Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Sixers

Boom. It was really no contest from the start and the Knicks destroyed a totally overmatched Sixers team that shouldn’t be this bad, as bad as they are. How many airballs did they shoot?

Kristaps was a little quiet again, but Afflalo roared like a lion. I’ll have a more substantial recap up for you in the morning, mainly because I would hate to pile on the Sixers after an ass kicking like that.

Enjoy the glow of victory…it comes from our proximity to .500 friends.

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3 thoughts to “Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Sixers”

  1. I love how good the Knicks have been against bad teams this year. Not every team is prepared to just demolish the shittiest teams in the leagues. Some teams mess around and let the bad teams hang with them. The Knicks do that a liiiittle, but it’s almost always at the end when the game is basically out of reach.

    So great win.

    Combined with the Bulls’ four overtimes, it could be a very good night tomorrow night!

    If only the East weren’t so freaking good this season. Did you all know that if the playoffs started today, both Atlanta and Boston would miss the playoffs (wait, they played each other, so maybe one of them would make it now – whatever)? The East is too good.

  2. Before the season, I predicted 38 wins and the 8th playoff spot.

    Six weeks ago, I predicted that the Knicks would be .500 at New Years.

    I still feel pretty good about both predictions.

  3. Loving your leads Mike Plugh (don’t let the trolls disturb your equilibrium, it’s much appreciated)
    Great advanced thread for the Sixers game. They’re gonna force a rules change. Cutting your losses is one thing. Continually and deliberately putting inferior talent on the floor in an effort to acquire assets IS gaming the system and the victims are PHILA fans.

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