Please Buy My Book!

Like the Atlanta Hawks last night, you should beat the heat today (over 90 degrees in New York City!) and go pick up my new book that came out today, Was Superman A Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed.

Here is the cover by artist Mickey Duzyj. I think he did a very nice job (click to enlarge)…

If you’d like to order it, here it is on…

Was Superman a Spy?: And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed

Or you could just to Barnes and Noble, Borders or whatever book store you like! I’m going to go to the Virgin Megastore in Union Square today and see if they’re still ordering new books (they’re closing down that store soon). I’d love to see my book on those “crazy crap tables” they have of pop culture books. You know, like “Celebrity Gravestones” next to “Sanjaya: A Biography” next to an “LOLCATZ” book next to, hopefully, Was Superman A Spy? Plus, Dylan’s new album is out today, so I have to get that.

Oh, I also have a site for legends about sports that you might enjoy (plus one for TV, Movies, etc., but I figure Sports is more applicable here) – it’s here, Sports Legends Revealed.

Thanks to Mike for letting me shill my wares in this here post.

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8 thoughts to “Please Buy My Book!”

  1. This is tremendous. I never knew two huge interests intersected here on this site like this. Good luck on the book and I hope your book sells better than Countdown. It can’t be worse, at least.

  2. Hey Brian, you should do a signing at Barnes and Noble. I work at one in NYC and i can give you the contact number to make it happen. Easy as pie. Let me know.

  3. Cool. Good job Brian. I know a lot of comic fans to gift it to. (And you can chalk those sales up to advertising on Knickerblogger!).

    Does the book answer the question: Why does Superman get suspended for throwing an elbow when Rondo knocks a guy’s teeth out and get off scott free?

  4. From Amazon:
    “About the Author
    Brian Cronin is the writer and producer of the Comics Should Be Good blog at Comic Book Resources. He has been writing the online column, “Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed” since June 2005.”

    What? No mention of being an avid (or livid) Knicks’ fan, or of Knickerblogger?

    Kidding aside, looks like a really cool book. Congrats, Brian. I have a collection of about 2000 silver-age books in my son’s closet — out of his 3 year old reach, of course.

  5. Oh my god how did I not put two and two together? I love your stuff at CBR! The Urban Legends column was what I thought of when I first saw this article, so I feel doubly dumb. I didn’t think I’d get this since I assumed not much would be new to me because of that column, but I’mma have to go to Borders and show some support now.

    Now spill what you know about Blackest Night! I’m curious to see where the heck Johns is taking this war of light.

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