Open Thread: NY @ Sacramento

Have at it guys.

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81 thoughts to “Open Thread: NY @ Sacramento”

  1. League Pass way late in getting to this game.

    The blatant disrespect. ;)

    Knicks already down 14-6

  2. 19-6 after Gallo and then Chandler just jacked up crappy shots; no ball movement, just chucking it up.

    Terrible start.

    I wonder if the Lakers broke through the dam last night.

  3. I want my Omri Casspi bobblehead doll.

    Seriously, who are these Kings?

    Will be interesting to see if the Knicks get drubbed by this AAA squad. Already, Spencer Hawes looks like Tim Duncan against the Knicks “frontline.”

  4. Yeah, the defense is ugly…

    Not as ugly as Jon Brockman’s offensive game, which of course I love…

  5. It’s like these guys are running some horrible perverted version of SSoL. All they do is jack 3s. As usual, David Lee looks like the only Knick who belongs in the NBA.

  6. That Donte Green three pointer goes down as points for the Kings, but it was great defense by the Knicks. I like the intensity out there…

    Jordan Hill sighting…

  7. UGH! This is frustratin…comcast is f’n up my league pass here so I can’t watch the game. But by the looks of the score, I problee don’t wanna spend the rest of the nite yelling at the TV anyway lol. Guess I better hit the highway and head to my brother’s house early..Happy “go back for seconds..and thirds” day yal! Be e z..

  8. The Kings announcers just likened Donte Green to Bill Russell after that series of rejections.

    That’s right, the Knicks can make Donte Green look like Bill Russell!

  9. Breen just beats up on Nate at every possibility. To single out Robinson’s defense when they NEVER single out Lee for the same deficiencies…

    I really hate Breen.

  10. Give Sacto credit for staying with what works, but every single screen they set at the top of the key is illegal. They’ve called it once.

  11. Only down 8 or maybe 10. If Sac didnt have so many air balls and N8 wasnt en fuego this would be mercy ruled.

  12. Has a team ever forfeited the season?
    Man, Duhon is in a wicked slump. Even for a shoddy player like Duhon. It’s like a Rick Ankiel situation.

  13. Yeah, the Duhon thing was weird. He looked like a legit starting NBA point guard the first half of last year and then the assumption was just that he had run out of gas from overuse.

    This year, though, what is up with him? He should be motivated to play — isn’t his contract up? His shot suddenly went completely haywire but his energy and distribution have just been totally sub-par.

  14. If there was ever an argument against going small in the NBA, this game is it…

    I feel like I am watching a MAAC team try to take out North Carolina with a three guard attack, it’s just ridiculous, Donte Green is taller than Nate and Duhon combined…

  15. tastycakes,

    Duhon’s confidence has to be shot. He’s just in a bad place and can’t get out of it right now. He’s still making the basic passes that come out of the offense, but increasingly his presence is destroying floor spacing.

    I bet that at the end of this swing, if not before, the change to Nate and Hughes will be all but official.

  16. I’ll take over for Ess Dog.

    Just tuned in to see how we measured up against last year’s worst team in the league.

    The baton is being passed…

  17. It’s hilarious to watch. Everytime I watch a Knicks game this year I decide on impulse to pick up a player on the opposing team because they look so good, donte green is my guy tonight. Or is it Hawes?

  18. Was listening to the first quarter on the radio on the way home. Had a smile on my face.

    Ran out of gas on the way home. Frowning.

    Just got home and turned on the TV to see us down 23 in the THIRD. Tears.

    This fucking team….

  19. Is it too soon to call Gallo a bust?

    I don’t mean to be a downer … but really, is he ever going to give you anything but elite shooting? Is he not a tall Kyle Korver at this point? I mean, he could be a useful role player, but a star?

    If there’s a silver lining, it’s that he is mad young.

  20. This is definitely the worst Knicks team ever. Unfortunately 2 of the teams we can compare them to played in the past 4 years….

  21. I don’t know TastyCakes, I hated Gallo when they drafted him, loved him when I saw him shoot, but right now he doesn’t project as anything more than an elite role player, although I think that’s a very useful thing.

    He hit a three in the third though that was really beautiful, just a sweet sweet jumper. That’s about the only thing that’s fun to watch about the Knicks right now…

  22. It’s one thing to have no talent, and another to have absolutely no pride. Donte Green is having the time of his life, dunking and making 3’s and basically laughing at the Knicks. You would think someone on the Knicks would knock him on his ass the next time he came inside, but instead, they just run away. It’s mind boggling, I am beyond disgusted with this crew.

  23. Does look like Hill has a knack for being around the ball. He gets boards, deflections… and fouls as soon as he gets on the floor. Not much offense yet though.

  24. d-mar,

    I go back and forth on that issue honestly. There are a lot of tough-as-nails teams that don’t do that–San Antonio comes to mind. You see less and less of the whole knocking a guy on his can retaliation because of the fines.

    My issue is that guys don’t take regular fouls to prevent layups. They just take it out of the net. That’s just good basketball.

  25. Z – That’s funny, got Gallo in there to take “the money shot”….

    I don’t mind what I am seeing from Hill so far…

  26. Knicks sending Greene to the real All-Star game — not just the rookie-sophomore challenge.

    Good grief.

