Quick Recap: Knicks 111, Rockets 116 (OT)

Maybe the Knicks like sleep. They sure fell asleep on multiple occasions down the stretch in this game and gave away a 14…..14…..14….14…..14 point 4th quarter lead. They slept on inbound passes. They slept on the defensive glass. They slept while dribbling in the vicinity of Patrick “I’ll pick your pocket just like that” Beverley. There was some very nice hooping and then there was deep, deep slumber.

The Positives: The Knicks seemed eager to share the ball and got Afflalo cooking on a night when Carmelo Anthony sat out with some sort of flesh-eating virus. Porzingis played within himself and rarely forced the action. Seraphin was slippery and tough on defense.

The Negatives: Lance Thomas and Kevin Seraphin have the same disease. They both think that when a couple of things go well for them, they’re Kobe Bryant. Seraphin threw away a ton of possessions. Lance Thomas took a seriously boneheaded shot late in the 4th quarter. Knowing your limitations is an important life skill that neither of those guys possess. Maybe it’s what’s got them where they are as pro athletes, but they’re really painful to watch when they try to do too much. Langston Galloway couldn’t hit a snowflake at the South Pole at this point. He looks lost and pretty useless out there during his minutes. I thought Grant had a good thing going and he hardly saw any action. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but Calderon’s 5 turnovers were killer. The lazy dribbling along the sideline that Beverley exploited was one of the key plays of the game. The Rockets are so much better with Beverley on the floor.

On the Rockets end, James Harden did just about everything poorly. He’s just selfish and stupid most of the time. Every bad thing that happened to the Rockets tonight started with Harden being a ball hog. Every great thing that happened for them started with Beverley’s defense and Harden’s amazing passing. He didn’t do it enough, or the Rockets may have won the game in regulation. Dwight Howard is a giant ass. He has a punchable face.

More tomorrow when I cool off from watching that disaster.

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12 thoughts to “Quick Recap: Knicks 111, Rockets 116 (OT)”

  1. Man, the Rockets really suck.

    Anyhow, like I said in the last thread, all that really matters is Zinger and he was great once again. Yay, Zinger!

  2. Porzingis is an animal. You can throw metrics at me all day (not taht kp doesn’t stack up there) but if think if the gas could redrafted kp would go ahead of kat

  3. Watching the replay, Howard played some excellent defense on the ugly Thomas three. He basically lured Thomas into taking that shot.

  4. Watching the replay, Howard played some excellent defense on the ugly Thomas three.

    That was not even a three.


  5. Oh man, yeah, you’re right. Breen threw me by saying it was a three. You’re right, though. It wasn’t even a three. Ugh is right.

  6. The goal for this year is supposed to be: develop young talent, develop young coach, implement good defense/fundamentals. We aren’t aiming for the playoffs here, because, really, who cares about that right now?

    Here’s what matters:

    Galloway: 26 min, 2/9 shooting, no 3’s. Blech, but he really played well on Harden on many key plays.
    Grant: 11 min, 3/3 shooting, played well. Should have played more!
    3 6 Latvia: 40 min, 20 pts on 13 FG’s, 13 rebounds. Nice.
    Fisher: Does anyone out there think his rotations make sense? Like, is there any logic to his lineups out there at all? Afflalo was in because he was hot, I get that, but Galloway should have been in there at the end of BOTH the 4th and overtime to dampen the small Rocket men’s shooting. Come on….

  7. “3 6 Latvia: 40 min, 20 pts on 13 FG’s, 13 rebounds. Nice.”
    What’s funny is that even the optimists among us would have been surprised if you told us that he would be putting up stat lines like this less than 20 games into the season. Now, we’re like, “Yeah, he had a nice game.” Seriously, raise your hand if you thought that he would be in the top 15 in the league in rebounds per game and top ten in blocks per game. I know I didn’t.

  8. I’m a little (a lot) pissed that we lost to Houston. It felt like Seraphin’s turnovers and Afflalo’s defense lost us the game in the fourth quarter, and it sucks that the Knicks didn’t give Porzingis the ball in the clutch. I wanted to see him catch it at the foul line and have an opportunity to win or lose the game. Afflalo was great and so was Porzingis. If they can play like that every night with Melo in the fold, the Knicks should have a good winter.

    Porzingis plays basketball like he’s a top 40 player already. He’s more than any of us could have asked for in a rookie, and I believe he’s going to be an all time great. His mentality, work ethic, skill set, and physical tools all point to a dominant career. I’m just glad that for once, I can feel like a winner when it comes to my sports team. Porzingis gives us reason to believe the next 10-12 years of Knicks basketball will be great years for the team. The 2013 season was great but we all knew that team was a one and done. We may not win as many games this year, but the window of opportunity to win a championship is a decade wide now that the best player on the roster is only 20. Great years are ahead thanks to Porzingis and Phil, and as fun as it is to watch this season, I can’t wait to see what we do in the summer time.

  9. Pulling over a couple of things I said on the game thread:

    1. Kristaps Porzingis is for real. He looks good on the catch-and-shoot coming off of the curl. He may eventually be unguardable at that shot (like Kareem sky hook unguardable). He defends well, despite giving up bulk. He is getting better at not picking up dumb fouls. He plays above the rim, and is already a better finisher than Shumpert ever was. He may eventually be Tyson Chandler above the rim. He has post moves.

    2. Arron Afflalo is still a very good offensive player. James Harden is an AWFUL defender. I do not understand why the offense did not run through Afflalo for every play once the Rockets cut the lead to 6.

    3. Patrick Beverly is the cure for just about everything that is wrong with the Rockets. He plays tough defense. He ball hawks. He hustles and makes the people around him (Howard and Harden) hustle. He is a good slash-and-kick penetrator, which is why Thornton got so many great looks in the 4th Q.

    4. The trade for Ty Lawson was a fail. If Bickerstaff plays Lawson over Beverly, it will be an epic.fail. Beverly should get 36 mpg, and Lawson (if he gets off the bench) should get 12.

    5. I love Porzingis.

    6. Since I predicted 38 wins and the 8 seed, I am not going to get too upset (after the game, during the game I was livid) with letting this game slip away, since Porzingis took a step forward.

    7. I was really impressed that Porzingis kept his head in the game after that monster dunk and posterization by Howard. Since Howard missed the free throw and Porzingis came back down and scored at the rim, that was a wash.

    8. Just when I wrote something nice about Seraphin, he overdribbled and helped turn the game over. This Kevin Seraphin is a rotation player. He is not a 31 mpg player, with Lopez anchored to the bench.

    9. Derek Fisher was the worst Knick last night. Needed a TO right before the Houston inbounds steal and hoop. Many bad choices.

  10. “I was really impressed that Porzingis kept his head in the game after that monster dunk and posterization by Howard”
    Even better was his reaction after the game — basically a smile and, “I asked my teammates when we play them again so I can pay him back.”

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