Quick Recap: Hawks 112, Knicks 101

Well, there goes the ‘Bockers chance to start out 2-0 for the first time in 16 seasons. A tragedy of epic proportions, n’est pas? Just thumbing through the box score, but a couple of things stand out.

* The Knicks finished the game with 21 turnovers. This is not good.

* The Calderon/Vujacic backcourt pales in comparison to the young turks, namely Messrs. Grant and Galloway, idling on the pine. The starters finished a combined 2-13 with only 3 assists. Those frisky kids put up a nifty 4-8 from the field with 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

* Carmelo Anthony’s preseason net splashing was so much iron pyrite. He scored 25 points on 27 heaves, with 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

* Overall, the Knicks simply didn’t have it tonight. They spent the bulk of the game shooting 40.9% from the field (including 6-29 from downtown), even though they got a ton of open looks.

* You know how everyone and their brother thinks they can cobble together a better starting lineup than the coach? Well, they might be right. Calderon looked like the Walking Dead for the 2nd night in a row and couldn’t begin to guard Jeff Teague.

* KP had an up and down game. Lots of effort-type plays and bricked threes, though he did manage to snaggle 8 rebounds.

* If we’re handing out hardware–and hey, it’s one game, but everyone participated, so we’re turning this in to an awards ceremony–the Knickscar goes too… Kyle O’Quinn. Once again, he finished with a double-double, threw a bazillion mean mugs at refs and snot-green clad Hawks alike. He’s our very own, better-passing Kurt Thomas. Do you think he can dunk? Or at least jump over the Manhattan phone book?

Hard to say. Recap in the mornin’, Knicker-backers!

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19 thoughts to “Quick Recap: Hawks 112, Knicks 101”

  1. Congrats Melo vultures. Lol. It was his first back to back so I’m not really worried.

    Anyway we have to fire fisher. This mans rotations are putrid. What the fuck was he thinking benching Lopez for extended time. Why did he refuse to bench Calderon in the second half? Why did lance play so much and the rookie guards play so little.

    Sorry. This is the correct place for this. I hate fishers rotations. He must be fired asap while we have a chance to salvage the season

  2. can’t get a guy goin’ if he’s sitting on the bench

    they need confidence

    melo needs confidence in his teammates to put in the Melo assists into the hoop

  3. The lineup of grant, Gallo, melo, zinger, o’quinn seems optimal yet don’t think it’s played 1 minute

  4. Here’s what i don’t get about NBA coaching-Melos coming off knee surgery. It’s the second game in two nights. He was pretty bad last night. Tonight, he was a flaming tire inside a burning dumpster. We were down 20 or so at the half. How about just telling him to chill for a while and throw Cleanthony out there? Yeah, the lamestream media will be a pain for a day or two, but that’s why you make millions of dollars. And it’s not just Fish-pretty much nobody would do that

  5. Yeah I don’t get it. I don’t mind the first and second units. I get the logic behind having the young bench that can run, etc. But they are clearly our strength right now and Gallo, Grant, Quinn and Williams need to play more minutes especially in a back to back and especially when the first unit is not doing so well.

    It can take a few months for someone to fully come back from a knee surgery and shake off all the rust. Athletes have a very routine day to day all year long and when you sit out for 6 months and get major knee surgery, it can take awhile to shake off that rust and to fully trust your repaired knee (its even a subconscious thing of having it in the back of your mind instead of fully being there when you take a shot, make a move, etc). So Melo might take 10 or 20 or half the season to really get back into form. But that’s fine bc we have a good young bench. Let them play more minutes. Calderon has to play some and I get starting him but yank him quickly and Gallo especially should have played more. And what is up with Lance Thomas? I mean, let Early play some!

  6. Why in God’s Green Earth is Lance getting so much burn??! SMH
    Move on, that was a terrible performance. KOQ was his usual self, Melo not so much. Porzingis is not lacking in confidence, I have to say.

  7. Not saying Thomas should play or Anthony shouldn’t sit when he’s clearly not performing but give Fisher some credit, the team is playing hard and moving the ball and look like a team out there. I’ve seen much worse.

  8. For Calderon to have any sort of positive impact on the court due to his impossibly bad defense, he needs to shoot 100% from the field.

    Maybe 200%.

  9. We got beat by better team, but probably would have lost to most non-garbage teams the way we shot. As Heather said, we missed a ton of good looks, especially from 3. (6-29?!?!) That spells L pretty much every night.

