4-year deal. Suddenly there’s a team that can do damage in the east. I can see them compete with anyone. Well, maybe not Durant and his new team, but anyone else.

  120. People I’d like to see to fill out the roster:
    undrafted guys:
    Marvelle Harris
    Jameel Warney
    Christian Wood
    James Michael Mcadoo

    possible Room exception/vet min candidates:
    Alessandro Gentile
    Moe Harkless
    Tyler Zeller
    Meyers Leonard
    Tyler Hansbrough

  121. I’m sorry, but all Galloway is worth is the room exception. If he takes it, great, but he’s totally replaceable. He’s a nice guy and I hope he comes back, but the Jennings signing is terrific, esp. with the likelihood that Rose will miss some time and will need to have his minutes managed.

    After a nice first half or so last year, Galloway regressed a bunch. He had lots of 1/7 or 1/9 type games in the 2nd half. Lee and Holiday are better shooters and have better size to defend 2 guards.

    Jennings and Lee are great value signings in this current NBA climate. Why not take off the Phil Hate Glasses for just a bit and give him credit for two nice gets there?

    I’m a bit iffy on the LT deal. For the first time in his career he got good minutes and played better, but he also broke down and missed a lot of time. Still, his $# is not bad, though I’m a bit surprised at 4 years….but I guess if he stays healthy he could easily be traded.

    This team’s not winning a championship anyway. GS seems to have that about locked up.

  122. i still don’t see this team making the playoffs.

    which i guess isnt a bad thing

  123. I agree that we managed to fill up a reasonable team with free agents. That’s not a given. Sometimes teams have money but can’t sign anyone. The Lakers, for example, are sometimes having a hard time just getting interviews. The Knicks under Donnie Walsh didn’t manage this. And we are doing it without obviously overpaying anyone. I think some of the credit for this has to go to Phil. It’s not just having people on your team that players want to play with. There also has to be a reasonable chance for competitiveness and a system and culture that some players want to play in. Phil has created that and created the perception of that around the league. So even though I wish our team for next year also looked good for future years, I think Phil had a pretty good off-season, and I am looking forward to the play next year.

  124. Silky,

    I think you left out Hernangomez. We could use a young big with potential to develop. I don’t know if we have room to sign him now though. And Plumlee and Summer from our summer league roster deserve a look too.

  125. I’m a bit iffy on the LT deal. For the first time in his career he got good minutes and played better, but he also broke down and missed a lot of time. Still, his $# is not bad, though I’m a bit surprised at 4 years….but I guess if he stays healthy he could easily be traded.

    Probably fair comment on his numbers and it being really the first time he has demonstrated sustained a good level of play, but I don’t know how much he “broke down” so to speak. He sprained his knee pretty innocuously in a shoot drill, so I can’t imagine an increase in minutes is what contributed to him missing time.

  126. @154 Clashfan – good breakdown. I really like Thomas because he can come in for Melo and handle some scoring from the SF position. Jennings have lots of potential. Hopefully that Achilles holds up. Yes we’re saying “hopefully that _____ holds up” for a lot of players. So yes, we’re not a championship team.

    Props Mike Plugh. Good, fair and not another apocalyptic, woe-is-us look at what Phil gave us.

    It’s interesting that they rescinded the cap hold on Galloway and not on Derrick Williams. That seems to mean to me that they’re hoping to resign him as another depth big. And from what I’m reading, the release of Galloway freed up money for Willie H. So:
    PG: Rose/Jennings
    SG: Lee/Holliday
    SF: Melo/Thomas
    PF: KP/O’Quinn
    C: Noah/WillieH
    That’s not bad.

    But let’s look into a crystal ball now. It’s a year from today. We’ve drafted a kid with good potential in the middle of the first round. We also picked up a couple of kids in round 2. Rose and Jennings are free agents but there’s this Westbrook kid out there looking for a new home where there are some really good rotation players. Melo, KP and Noah start looking real good suddenly as team mates.

    What I’m seeing is a team that can largely be kept together for a couple of years. What that now affords the team is the ability to start accumulate and gradually integrate young players. We won’t be doing the scorched-earth 76’er plan. Yay! We can watch a good product as we slowly build for the future.

  127. So many gambles on this team it’s not even funny. I could see the team winning anywhere from like 20 to 48 games. If I was setting an over under, I’d probably say 37 wins.

    I view all of these as coin flips in terms of likelihood:

    * Noah plays as well and as many games as 14/15 (seems generous to even call this a coin flip)
    * Rose has value over a replacement player
    * Carmelo plays as well (i.e. not that well but still quality starter level) and is as healthy as last year
    * Lance is as productive as last year
    * Jennings is an above average backup
    * KP takes a significant leap (let’s say WS/48 of 0.140 or better)

    If all these things happen, then I could see the Knicks as a middle of the pack playoff team, but what are the odds of winning six coin flips in a row? (1.5%!) You end up winning 45 instead of 48, and you’re probably losing in the 1st round.

    I will say I like the Lee signing a lot. $12.5m is a pretty small contract these days, which means if things go sour at some point, he’s the kind of guy you can always move for some team looking to fill a hole. His age is concerning, but it’s not enough money to worry me considering, unlike our other major acquisitions, he doesn’t have a terrifying injury history and hasn’t shown serious decline.

