Round 1 Trivia Answers + A Secret Surprise At The End

The answers to yesterday’s trivia:

1. Which player had the highest PER in the first round?
A. Ray Allen

2. Of the four, which Miami player had the highest PER?
D. Dwyane Wade

3. Of the four, which Miami player had the lowest PER?
C. Shaquille O’Neal

4. Which team had the best offensive efficiency?
C. Phoenix Suns

5. Of the two, which team had the better defense?
A. Boston Celtics

6. The best defensive rebounding team was?
C. New Jersey Nets

7. Which series had the fastest pace?

Congratulations to Ben who won the contest with 3 correct guesses. Not only was Ben the winner, but he was also the loser and the median, as he was the only one to participate in the contest. Of course this will keep me up all night wondering what percentage of my users are really shy and which surf the web without the aid of their keyboards.

While some of the answers should be a bit surprising, that I was able to come up with the questions themselves should be interesting. If you’ve seen the equation for PER, you might be wondering why someone would go through all the trouble to calculate it for the entire Miami Heat just for some silly trivia. Well instead of busting out my abacus, I just tweaked my stat site and have created the official KnickerBlogger.Net 2005 playoff stat page. The old stat page is still there, as the playoff one has it’s own web page.

So if you’re a blogger looking for some interesting stats to write about, a message board addict looking for numbers to silence a troll, or an idiot savant looking for a new bunch of numbers to memorize, feel free to dig around the 2005 playoff stat page.

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