  10. Let’s keep it real: this is what happens to bad teams.

    Yes, we can play Early instead of Thomas, sit Melo, avoid Calderon like the plague, chain Amundson to the bench, ban Vujacic from the basketball court, fire Fisher, pretend that Derrick Williams is not Derrick Williams five years into his fractured NBA career and imagine all sorts of wonderful lineups that only work on paper. The result won’t be any different: we are a bad team and will have mostly bad nights, frustrating games under the leadership of a hobbled superstar that never was, a coach that never coached and a GM without a clue.

    The good news is there are 80 nights left and about 30 of them will return happy dreams. Sleep tight.

  11. Opening night notwithstanding, we’re built in such a way that we’re going to lose most games in which Melo plays like dogshit. Those instances becoming more frequent would be a really unwelcome development so let’s just hope he’s shaking off rust or something.

  12. frustrating games under the leadership of a hobbled superstar that never was

    @CNB I disagree with your overall panic attack but this one’s accurate. Melo is a very good player miscast as a superstar. The Knicks’ best course of action seems to be to develop goto moves for Porzingis.

  13. As much as I hate seeing Thomas on the court he played pretty well in his limited 42 minutes.

    It’s fools gold for sure. So let’s just stop it before the shit hits the fan.

  14. @CNB I disagree with your overall panic attack but this one’s accurate. Melo is a very good player miscast as a superstar. The Knicks’ best course of action seems to be to develop goto moves for Porzingis.

    Me, panic attack? LOL

    If anything, I’m one of the few non-deluded fans on this site. I see the Knicks exactly the way they are: a bad team having good nights like the other day in Milwaukee, but mostly bad nights like yesterday’s.

    Btw, it’s a tad too early to drink the Dirk Porzingis koolaid. Let the promising rookie show a bit more before anointing him as franchise savior. Will avoid future heartburn.

  15. Raise your hand if you thought the Knicks were going to win 60 games.

    What the hell did you think would happen when the Knicks faced a legit team on the second game of a back-to-back? I would have bet against the Knicks winning last night. Jeeze.

    I spent the day hiking in the el Yunque rain forest and later kayacking on a bioluminescent bay. By the time I got back the Knicks were down double-digits just before the half. Game over, but here’s what I saw when I watched the game.

    Why did we lose? Melo was as cold as ice. He missed 3-pt shots and layups. It was not his night. When this happens, the Knicks are behind the 8-ball to begin with. Jeff Teague is Knick kryptonite. Fast, savvy point guards are going to continue to kill us as long as Calderon is the starter. It’s time to retire. He’s as mobile as a fire hydrant. Kyle Korver is another player of the type that will kill the Knicks. Our perimeter defense continues to be a big weakness. Teams that spread the floor will continue to rain 3’s down on this team. Also, players like Horford, who can knock down shots from beyond the arc and also play tough inside are rare and can be devastating. When the opposing team shoots 50% from the field, we’re toast.

    Where we should we find hope? The second unit cut a 22 point deficit down to 12 before the 3rd quarter ended. That group plays with a lot of fire and desire. They can stop opponents both on the perimeter and inside. They are fast and energetic. They are the core of our future. Derrick Williams is on a mission as is O’Quinn. Galloway played inspired and Grant’s 7 assists are not a fluke. Also, we all know that Melo isn’t going to go 0-7 from beyond the arc for too long.

    Let’s just think about this. I Anthony had not been so off, the Knicks would have been right in this game. His misses had nothing to do with Atlanta’s defense. He’ll break out of this slump. I remember Clyde being so worried about Melo being hot during preseason. He knows…

  16. It was foreseeable. Teams that typically take/hit lots of 3’s and have a speedy backcourt will grow fat on braised Hobbit and Hairnet. How could they resist? Points will be hard to come by when teams can slow our 2nd unit down and/or Anthony is cold. AAA and Seraphin’s return seem unlikely to alter much. I think AAA > Hairnet, and Seraphin > Thomas/Early but not by a lot in either case.

    It’s all OK by me. It’s a rebuilding year. Deep, balanced, well-coached opponents with multiple all stars will probably win handily. It’ll be nice when we steal one and understandable when we don’t.

    Phisher experimenting with units, including some I don’t like, seems like right thing to do. Finding units that work well might take a while. It seems they want to keep legs fresh and healthy. I like that. Unfortunately that means giving Hobbit, Hairnet, and Thomas or Early significant minutes and inevitable problems against good teams. A shorter bench might win a couple more but burn out guys earlier in the season and increase the injury risk. That seems unwise in a rebuilding year.

    Good things happened last night: rebounding; sustained effort; little isoMelo; Porzingis defending better than I expected; O’Quinn, Galloway, Grant, and RoLo all playing well.

    @5 Glew, I agree. I’d like to see that unit or that one with RoLo swapped for Porzingis start and get the most minutes.

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