Spurs 109 Knicks 96

New York continued its hot losing streak by dropping 7 straight. A first quarter Knicks scoring drought was capped by a pair of missed free throws from Trevor Ariza giving them a 15-4 early deficit. Jerome James poured in 1 point and grabbed a single rebound to spark the loss. “I was just out there last night” said the New York center. James was trying to encourage his teammates and was heard yelling “Cha-CHING!” near the Knicks bench.

The Knicks initial game plan was to escort San Antonio guard Tony Parker to the hoop early and often. However the players on the court shifted gears, improvising midway through the first. “Parker was blowing past the Knicks perimeter for an easy two,” said Marbury “but the points didn’t add up quickly enough. So we decided to collapse everyone on him, and sure enough he was kicking it out for three. At that point we were really rolling.”

New York’s strategy worked as they gave up a scorching 50% from three point land. The fans noticed the effort and gave the Knicks their due applause. “They were cheering ‘Mar-BOOOOOOO-Ry’ all night,” said Jamal Crawford. “It’s great that with the awful mess the city is in with the transit strike during the holidays, we were able to lift their spirits.”

“We never had anything like this in Arizona” said rookie Channing Frye. “A lot of this is new to me, and I’m trying to learn everything I can from these veterans.”

New York hopes to push their streak to 8 with a blowout loss to the Jazz.

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Mike Kurylo

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48 thoughts to “Spurs 109 Knicks 96”

  1. How long would it take Isaiah and the Dolans to clear all of the overpriced, underperforming players from the roster?
    I’d be willing to wait till the last onerous contract was paid off, and play marginal, league-minimum salary earners, just to see if they could win a few games that way. At least it would be honest work.
    The entire business of having to “take on a salary” is the worst aspect of the NBA today. It creates a welfare system for players who don’t have to work hard to cash a paycheck, at least until the final year of their contracts. I’d rather watch rookies.

  2. It’s amazing to compare the benches – the Spurs trot out Brent Barry, Robert Horry, Nazr Mohammed and Nick Van Exel. The Knicks trot out Jamal Crawford, Antonio Davis, Maurice Taylor, Qyntel Woods and Malik Rose. As for the game, it’s disgraceful for the Knicks and a great job by the Spurs considering they were coming from Milwaukee the night before and had to battle traffic problems getting from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the Garden.

  3. There were two ties for “My Favorite Part of Watching the Knicks Get Blown Out By the Spurs”:
    1. The Spurs. Man, these guys are good. their offense has so much movement, they’re so efficient, each player knows his role, such good spacing, good communication defensively. As one columnist (I forget which one) noted, the Knicks and Spurs are about as different as two pro sports organizations can possibly be.
    2. The guy who, starting at about 6 minutes to go in the game, would jump and scream as loud as he could, either something like, “YEAH! LET’S GO KNICKS!” or “DEE-FENSE! DEE-FENSE!” as if it was the fourth quarter of 1994 Finals. Just another sad comparison of where we are and where we used to be. I wish there was some amount of hope as to the future. Maybe if we lose a lot we’ll get a good draft pick. Oh wait, we traded those away.

  4. KB, though the tone of this blog is almost exclusively analytical, I appreciate your use of bitter sarcasm. At this point, where else is there to go? I mean really…

  5. How sad is it that when I first saw the score of this game I thought you guys would be encouraged since it was only a 10 point loss. I am being totally serious.

  6. You guys keep looking for the bright side? Here it is: with every loss, the Knicks get one step closer to Isiah getting fired. Can you believe he’s talking about swapping Penny’s contract for Jalen Rose and picks? For what? I mean, is Orlando Woolridge not available?

  7. Isiah is in a salary cap bind, at least until the final years of the Marvin Webster’s and Luc Longley contracts run off.

  8. The “one step closer to Isiah being fired” comment sounds suspiciously similar to what one might have said at the end of the Scott Layden era.

  9. what was worse was that score was flattering, we were down by like 32 at one point until the Spurs rested most of their starters.

  10. That truly was disheartening. Their inability to stop even one aspect of the Spurs’ offense — the one they game-planned to stop — is inexplicable. It’s particularly distressing that they are still acting like they’ve never seen a pick and roll in their lives. One defender plays switch, and the other thinks he’s supposed to go under…and even worse, neither of them are anywhere near him when he goes to the rim. Are these guys all high or just plain dumb?

    I would never have believed that a LB team could play defense as badly as they did in this game. Is what he’s teaching them just too complex for them to grasp? Wow!

  11. The Spurs were masterful; that was a 3pt party that the 04-05 Suns would be proud of. They’re DEFINITELY winning another championship; I don’t think that there’s another team in the league who can compete at that level.

    I mean, their vet bench has better chemistry and court awareness than the starters on the Knicks (which really isn’t saying much, but you get my point). By the second half it looked like Steph wanted to fall between the cracks in the floor. Actually, I take it back…the whole team looked that way.

    Strangely enough, I almost didn’t realize how many things the Knicks did wrong until I saw that game. They just fell apart at the seams…horrifying, actually. Pop really tore Larry a new one by exposing all of the Knicks players’ defensive deficiencies; the transition offence and the pick and roll pick and pop never looked so sweet…like a well oiled machine. I think the saddest part was that Frye was completely unable to guard Duncan–I don’t mean STOP Duncan, but Frye didn’t even slow him down. Frye is really going to have to bulk up or get a little smarter or SOMETHING. It was like Duncan was schooling him like a little kid.

    They should show that game in the lockerroom as a “how NOT to play” reel before each game. No, really.

    Even with the discount tickets, if they lose to the Bucks tonight…I don’t know if I can watch a Knicks game for a while, live or on TV.

