Opening Week

Wow it was a long week! 6 columns in 7 days. From the John Hollinger interview, to the Knicks 0-2 start, to everything in between. If you missed any of my columns last week, you might want to take a look back. Here’s a quick summary,

Saturday: Celtics 107 Knicks 73 – Dave writes “trevor ariza’s going to be a very good defender. he already gets his hands on a ton of balls. more importantly, he puts a lot of pressure on the man with the ball.”

Friday: One Game Pessimism“Instead of being forced to play cap-killers to justify their bloated contracts, we’ve turned to using players because of their potential to contribute.”

Wednesday: NYK 93 MIN 99“Trevor had a “replay-worthy” put-back dunk, and later broke up a Minnesota fast break with a steal.”

Tuesday: 10-10 = Optimism“Luckily we can look at the schedule & see how many wins the Knicks should have after their first 20 games.”

Monday: Ranting Spree“Personally I think Winston & Sagarin aren’t trying to contribute to basketball knowledge as much as they are trying to be the funniest duo of the 21st century”

Sunday: An Interview With John Hollinger – The Basketball Forecast/Prospectus author describes himself as “I guess I’d be somewhere between Nick Van Exel and a lefthanded Jon Barry.”

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Mike Kurylo

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