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Today’s big moves – if the Randolph report is a real deal — are all about money, specifically cap room in 2010.  Again assuming that Randolph is moving to LA in the reported trade, the Knicks can now re-sign David Lee and Nate Robinson and still have about $17 million in cap room that summer. The trades have the side benefit of making us worse in the short-term, improving our 2009 draft prospects.

The roster below includes extensions for Lee and Robinson. The salaries are just educated guesses.  To find more cap room, we could renounce those two players, trade Curry or Jeffries for players with shorter contracts, or trade away the 2009 draft pick.

I’ll take a more detailed look later on.. but here is the quick and dirty update on our cap situation. The math involves a lot of estimates and guesswork. It also assumes that we don’t sign any new players between now and 2010.  No mid-levels!  The projected cap room just assumes the cap will grow by approximately $2 million each year; it’s done that pretty consistently. It’s a good bet the 2010-2011 cap will be between $60 and $65 million.

2010-2011 (summer of 2010)

  • Eddy Curry                     11,276,863
  • David Lee                         8,000,000 (est)
  • Jared Jeffries                    6,883,800
  • Nate Robinson                 5,000,000 (est)
  • Wilson Chandler              2,130,482
  • Danilo Gallinari                2,753,800
  • 2009 1st rounder             2,600,000  (est #7)

total:                             $38,644,945 + 8 roster-fillers
projected cap                62,000,000

*all numbers from ShamSports


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41 thoughts to “Show Me the $$$$$”

  1. The NY-Clips deal is going down.

    From Alan Hahn:

    Knicks announce deal; more in the works (UPDATE)
    UPDATED: 4:30 p.m.:

    Got word that the Zach Randolph-Mardy Collins for Cuttino Mobley-Tim Thomas scenario we reported here earlier in the day is going down….

    That’s $27 million in salary relief for 2010-11….

    For those on Long Island, check out News12 tonight around 5:50 p.m. Your beloved bloghost is headed to the Newsday offices for a brief segment on the trades.

    Tossin’ the keys for now….

  2. I agree with all of your numbers, except for the growth in the salary cap. Remember, the salary cap is set on the basis of league revenues, and I think that the NBA would do backflips to have a guarantee of flat revenues over the next two years. I cannot imagine a world (although I would love to see it) where the economy allows the NBA to continue to grow in 2008 & 2009 at the same rate that it grew from 2004 – 2008.

    If possible, I would love to see the Knicks package Eddy and Malik for salaries that expire in 2010. A team that was near the salary cap might be willing to do such a trade to get under the cap for next year, thereby avoiding the tax and, more importantly, gaining a share of the tax proceeds.

  3. also, we’re likely not going to use many or any of them, but as of now, we’ve got about $48 million of expiring salaries next year, and they’re broken up into tradeable pieces too, not like Marbury’s mammoth deal. so there may potentially be a good trade option during the 2009-2010 season, which would still leave room for one superstar contract.

  4. now if he can only dump Curry and Jeffries before summer 2010, we’ll be possibly able to sign two studs. LeBron and Bosh!

    Wouldn’t that be amazing. If the Knicks could then draft a big shotblocker like Hasheem Thabeet, we’d have a crazy front court.

    I’d still like to see Donnie get Camby instead of Tim Fugazi Thomas in the Clips deal.

  5. This is amazing and i love it!! I can’t wait for LeBron in 2010!!! Who need mediocrity for another 2 yeras, just to get a bad draft pick, just to not make any noise in the playoffs (IF we even get there).

    We’re doin it! Stick to the plan.

    Le-Bron Ja-Mes, clap, clap, clapclapclap


  6. The only thing about Camby is, the Clips think they’ll actually be competing for the playoffs, and so wish to hold on to him- even above Kamen apparently, if you believe the rumors. Which is mindblowing, but hey, more power to them if they think adding Zbo to a sub-.500 team in LA is a good recipe for focusing on the job at hand.

    That said, yeah, Tim Thomas really is the nasty aftertaste of this cocktail.

  7. I actually think this trade might make us a little bit better in the short-term, or at least not a whole lot worse. If you start Duhon, Mobley, Chandler, Thomas, and Harrington — that is a FAST, athletic, spread the floor group that a lot of teams would have trouble matching up with. Not to mention that Mobley plays much more under control than Crawford — not as explosive but fewer “cringe” plays. But you can imagine that if you put, say, Nate on the floor at the top of the key, and put 4 shooters around the perimeter, that’s a lot of drive and kick to open 3-ball. We make break the league record for most 3’s attempted. We may get killed by teams with great big men but we were getting killed anyway, so what’s the difference? I imagine Lee will get lots of minutes too but his offensive limitations will be mitigated by all the offensive talent around him, and he’ll be free to get all the garbage/effort points that make him so great.