    Wilson Chandler must be rolling over in his grave.

  27. Knicks/Nets currently project to 15-149 combined, we should all be so proud.

    (2 wins in 28 games against the rest of the league multiplied by 156 games, plus 4 head to head games).

  28. I hate that Chris Duhon plays…ever.

    I hate that Gallo runs so slowly and so awkwardly and thus can’t get his man off of him via a screen and as a result just hovers at the 3 point line.

    I hate that David Lee can’t guard anyone.

    I hate that Nate Robinson refuses to attempt to guard anyone.

    I hate that Al Harrington was told that the ball will explode if he does not shoot it within 3 seconds of touching it.

    I hate that Wilson Chandler thinks he should ever take anything other than a layup.

    I hate that Jared Jeffries is a worse offensive player than me and offers mediocre defense with a shutdown defender reputation.

    I hate that Larry Hughes won’t stop taking so many bad shots.

    I hate that I don’t know yet what about Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas I should hate.

    I hate that I forgot Darko was even on this team.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  29. well folks, the situation is even worse than our worst imagination. Which solutions? As almost all of you pointed out it is the lack of pride that drive us crazy. Which solutions?

  30. 11/26/2009 … The 2009-2010 New York Knicks Season is officially over!

    Even M. Breen and W. Clyde were ripping on the Knicks at the end. Time to play the young kids the rest of the season. Forget the draft pick.

    This is all part of the final Isaiah Thomas cleansing process…
    This is all part of the final Isaiah Thomas cleansing process…
    This is all part of the final Isaiah Thomas cleansing process…

  31. Anyone notice that on two separate occasions, the ball was at Gallo’s feet and he didn’t seem to be able to BEND OVER to pick it up. That worries me. Big time

  32. On a personal note, as a recovering alcoholic, this team is really not good for my sobriety.

    No joke – watching them really makes me want to crawl in bed with a bottle of vodka

  33. If Mike D’Antoni is an acknowledged “offensive-minded” coach who has never gotten his teams to play good defense, then what can be done with a Kincks team that can’t score because their “offense” amounts to badly missing 3-point attempts on virtually every possession?

    Why will D’Antoni not bench Duhon, when he has no qualms about banishing Darko and others, who – it can be argued – have not played well either, but have caused less harm (probably because of their fewer minutes) to the team?

    Gallinari looks more and more lost by the minute. He is running VERY slow, doesn’t look for open shots and there is a very good possibility the kid will be damaged by D’Antoni’s chaotic coaching patterns.

    When will D’Antoni give MEANINGFUL minutes (as in “let him start a few games”) to Jordan Hill and Douglas? What’s the advantage of falling behind by 20 points with Duhon, Harrington and Chandler as the starters? What’s the advantage of losing the games with Jerffries and Curry instead of giving serious minutes to Darko to see if something can come out of it? After all, we know for sure – by now – that Curry and Jeffries are NOT salvageable. Don’t we?

    Hey, I’m even agreeable to the idea of the Knicks making Nate into the starting point guard, with a whip in hand to keep him under control. Anything is better than Duhon, another ESTABLISHED BAD player (he is not a rookie and has never been anything other than a mediocre PG backup).

    D’Antoni is GUILTY of ignoring the obvious: ALL players – great, good or bad – just CAN’T give more than they are capable of. They try hard, but they can’t do better: Jeffries, Curry, Duhon, Chandler are NOT starters in any decent team. Chandler is a decent backup – we have three years of evidence. The guy is what he is and D’Antoni is completely out of his mind expecting him to become a good starter. Curry is shot – yes, he will have a few decent games here and there, but he will forever suffer little injuries and the usual lack of motivation. Darko is not far behind, but at least, he is young and seemingly in far better physical condition. We could – and should – take a cvhance on the guy.

    Duhon is back to what he has been his entire career: a bad PG. Yes, he had a decent 3-months with the Knicks, but good players don’t go into 9-moth funks. He is back to whatever limitations he has had throughout his career.

    bad, bad coaching. An appalling lack of common sense being shown by Walsh and D’Antoni – the team is not as bad as it looks. Maybe I’m just a lousy “armchair coach”, but I think the bad coaching – at every level, beginning with D’antoni – is killing the team as much as anything else.

    God, someone gimme a dozen Zantacs, please! This is getting fu**ing hard to stomach…

  34. Just when on Sunday it looks like Knicks are a decent team with D, Halfcourt O, Post presence….all positive(ok, I liked EC until you know when, CD’s 47 i didn’t like at all, and Mike’s no foul to give also….) then the week comes and it’s back to good ol’ we all are used to business, up and down just killing time and fans.

  35. This team is SO bad, that it makes our few good players (Gallo, Lee, Nate, Douglas maybe) look bad too. Honestly, I think we would be best served to just forfeit the whole season right now before on of them gets injured. This is ridiculous. I cannot take watching they’re games anymore. What happened to Wilson Chandler? He was serviceable last year. And we need a point guard so bad it is ridiculous. I actually have no idea how to make this team better. They are all untalented, selfish, stupid players. I was expecting a terrible season but not this. And then I think about how with our draft pick we will be getting John Wall, who was awesome last night. Oh wait… The Jazz will be getting John Wall. We better get some ridiculously good free agents next year

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