  128. @159 thank you for this post. You said what I have been thinking, but have not been able to articulate properly


    So what’d they do? They rescinded Lang’s Qualifying Offer. An RFA’s cap hold is the greater of his QO and whatever his cap hold would be if he were a UFA. Because Lang has been on the Knicks for 2 years, his UFA cap hold would be 130% of his previous salary, or $1.1 million. His QO was $2.7 million; therefore, Lang’s cap hold was $2.7 million. By rescinding Galloway’s QO, the Knicks reduced his cap hold to $1.1 million, thus freeing up the space necessary for Jennings.

    There’s been a lot of understandable confusion around the interwebs tonight on the repercussions of this move, so let me try to put that to rest. First, there is a difference between rescinding a Qualifying Offer and renouncing the rights to a free agent. As I’ve said, what the Knicks did earlier today (with respect to Lang, at least) is the former. By rescinding Galloway’s Qualifying Offer, all New York actually did was lose its right of first refusal, or, to put it in more commonly used terms, its ability to match any offer sheet Lang signed with another team. Many people reported that the Knicks had both rescinded Lang’s QO and renounced their rights to him, but that’s not true. Under the CBA, a team may rescind a QO without renouncing its rights to that player as long as it does so before July 23rd.

    Second, the Knicks can still go over the cap to sign Galloway. Because he’s been on the team for 2 years, they hold what are called Early Bird rights on him. Early Bird rights allow a team to go over the cap to re-sign a player to a starting salary no greater than the average player salary. This season, the average player salary is estimated to be about $6.1 million, so the Knicks can sign Lang for any amount up to that number…

  130. DRed, Phil would kick your ass just as he’s run circles around all of the naysayers on here.

    Bravo, Phil! You are an amazing human being with more rings than fingers. And now more rings are on the way. We’ll beat the Cavs, whup the Celtics and then destroy the Dubs to bring a championship back to New York again. You have made us great and proud. Thanks and God bless you!

  131. Who else is coming? David Lee? Anthony Bennett? Kevin Martin? I think veterans will be lining up to play for us for bupkas.

  132. First he brought us Jeff Hornacek. Then he brought us Derrick freakin Rose and Justin Holiday (plus a draft pick). Then next comes maybe the greatest pickup since Earl the Pearl in Noah. Followed rapidly by the perfectly fitting Lee (don’t call me Courtney). Hornacek clone Ron Baker too. Now Brandon, I love New York, Jennings. And I’m sure there’s more to come. All in less than a month! I told you we would be great again and that things were turning you naysayers. Now you see it for yourselves. Phil is the greatest genius of all time!

  133. According to NBA twitter:

    OKC wants to lock up Westbrook, renegotiating his contract and signing him to an extension. If they can’t, they’ll trade him and blow up the team.

    It looks very unlikely that Westbrook will sign an extension.


    RIP in peace OKC.

  134. That makes sense for OKC. They get value for Westbrook now instead of losing him for nothing next year. I think they could get a lot of value for him, too.

  135. The weird thing is then does it even make sense to keep Oladipo? He’s a free agent next year, too. Adams, they’ll keep, for sure, but Oladipo? I dunno. Maybe they should flip him, as well.

  136. oladipo is only 24 so it is probably best to wait until the deadline and see if he improves. If he does they can build with him and Adams.

    I wonder what they will do with kanter. He is also young but they might want to look into trading him too.

  137. Rose + Porzingis is the only offer the Kjicks can make.

    Cleveland can offer Kyrie.

    Celtics can offer a thousand different combinations.

    Lakers can offer Russell + Ingram.

    Wolves could put a package together, and that could be amazing.

    Magic could put a package together too.

    Who else? Mavs? Rockets? Heat? Spurs? I’m not sure if any of them have the assets of cap space at the moment. It’ll be interesting to watch it play out.

  138. Yeah, Philly could offer some decent packages, but even there, OKC’s best player once they deal Westbrook is a big man, ya know? And that’s all Philly has. That Lakers’ theoretical offer makes a lot of sense for all parties involved. Unless Westbrook really wants to compete for a title, in which case….damn, I have no idea. Kyrie, I guess? What’s Boston’s godfather offer?

  139. the celtics are def going to be frontrunners but it’s going to be tough for them to include a godfather offer if they don’t get an extension….

    but if they do… holy crap… warriors vs celtics finals? this is by far the most interesting outcome that can happen next season….

  140. Good point about Philadelphia. I can see the Celtics winning this one, but I’d much rather see someone else get him. Maybe Orlando. Edited to remove suggestion of Clippers. They already have Paul.

  141. I think a lot of it turns on what Westbrook wants – to go somewhere where he can hang with the Warriors this year, or go somewhere where he can build a team into being the next great team. If it is the former, I dunno, Cleveland or Boston I guess. If it is the latter, then the Lakers make a ton of sense for him, especially if the Lakers can make it, say, Russell and Randle instead of Russell and Ingram.

  142. Come to NY next year, Russ. You can live every week like it’s Fashion Week.

  143. I don’t get all the hype about Boston. Horford is a good player, but they still have issues. And Westbrook makes them better, but at a position that is perhaps their strongest. I still wouldn’t see them beating the Cavs. Maybe it’s just my deep hatred of the Celts saying this.

  144. Well Boston did win 48 games last year. Some people are hyped about the Knicks, who barely won that the last two seasons combined. lol

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