Porzingods and Men

By now, perhaps you’ve seen the short film “Porzingod,” which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival recently. It’s a 3+ minute prayer to the gods of the New York Knickerbockers, conducted by John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci. The film was written and directed by Conor Byrne, and produced by Tyler Byrne for Brudder Films.

You’ve been there. I’ve been there. It’s part of who we are. Enjoy and give praise to the most high….Kristaps Porzingod.

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41 thoughts to “Porzingods and Men”

  1. Westbrook and Durant going nuclear in press conferences makes me want to trade everyone so we can fit both contracts on this team.

    Put them next to Evan Turner at a post-game presser 82 games next year and I will die a happy Knicks fan.

  2. my favorite part of that wasn’t even “mark cuban is an idiot” but rather “charlie villanueva won’t even be in the league next year”


  3. If Durant really wanted to get back at Cuban, he’d have laid low and then run DJ part Deux come July. Why does no one think of the emojis?

  4. There is something just so bizarrely awesome about Charlie Villanueva actually being a part of the league conversation still in 2016.

  5. I raised my eyebrows at that bit of drama, only because Charlie V. can’t.

  6. Did he actually play?

    He made it on to the Mavericks roster last year after impressing them during Summer League. He averaged 10 minutes a game during the regular season in both 2014/15 and this season.

  7. Blake is out for the playoffs. I would kill myself if I was a clipper fan. They are never gonna get past the second round with all that fucking talent smh

  8. Melo to LAC, Blake to Boston, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, and the Brooklyn pick to New York.

  9. Melo to Los Angeles; Blake to Oklahoma City; Durant to Golden State; Barnes to Cleveland; Love to Boston; Picks to NY.

    Make it happen Phil, Doc, Sam, Danny, David, and Bob!

  10. I legitimately believe that the Celtics value Crowder as roughly the same as the Brooklyn pick. He’s been the hold up in repeated trades, while they’ve been quite willing to move the pick. Essentially, if they’re trading future assets to “win now,” they don’t think giving up on Crowder helps them win now. Especially as he is signed for three years, where he will make $20 million combined. DeMar DeRozan will make more in one year than Crowder will make in the next three. That’s hugely valuable.

  11. Fine; keep Jae Crowder. We’ll just get Miami involved and take Winslow and the Brooklyn pick.

    I honestly think they’ll change their tone on Crowder if/when they lose in the first round to Atlanta (and subsequently watch Atlanta get swept by Cleveland). I can see all the “stars win championships not Brad Stevens’ coaching magic” headlines now when they pull the trade. They have to pair Isaiah Thomas with another star in Boston or they’ll just be the 07 Wizards all over again.

  12. Thanks for sharing that short, Mike. On the money…and a good laugh.

    May Reggie Miller burn….

  13. This game looked like Paul George versus St Anthony’s for three quarters and somehow Toronto has taken the lead

  14. don’t stress the AA and DW player options will be coming off the bench for the Clips in game 5

  15. With this draft class I think I would value Crowder over the Brooklyn pick as well.

  16. I’d take Simmons, Ingram, Sabonis’ kid, and Murray over Crowder. Hield maybe.

    But Crowder is awesome and it’s not every day you find a basketball player as good as him.

  17. Hawks/Celts watched the early game and decided to reenact it in a single half. Like a little snow globe.

  18. Looks like the boy wonders stayed up too late rereading that awful hagiography ESPN published

  19. So my perfect playoffs involves:
    1) Boston’s first round exit. This seems to be on track and Jae Crowder’s shitty play makes this even better.
    2) The Clippers’ being ousted early. Blake’s injury makes this even better.
    3) Toronto losing in the first. This won’t happen but they’re going to get swept if they make it to Cleveland. Straight up. Masai Ujiri ain’t leaving this year so who cares.
    4) Miami has to make it to the conference finals and lose a close one to Cleveland so they can be convinced they would have won with Melo.
    5) Golden State/SAS has to tear through Cleveland in the finals. Flat out embarrass them so they’re willing to trade Kyrie. The Pistons played them tough, so I think they’re vulnerable to a drubbing.

    Everything needs to break correctly so that we can somehow end up with the Brooklyn pick and Kyrie Irving. Word.

  20. Man I can’t wait to see the adjustments coach Steves comes up next game-they’re gonna be great

  21. Amusing video, it sounds like they have been reading here. lol
    My only quibble is them dropping Larry Johnson’s name in with Ewing, Starks, Mason and Oakley. Other than one lucky shot LJ sucked and was traded for Mason. Rant over, back to your regularly scheduled trade proposals that will never happen and the sinking realization Kurt Rambis may be the coach next season.

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