Small Market, Big Heart

While we’re not typically wont to post exclusively non-Knicks related stuff, trust me when I say that this cause is one that’s more than worth it.

The following is a letter from James Ham of Cowbell Kingdom, talking about a new documentary he and a few other peeps put together chronicling Sacramento’s fight to keep their Kings:

While most of you are enjoying playoff basketball and waiting for the lottery later this month, we here in Sacramento are in an epic dogfight for our NBA lives… I cover the Kings for Cowbell Kingdom, but I have also produced a documentary on the 27-year love affair the people of Sacramento have had with the Sacramento Kings titled, Small Market, Big Heart…

… A few bits of business – first up, we have not and will not be making money off of the film. We have only shown the film regionally at a local film house and a single showing on our local Fox affiliate – both free of charge. It was shot by a small group of volunteer individuals and everything from the video editing to the original score was done as part of a non-paying grass roots effort. We ran a kickstarter campaign and the film cost less than $10,000 to make from start to finish.

We are all basketball fans at heart or we would not take on the enormous task of running and maintaining the sites that make up this incredible network that we have all had a hand in creating. Our number one goal with this film is to humanize the plight of the Sacramento fan. To show that a community that has completely sold out 19 out of 27 seasons of mostly horrendous basketball deserves the right to remain an NBA city.

We hope for your support now and in the future if/when this fight takes a dark turn.


James Ham
Cowbell Kingdom

We’re with you, guys! With that, click here to watch Small Market, Big Heart!

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