    I’m pretty excited. if we can dump just one more salary then maybe *gulp* Amare + Lebron in 2010-2011?

  8. I don’t know either Mobley’s or Harrington’s game very well beyond the stats.

    Does either play any defense?

    Are they at least better than Crawford and Randolph defensively?

  9. I’m all for the moves Walsh has made today and am pretty much ecstatic at the idea of possibly being able to sign TWO of Bron, Wade, Bosh or Amare, but for everyone on the last post talking about equal value for less $, lets dial it back a bit.


    That is unquestionably the worst starting five in the NBA and possibly the worst healthy starting five in the last five years. We did not get equal talent, it was just a salary dump. Tim Thomas is garbage as we all know, Cuttino Mobley is well past his prime at 33, and Al Harrington is going to be our starting 5 (yipes). Q, Harrington, Chandler and Thomas all play the same position and none are particularly good rebounders or post defenders. Teams like Toronto, Houston, and anyone with an established low post offense might beat us by 40.

    All that said, we are in the Rubio/Griffin/Bron/Wade/Bosh/Amare sweepstakes so hell yea!!

  10. From ESPN’s Hollinger player cards:

    “Though he has lost some of his quickness, Mobley has stayed in shape and never had a serious injury. Even at 33 he’s a solid, long-armed defender who makes opponents work for their points. He doesn’t give up the body, only taking four offensive fouls all season, but he blocks a lot of shots for his size and picks up deflections.”


    “As a defender, Harrington does a decent job against post-up power forwards and excels at taking charges, drawing 38 offensive fouls last season to rank 13th in the NBA. Another thing he’s quite good at is fronting the post when he plays against a bigger player (usually as a small-ball center).

    Because the Warriors are so quick on the backside, opponents have an unusual amount of trouble entering the ball over the top and taking advantage of the mismatch against the smaller Harrington. Actually, the best way to do it is to just shoot — Harrington is a poor rebounder for his size and gives up inside position when he fronts. But too many teams waste the whole shot clock trying to punch it inside instead. “

  11. Hilarious excerpts from the clipper blog:

    “Notice how the Knicks’ motivation here is strategic, while the Clippers’ thinking is purely infantile? The Clips like Randolph’s offensive game. That’s terrific. I like Irish Wolfhounds. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to bring one home to my smallish two-bedroom home where I live alone, travel a lot, and have no fenced-in yard. . . ..

    Either way, the Knicks have found their sucker.”

  12. Am I wrong in thinking that Thomas rarely sees the court for the Knicks, Lee starts at the 5 and does the garbageman work for the run-and-shoot crew, maybe Curry gets some more burn to see if he can be made tradeable, and Nate/Duhon as a backcourt pairing is a good match as they can switch defensively?

  13. More from the Clipper blog, including a cite to Knickerblogger:

    “JM Said,
    ‘Suckers. That is the exact word that comes to mind. New York is laughing at us. I can feel it.’

    Reply to JM

    ’93clippers Said,
    Don’t know why you’d think that…

  14. I think Curry almost has to get some playing time now if has any motivation left at all to be an NBA player. He doesn’t even have to worry the Zach/Curry combo being a problem and limiting his minutes. All he has to do is get his fat lard ass in good enough shape to play and he gets some time.

  15. Hilarious excerpts from the clipper blog:
    “Notice how the Knicks’ motivation here is strategic, while the Clippers’ thinking is purely infantile? The Clips like Randolph’s offensive game. That’s terrific. I like Irish Wolfhounds. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to bring one home to my smallish two-bedroom home where I live alone, travel a lot, and have no fenced-in yard. . . ..
    Either way, the Knicks have found their sucker.”


    Whats the link? I was looking for that earlier.

  16. I say we move D Lee for a first rounder. Lets develop some young talent!

    you think theres any chance utah would want lee for a playoff push and trade us back our first rounder?

  17. Today reminds me of the end of Godfather Part I when Michael kills all his enemies and purges all of the betrayers out of the family. The Knicks are pure, cap space and young talent!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Donnie Walsh is a genius!

  18. man, that are some great trades for the knicks. great job by walsh.

    with randolph now gone does this mean that david lee will start again? if so, i’ll keep him on my fantasy team. ;) i can’t imagine the knicks going small ball with thomas and harrington at the 4 and 5.

  19. Lee should start over Thomas.
    Jeffries will come back soon, which will give them length without losing speed.
    I think the Knicks got a lot better, a lot better, on defense,and they have more balance and ball movement on offense.

