Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Nets

Donald Sloan shot 5 for 8 on his way to 14 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, and a block. He only turned the ball over once. Bojan Bogdanovic sot 6 for 8, and 4 for 5 from three, hitting on 16 points. Wayne Ellington shot 4 for 7, tallying 11 points. The Ghost of Joe Johnson shot 4 for 9 on his way to 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists. Of course, Brook Lopez went nuclear against his brother, shooting 13 for 23, dropping 33 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, a steal, and 4 blocks.

The Nets, as a team, shot 42 for 85, which is 49.4% from the field. They only had 7 turnovers.

Someone needs to explain to me how a collection of players, so heinous it almost defies explanation, can maul the Knicks like that. Brook Lopez you understand. He can do that to anyone. Joe Johnson you might forgive, mildly, because he’s got a track record in the league. Donald Sloan? Bojan Bogdanovic? Wayne Ellington? The only explanation is the turnstile defense the Knicks’ guards play. They play that way with an inept fervor that makes you believe they must have stamp cards for the times they get blown past by also-ran NBA players. Calderon was a -17 in 21 minutes tonight. Arron Afflalo scored 17 points on nice shooting, but as usual, he did nothing else to help the team win. He played 38 minutes despite Bargnani-level bad defense.

Three Knicks rotation players had a positive rating tonight. Langston Galloway had a team leading +6, Jerian Grant had a +3 in limited action, and Kristaps Porzingis put up a +1. Robin Lopez was dismal at -13, as he got put in the spin cycle. Kyle O’Quinn managed a -10 in only 7 minutes. It’s worth mentioning again that Calderon had a -13 in only 21 minutes. Until the Knicks field guards who can play any sort of defense it’s going to go like this. They’re easy to beat. They face Rubio/Lavine/Wiggins tomorrow, and then get Lowry/Derozan, and Hill/Ellis/George. It’s going to be a blood bath, I’m sorry to say.

I don’t want to hear another word out of Coach Glasses about playoffs. It sounds preposterous at this point and there’s no end in sight with these horrible guards.

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9 thoughts to “Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Nets”

  1. Can anyone explain to me why Afflalo, of all people, has a chance to overtake Melo for team MPG leader?

  2. For a Guy who loves to harp on and on about ball movement Phil did a poor job at hand picking guys that actually moved the ball.


    They are really awful decision makers. It takes them so long to pass they miss opportunities to quickly pass the ball to a teammate who has good position. Heck you can really add Gallo, Thomas, KP, and Lou to that list. I’m go to give K.P. and Gallo some slack because they are young players and is trying to transition to becoming a pg.

  3. Looks like I didn’t miss much tonight. At least Pitchers and Catchers have reported to Spring Training already.

  4. I just wrote last night about how the Bulls and the Heat were going to stumble and then they both open the second half by beating good teams. And the Warriors got their ass kicked by the Trailblazers without any excuses (like Curry being out like that one loss against the Mavericks). Sports are awesomely unpredictable…except if you’re a Knick fan under James Dolan’s tenure, of course.

  5. I specifically didn’t go to tonight’s game because I thought it would be a blowout

    I was right and wrong al mismo

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