Quick Recap: Knicks 108, Nets 91

Gotta love a laugher. The Knicks jumped on the Nets from the tip and beat them into the ground like a good team should. The Nets were totally inept on all fronts, but this was the most well-balanced the Knicks have looked all season. All the parts were working well together. The stars starred. The role players rolled. The fans seemed unusually quiet, but that’s gonna happen sometimes.

I’m not sure you learn much from a game like that, except that these are two franchises headed in very different directions. The Knicks looked like a good, but flawed team during the difficult November schedule and they’re looking like the sort of team that beats up on the lower tier of the NBA en route to higher expectations. All is well in Knickdom tonight.

Melo had a very nice line, with 28 points on 9-18 shooting (5-8 from three), 7 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals in 31 minutes of play. As good as that is, I didn’t think he looked like the razor sharp Melo that we see when he’s really going well. Porzingis continues to defy all reasonable expectations for a 20-year old kid. He was quietly terrorizing the Nets from all angles, on both ends of the floor. Afflalo got cooking early and couldn’t really miss all game. Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak have started to call that trio a “little three” in the way the Heat assembled a “Big Three” and you can see how Melfflalogis can be very tough on a lot of teams.

I want to give some love to Jose Calderon, who absolutely picked apart Brooklyn. He only took two shots, and missed them both, but he played very solid defense on the Nets motley crew of guards, and dropped 10 dimes in the process. Joe Johnson took a terrible cheap shot against Calderon and got ejected. I was watching the Mike Breen/Hubie Brown telecast on ESPN, and Breen seemed on board with the foul intent behind the elbow, but Hubie thought it was totally accidental. Not sure how a person sees that shot to the face as anything other than jackassery, but Joe Johnson got what he deserved. I enjoyed Lionel Hollins arguing with the officials in the wake of the ejection. That was nice.

The fourth quarter continues to be a little helter skelter for the team, which needs to be sorted out, but in this case you can chalk it up to blowout fatigue. There’s only so long you can kick your opponent before it gets boring and a little mean.

More in the official recap for you in the morn. Enjoy the smell of victory, Knickerbuddies.

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8 thoughts to “Quick Recap: Knicks 108, Nets 91”

  1. Surprised about lack of Jerian Grant hype. He’s showed an okay jumpshot, ability to finish at the rim and fantastic court vision. He really delivers perfect passes!

  2. Long time lurker of the website but finally decided to get an account. If you guys didn’t see Haberstroh went with Godzingis as well in this video here.

  3. I finally got my Porzingis T Shirt, it’s sweet. He had a tremendous game tonight again and seems to be getting better and better. So glad now we didn’t end up with Russell or Okafor. Kristaps is legit.

  4. I watched most of the game on fast-forward but I thought Melo was great. I will take 28 points on 9/18 shooting + 7 rebounds and 3 assists in 31 minutes any day of the week.

    It is clear that within that starting lineup, he doesn’t feel the need to hijack the offense. Honestly I can only remember 1 shot I didn’t like at all, and that was during that 1st quarter run when in transition he pulled up for a contested shot just beyond the left elbow when he had Afflalo right behind him completely open for 3.

    As of now – he has the lowest usage since his 2nd year in the league, near career-highs in TRB% and AST%. And even though it’s a smallish sample, it feels like a real thing to me that his defense has gotten better as his offensive load has decreased. There are a ton of confounders with stats like this, but his sportvu defensive stats are amazing: http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/2546/tracking/defense/

    Some of that may have to do with the fact that he has Porzingis and Lopez behind him now so he’s not so worried about closing out too hard and having guys go past him, but a relative 3p% of -10% is really amazing for a guy who has always been criticized for being lazy getting out to 3 point shooters.

    The only thing keeping him from really having a great start is that the shooting hasn’t been great. But I imagine that’ll get better.

    And Porzingis – what else is there left to say. 3p% up to 35.7, TS up to 53.3, blocking 2.6 shots per 36 and still averaging 18/12 per 36.

    here’s a stat for you — total number of players in NBA history who have averaged 18 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 1 3 pointer made per 36 minutes:



  5. dude

    Great posts Mike Plugh! Fantastic. Not much more to say. Loved the reflections on summer 2010. It seems like just yesterday but it’s ancient history. That’s when I started really hating the Nets. Before that I didn’t think of them much. Even the Kidd Nets didn’t bother me too badly for some reason. I guess I was somehow brain dead during the whole Kmart “Fugazi” thing. Could someone explain that? He sort of bullied Tim Thomas in some way?

    Anyway, my ideal narrative for this year is that our transcendent rookie, our resurgent star and our crew of scrappy role players stay healthy, have a +.500 record, and win at least one round in the playoffs. Next summer we sit in the catbird seat while TOR selects at 23. July, we put the finishing touches on a top tier team with everyone wanting to come here and Phil buying the groceries.

  6. Melo and Zingis look great together. While we nay never see 2013 Melo again, this guy we have is a much more team oriented and mature Melo. If he has more nights like this playing off the other guys, this team will be in a good place for the next few years.

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