6 thoughts to “Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Wizards”

  1. On the bright side, KP had a good game (other than some sloppy turnovers) after the awful one in GS. I guess the talk of him playing some at the 3 was not a distraction?

    So, what’s Rambis’ record now, 4-11?

  2. Galloway is much better than Jose and needs to start and play more. At least he can make a steal and get out on a fast break. He at least has a future.

    KP still has fire in his eyes and it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a monster. I hope he hooks up with Hakeem this offseason.

    Rambo, it’s time to use Calderon for 10 minutes off the bench and let Jerian show his stuff.

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