  12. OK, I’m not a Knicks fan but what is it going to take to get Knicks fans to reenact the Millen Man March with Isaiah Thomas? I reckon that would be hilarious. You doing anything in a couple of weeks, Kareem?

  13. “How long would it take Isaiah and the Dolans to clear all of the overpriced, underperforming players from the roster?”

    Ummm, at least 2008-09. At this point, it’s almost not worth it.

    Memo to SonicsKev (aka “Admin”): the enmity that Knicks fans felt for Layden will never be matched. Seriously…never. I feel pretty confident typing that. Our feelings for Isiah are, at least from my POV, entirely different. When Layden was GM, I would *dread* seeing that there was a story on the Knicks in the news, because I just knew it was bad. Just knew it…and there was no way that he was capable of doing anything to make it better. Since the start of the Thomas era, at least now there’s a sliver of hope that some of those draft picks and young prospects that we (read: “he”) gave away for bubkis could somehow be gotten back through some other equally absurd deal. He’s always willing to roll the dice, as opposed to rolling over and taking it from behind (like his predecessor). And, to his credit, he’s not half-bad when it comes to the draft. I mean, is there any other 6-and-18 team can boast 3 pretty nice rookie prospects getting appreciable minutes in the rotation? I submit that there is not!

  14. “Memo to SonicsKev (aka ?Admin?): the enmity that Knicks fans felt for Layden will never be matched. Seriously?never.”

    Just ask Raptor fans what they think about Isiah. If the Bulls grab someone really good with the Knicks next 2 first rounders…

  15. By my count there are 57 games left and the Knicks are 4.5 games out of the playoffs. How quickly we forget that at this point last year the Knicks were “playoff bound” and Isiah was a genius. But why worry about the last two thirds of the season? It’s not like the standings can change after the first third.

    I can really understand all this anger:
    I mean it’s not like the Knicks have two young bigmen with PERs above 17, another two with PERs around 16, or some 50 million in salary will come off the books this offseason. And it’s certainly not like other teams LB has coached have had bad first seasons and rebounded in his second year.

    KB, how do Raptors fans feel about Isiah? (and, also, why should I care?) Imagine leaving an expansion team with only T-Mac, Camby, Stoudamire, and Doug Christie. The nerve of that guy. The organization has been so much better run since he left.

  16. Please take this the best way possible Ted, but you really don’t understand the value of cap space and high draft picks. I would hope with the resources Zeke has had to work with that he’d put SOME pieces together. In fact, I would expect with all of the losing and money they’ve spent that they’d be sitting pretty by now instead of stuck with the players they have and no draft picks.

    That being said, I’m glad you can understand the anger. It’s understandable.

  17. here’s three simple deals that isiah could make in about an hour that would get the knicks out of trouble:
    1. marbury and m.rose to philly for kevin ollie and the dead contract of mashburn and todd mccullough. no one questions steph’s ability to put the ball in the bucket, and philly could use a third weapon. his lack of leadership is a non-factor on a team with iverson. no way philly turns this deal down.
    2. penny and crawford to toronto for j.rose and eric williams. raps get immediate cap room next year, plus a nice player in crawford — better than anyone they’ll ever get to sign there as a free agent. knicks waive j rose.
    3. quentin richardson for ruben patterson.

    three ludicrously one-sided deals that zeke could make in a heartbeat. would give nyk cap room after next season to sign carmelo anthony to a sign-and-trade, along with a mid-level guy and a $7-8M guy. add that to 25-year-old curry and frye, and there’s a 50-win club.

    no way steph ever leads the knicks to the playoffs. 10 years, four teams, countless head coaches — all the same result. the guy is a role player, nothing more.

    speedy claxton is a free agent, and could be had for the mid-level. you guys like him? seems like an LB kind of guy.

  18. Those all sounds like reasonable ideas except that Zeke would never knock down his own house of cards by dumping all of the bad contracts he’s aquired.

    To take your idea a step further, with the exception of Frye, I’d get rid of every player on this miserable roster to have back the #1 pick sent out to the Bulls that’ll equal Rudy Gay or another top line player. Yes, I’d even trade the great Eddie Curry if you can imagine it!!!

  19. hey kareem,

    as someone noted above, isiah does draft well. nate and david lee are keepers — both could be valuable role players on a championship team.

    also, give eddy some time. the guy is a beast on the block, and he’s only 22. the knicks will get better as the year goes on, and their pick will eventually end up where they always are: around 7, 8, or 9. then, chicago can draft someone of the quality of mike sweetney, i.e. not too much. this looks like a weak draft.

    i think there’s too much rumbling about the lost picks to chicago. the knicks don’t need any more 21-year-olds!

  20. Incorrect. How the hell do you think they got Channing Frye and those other rookies you’re so hot on? Seriously, there needs to be a greater understanding by Knick fans of player value. The Knicks cap situation is so screwed up they can’t go out and trade for all star players or even young guys like Frye. Or, to put it this way, if Zeke moved his pick last year THE KNICKS WOULD NOT HAVE FRYE! THIS IS NOT COMPLICATED!!!

    The only reason the Knicks were able to get Curry is b/c of his heart condition and NO ONE can convince me that move made sense. You’re ragging on Sweetney, but:

    1. He’s every bit the player Curry is.
    2. He’s just as young.
    3. He makes way less money
    4. He does not have a potentialy career ending heart defect that is uninsurable.

    Also, the Knicks had to give up their first round pick for the honor of swapping these two players. (Did someone else mention they gave the Bulls the right to swap in 07 as well?)

    Even if you think Curry at an uninsurable 60 mil. is more valuable than a low priced Sweetney (which would mean you are nuts) then please look at the guys coming out of the top 10 this year AND please look at guys in the top 10 from the last 5 years and tell me that Eddie Curry is worth it. PLease, tell me this.


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