Open Thread: NY @ Denver

Let the misery continue…

I’ll most likely be in and out between the Knicks, the Missouri/Old Dominion game (go Mizzou!) and the Backyard Brawl (don’t have a dog in that race).

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57 thoughts to “Open Thread: NY @ Denver”

  1. But hey, you’ve got to figure there are gonna be some nights where the Bockers hit at a high rate and surprise somebody.

    I think Denver will eat us up on the interior.

  2. Taking it to them here, very nice, shows what a couple miracle chucks from Harrington will do, maybe the altitude gives the ball a little extra elevation to get it over the rim…

    They are beautiful when they go in, but I still think I am going to call him Chuck Harrington from now on…

  3. these are the small stupid plays that kill us:

    Nate comes down and jacks up a 3 with 22 seconds left on the clock. Billups collects the long rebound and races down court. Luckily we matchup but Harrington is on Billups because of the rush. Billups notices this, drives right by harrington, and draws a foul. 2 free throws, 2 points. Goes to show you that even if we the Nuggets didn’t get a fastbreak layup off of that three, they still benefited from the mismatch that is allowed. Why does D’Antoni allow this nonsense.

  4. Just got in from the “fastest 40 minutes in basketball”, my beloved Missouri Tigers playing Old Dominion. Held them to 18 points and 15 turnovers in the first half.

    Yummm… defense. More please.

  5. “Why does D’Antoni allow this nonsense.”

    Sandy = They call it Seven Seconds or Less for a reason…

  6. Well, everyone here should be celebrating: if that was as bad as it looked, Duhon looks done for the night. And it happened when he stepped on Lawson’s foot! jon abbey and BigBlueAL are probably doing cartwheels in their living rooms.

    Should be interesting to see if this kind of effort continues with Nate and Douglas running things in the 2nd half. Hard to imagine the Knicks sustaining this against a team as good as the Nuggets.

  7. “Hard to imagine the Knicks sustaining this against a team as good as the Nuggets.”

    What, BK– you don’t think Harrington is going to finish the game 14-18?

  8. In the locker room D’Antoni ordered a cortisone shot, saying “We need you Du! You’re the engine that runs the offense!”

  9. What a tough guy Duhon is. If I was the Knicks trainer I wouldve told him he needed to rest the ankle until at least the All-Star break.

  10. Im one of Gallo’s biggest fans, but tonight he has been beyond brutal. He has been downright Chandleresque.

  11. I think the expirings woke up this morning unsure of where their next paychecks will come from…

    Meanwhile, the guys under contract next year: 5-20 with 5 blocks against…

  12. that’s a pathetic foul by Lee on Anderson. You can’t let him finish if he beats you to the spot.

  13. Man, the Denver announcers are a bunch of whiny bitches. Oh, boo-hoo, you didn’t get the foul call, waaaaaaaah.

  14. “Jr Smith!

    Clyde: Infinite range, no conscience.

    I like that, Infinite Range, should be the title of a blog…

    Jr Smith lighting up my fantasy team right now…

  15. Yeah, Tommy Heinsohn is the worst kind of homer out there. I like the KG Celtics but Tommy makes them really hard to watch when he’s on the air.

    One of these chumps just suggested that one of the refs didn’t belong “in the Association.” OK dude!

    There’s really no reason the Nugs should lose this game, but hey, we’re close, and some of the boys are balling…

  16. I don’t understand why Gallo misses a few shots and gets benched. But Duhon can fuck up an entire season and still leads the team in minutes…

  17. “He’s kind of blocking out, Harrington falls down and grabs his arm”

    Huh? K-Mart trampled Al on that play! These guys are ridic.

    Anyway, he’s gone, we’re at the line .. nice!

  18. Ugh, Hughes and his bad shots. Why pull up for a 10 footer instead of driving??

    I also really liked: “Good effort on defense from Carmelo. But he couldn’t stop Chandler. Chandler has 4 points tonight.” Uh, self-contradiction?

  19. Charlotte beat the Cavs tonight, and they didn’t even make it to overtime. LeBron has to choose us!

  20. Man, D’Antoni *always* is out of time outs at the end of a game. It’s ridiculous. It was like this with Phoenix, and it was always infuriating.

  21. I don’t get it..we play the teams that are ‘sposed 2 blow us out tough, and then get blown out by the teams we’re ‘sposed 2 beat

  22. Well, that’s a damn hard play to make going from the other baseline with 4 seconds. Try not wasting all your TOs next time. Not that it matters.

  23. and….we don’t get a shot off. i guess we were lucky to be in this one. i thought billups should have been called for a charge. i also wish d’antoni had called a timeout instead of allowing harrington to shoot a stupid 3 just because he was “feeling” it and wanted to force one up.

  24. I’d rather have Nate shot from 35 feet at the buzzer than try to set up Hughes.

    But then again, if Nate shot it and missed, I’d probably scream that Hughes was open on the wing.

    The game was worth watching at least. Hopefully the Rockets, having lost to the Spurs earlier, decide the thing they need to put them over the top is Al Harrington and his 41 points…

  25. Finally they shared the ball and controlled their shots a little bit more. Good game. Gallo in the slump.

  26. Acually

    Jeffries, Harrington, and Mobley’s partially guaranteed contract would work for McGrady…

    Given the Rockets guaranteed contracts and desire to resign scola, i Can’t imagine they will be big players in free agency this summer anyway.

  27. ..or how about a straight up swap of Al and Hughes for T Mac and Brian Cook? No wait..that’d be stupid…I forget the need to move Curry and/or Jeffries sometimes. Do you think Houston would part with Battier? I only ask b/c he’s a great role player and they already have Ariza to play at the 3. If we do JJ, Hughes and Al for Cook, Battier and T Mac, we won’t gain any cap room with that trade-but theoretically it should give us an opportunity to package Chandler and Curry and have a player guys like playing with on our roster already. It saves houston a little teeny tiny bit of cash..but for us, I think it would be worth it. I don’t know..maybe i’m jus desperate lol

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