    Expect to see Harrington get into the 18 ppg range.
    Also,Lee will improve and his RPGs will increase significantly.

    Also, when he gets healthy,expect the Knicks to try to feature Curry, with the hope that he increases his value.

    I think Robinson will get more burn now, too. They will need his scoring.

    There now are few black holes on this team. Expect the ball to fly around.

    I agree with Frank: This team gets better in more ways than it gets worse.

    In the end, I feel more confident that they will win 40 or more.

    And they are cap healthy!

  20. next steps to Knick domination:

    #1 – Banish D’Antoni to Siberia for 2 years
    #2 – Rehire Isiah to be coach
    #3 – Trade David Lee to Utah to get our pick in 2010 back
    #4 – Draft Ricky Rubio as the Knicks go 7-75 with Isiah as coach
    #5 – Draft the next great thing in 2010 as the Knicks go 1-81 with Isiah as coach
    #6 – Fire Isiah after 2010 season
    #7 – Bring D’Antoni back
    #8 – Sign Lebron and Amare Stoudemire to max deals


  21. I rooted for Jamal and Zach in good faith. I wanted them to be efficient as scorers and consistent as defenders. At times they rewarded my faith, but mostly they lost games because the other team had better people to predicate their play on. Losing to Boston without KG said all that needed to be said. These are the trades we needed. We kept our prospects. We might even be better in the short term.

  22. I don’t think David Lee is worth 8,000,000 at all…I mean I like the guy and he’s a very good role player but if that’s how much he is going to want we might as well get rid of him. We can get someone equally good at rebounding with probably more offensive skills, defensive ability, and athleticism for a much better price, especially if we are thinking about getting 2 big stars, I like the idea of a Bosh LeBron combo.

  23. Jalen Rose just said on ESPN that he has “very credible sources” that have told him that Chris Bosh and LeBron James plan to join the Knicks together in the summer of 2010. I’m speechless.

  24. Well let’s see
    The past couple of years, we’ve gotten to watch the worst team in the league with the highest payroll. But this year, they clawed their way up to mediocrity and became interesting to watch. Can’t have that! But now they’ll be the worst team with a modest payroll. Progress! I feel better knowing that the Dolans will be able to pay their electric bill this winter.

    And how about that Marbury. Collects $20 mil but won’t play when his coach calls on him. There’s no “i” in “team” and no “team” in Marbury.

    To quote Wimpey, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” We fans are waiting for Tuesday.

  25. Wow, I can’t believe this. Did you guys see what Charley Rosen wrote over at foxsports?

    After watching the abysmal Knicks basketball for years now, how can anyone say that these trades aren’t opening up the future. Yes, Zach did a good job this year, does that mean that we should hold on to him and keep watching a mediocre team? You’ve got to give up something to get something.
    About Jamal, I have to say that he didn’t show much this year. He just keeps disappearing when the team needs him most. Scoring 29 is not all that impressive if you keep disappearing for several games afterwards.
    Oh, and I think Starbury just accelerated his departure out of NYC by putting himself first, again.

    Next in line: Big Snacks.

  26. rumor has it, if coach k doesnt coach national team d’antoni will be offerred the job through 2012. That would be great for the knicks.

  27. “Did you guys see what Charley Rosen wrote over at foxsports?”

    this piece is unbelievably idiotic, no wonder I haven’t read this guy in years. is he always this ignorant?

  28. just a little confused, trying to figure out some salary issues:

    let’s take caleb’s salary projections for ’10-11 and assume they come to fruition – leaves NYK with ~24M under the cap (not counting the 8 roster fillers who would have to account for a few million). going by this link: – how would NYK have the $ to sign two players to max contracts while staying under the cap? looks like, according to #11 from the link that LBJ would be entitled to ~18M (being a 7 yr vet) in year 1, leaving NYK with 6M. how are the knicks then going to sign another max deal (assuming that kevin mchale or mike dunleavy doesnt take curry off of our hands)?

    obviously it seems like the “other” max contract FA we try to sign would fall under a cap exception, i’m just not sure how this would work?

  29. Caleb is assuming we resign Lee and Nate, which is far from definite, so that’s an extra $13 million.

    but the other part of the answer is we really don’t have enough money for two max contracts yet, we will if we can dump Curry.

  30. Caleb is assuming we resign Lee and Nate, which is far from definite, so that’s an extra $13 million.

    but the other part of the answer is we really don’t have enough money for two max contracts yet, we will if we can dump Curry.

    Jeffries at $6M in 2011 as well. I can’t wait for him to get into the rotation! (to increase his trade value).

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