15 thoughts to “Round Two Game Sevens”

  1. Boy, if the Rockets somehow manage to keep this game close heading into the 4th quarter, there’s gonna be a TON of pressure on LA. It would be a monumental disaster for this franchise to lose a series to a team missing 2 of its best players and not even make the Western conf. finals. Don’t think it will happen though.

    I don’t think Boston, on the other hand, has much pressure. With all of their injuries and a rested Cleveland waiting in the wings, they are far from the favorite in the East right now. It would not be considered a choke for them to lose today, whereas for LA, it would be armageddon.

  2. I remember the last time the Knicks had a Round 2 Game 7. Broke the Heat’s heart down here in Miami with a 1-point win after the big 2nd half comeback to win Game 6 in NY by 2 points. Aaaaah the good ol’ days…..

  3. There’s little doubt about Yao being one of the Rockets’ best, but Tracy McGrady I’m not so sure of. His ts% is sub-.500 for the second year in a row and his PER has dipped as well. I’d argue that his absence helps the team. Yao, though — there’s just no replacing a 7’5″ shot-blocker with a mid-range game.

  4. It doesn’t help them that Mcgrady is out, but they have capable players waiting in the wings….

    Looks like it’s going to be a blowout….

    Big Blue, I feel you….

  5. Mike Breen, “Hayes with the charge, another example of the intangibles there, Hayes showing why some have called him the Rockets MVP this series..”

    Intangible? Well sort of….

  6. Sort of anticlimactic here too….

    Love Van Gundy leaving Howard on the bunch with five fouls. Why not just let him foul out?

    Also, I love Marcin Gortat, the White Dwight. Dude can dunk from the free throw line and his stats are off the chart.

    When I watch the Magic, I always wonder why they don’t play those guys together. Might not work out but could be an interesting combo….

  7. Marcin Gortat is the s**t. He’s a more than capable Dwight replacement.

    So what chance does Orlando have against the Cavs? Will they get a game off them?

  8. Marbury had a second hilarious turnover soon after the first, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Dwight Howard is somehow the best center in the league and he has no post game. how many awful hooks did he take from the lane after Perkins pushed him two steps beyond his range?

    Pietrus was huge, on both ends. I’m still in shock that Orlando won, to be honest.

  9. I am also in shock. I looked at my phone at the end of the third quarter, and the Magic were leading by just five. I figured it would be a close game. When I finally got to my tv, the Celtics were down 17. Just a bizarre way to go down…

  10. That was shocking to watch the Celts wilt at home in a game 7, and Pierce just looked shot. Very smart move by VG moving Hedo to the point forward, seemed to open things up for everyone. I really hope they can give the Cavs a series, but they’re so overreliant on the 3 and the Cavs defend it so well, I don’t see how they can take more than 1 game. I also agree with JA on Howard, he has no post moves at all unless he’s within 2 feet of the hoop. If he wasn’t such a freak athlete, he’d be an Okafor or Dalembert.

  11. It was the immovable object vs. the irresistable force: Stephon Marbury’s pitiful play-off W/L record vs. the Celtics impressive Game 7 home court record. The winner?


    As a big KG fan, I was actually happy to see the Celts win it last year.

    But with Marbury on that team, it was so great to see them lose yesterday. The power of Steph! Don’t mess with his mojo!

  12. Gortat is a free agent after this season…

    Howard’s post game definitely needs work, he did have one sweet spin move last night though.

  13. “Howard’s post game definitely needs work, he did have one sweet spin move last night though.”

    that was nice, but it wasn’t really a post move. he got the ball maybe 15 feet out facing the basket, and it was more of a drive with a spin to get him clear of the defender, assuming we’re talking about the same play.

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