Orlando 114 Knicks 109

Seems that people on the forums were asking about last night's game. I watched it beginning to end. Howard pretty much dominated the paint on both ends of the floor. Lee had a shot blocked early on & the Knicks had trouble running the pick & roll. Howard was daring Lee to shoot from outside, and I don't think his shot was falling last night. It seemed that no one's shot was falling early on. Harrington had trouble driving & when he got close to the hoop Howard would force up a fall away jumper instead of a layup.

The only thing that kept the Knicks in the game was their hot three point shooting. Chandler was on fire. His three point shooting is approaching respectable this year. I was really impressed. Gallo was ablaze at the end of the game. He hit a three from about 4 feet behind the arc to keep the Knicks alive in the final minutes. The Knicks played it real cool down the stretch with some good ball denial as well. Orlando had to use a few timeouts because they couldn't inbound the ball. Had they missed any free throws the Knicks might have been able to send it into OT.

Some other random notes. There were some dubious calls throughout. Gallo was called on a travel that was jaw dropping bad. Howard got called on goaltending that looked clean. A few pushes underneath went uncalled. Nate got into it with Anthony Johnson. Thankfully Johnson cooled down quickly, while Nate had to be restrained by his teammates. Duhon was unable to score. On one play he kept dribbling around the paint. He kept his dribble but couldn't get himself or a teammate open. I don't understand the team's reluctance to play Wilcox. Hughes can get on the court for 15 minutes, but Wilcox can't get 5? They should have put him on the floor to hack-a-Howard.

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Mike Kurylo

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2 thoughts to “Orlando 114 Knicks 109”

  1. Few things:

    a – Wilcox’s size alone would take a lot of pressure off of Lee on the defensive end. If he can learn to rotate, we’ll be great.

    b – Hughes seems to have absolutely no legs left. He can’t get vertical!

    c – What worries me about resigning Nate is the prospect of watching him come back after an injury or at the age of 29 when his legs have left me. Without his youthful quickness and hops he will be a small version of Q. He also has been on record as wanting more than $10mm a season.

    d – I agree give Galo minutes from both Jeffries and Chandler (who should be averaging about 25 on nights within an interval considering he is so streaky).

  2. rooster i think you make some very valid points. Hughes even though he can be a scorer is very streaky in his scoring and like you said barely gets off the ground and Wilcox could deff take some preasure off Lee, though i think he isn’t that Big for his hieght. But i have to disagree with you on the Nate comment. Comparing him to Q is a bit drastic. Nate Robinson is a player who can create his shot on any player in the league. and Q is an over weight 2 guard who can’t come off the bench. Sometimes i just sit and wonder what is wrong with New York?? Why would you sign Q richardson at almost 9 mill a year and give him no time off the bench? Doesnt make sense to me it is like throwing money away. I see your point about his height and quickness but when your as fast as Nate, slowing down would just make him as fast as the average guard in the league.

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