Open Thread: LA Lakers @ New York (2nd half)

Sorry about the lack of an open thread.

Bad news: Nate is out with a strained hammy

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44 thoughts to “Open Thread: LA Lakers @ New York (2nd half)”

  1. It is getting to a point where I am hoping Duhon gets injured and not just for the game but for the rest of the season.

  2. Right, Frank. Where is everyone? There’s only the Haiti special, FoxNews (oh no), and Predator (ah, yes) on television right now. This might be the biggest audience all season for the Knicks, and they look SUPER. The Lakers look vulnerable. [crosses fingers.]

  3. Im trying to figure out how in the hell the Knicks can hold on to win this game. Hopefully praying works….

  4. Hey when I said it the Lakers were up by 8!!!! This game is over though honestly. No way Knicks pull this one out unfortunately. Doesnt help that Gallo has played the entire 4th, touched the ball twice and attempted 1 3pt shot which he missed. I wonder how good he could be if he was actually allowed to you know get in a bit of a rhythm once in awhile and not take a shot once every 4 minutes or so.

  5. Unfortunately the 4th quarter has been Varsity vs JV. Morale victories unfortunately dont count as wins in the standings.

  6. I’m a Nate hater but having him in the second half instead of Duhon or even worse Hughes definitely would have helped.

  7. Totally agree Jeff, especially since the Lakers were kinda teetering at the end of the 3rd quarter which is when Nate wouldve been playing.

  8. I too am no Nate fan, but he was playing in control in the first half, looking like a point guard (and a defender). Too bad he wasn’t available in the 2nd.

  9. “Duhon and Jeffries have combined for four points in 68 minutes.”

    I think Mike needs to do a new article but instead of debunking the 4 vs 5 theory he needs to debunk the 3 vs 5 theory.

  10. This whole Duhon experiment isn’t working. He really hurt the team tonight. More than anything else, this team needs a point guard. He really pissed me off tonight with his lackadaisical approach. He always looks like he’s just about to fall asleep.

  11. any point guard out there would have played much better than Duhon! he is not like Jeffries whose (non)offense the team may accommodate, this guy has to run the damn thing!

    Duhon’s presence not only hurts himself but also Gallo. there is no single instance in this game where he found Gallo for an open shot out of a screen. Gallo is yet to create his own shot, so he needs some help. i am sure he will have better numbers next year only if Knicks can find somebody who can run the offense for a change.

  12. I think it’s time to try to get TD some minutes- I don’t know how he’s looked in practice but Duhon & Hughes killed us tonight. Also, Gallo needs to get a little pro-active- he just stood at the three-point line most of the 4th quarter. Part of this is D’Antoni not running a lot of (or any) off-the-ball screens for him but with as much attention as teams pay to him at the three point line he should be making more hard cuts to the basket. I think the days of guys freezing Gallo out are pretty much over (with the possible exception of AH but he’s never really looking to move the ball at all so it’s tough to tell)- when he’s active he gets the ball, he just needs to keep up a consistent level of activity.

    And finally, on D Lee- worked really hard (well there were a few defensive lapses) and filled up the stat sheet but don’t you get the feeling that he’s just never quite going to be in the same class as a guy like Gasol- something to think about this off-season.

  13. Wait…
    Lee had 31 points, shooting 50 percent from the floor, with 17 boards, and 4 assists. Those are awesome numbers.
    Gasol had four blocks, 3 on Lee, but Lee gives up at least three inches. Gasol had 20, 8 and 5 assists.
    I don’t see Lee as a lesser player at all. Shorter, maybe. Out of position, sure. But Lee had a monster night.
    If the knicks had any kind of point guard, this would have been a W.

    I also don’t think you can lump Jeffries in with Duhon. Jeffries did so many things well tonight. Duhon has become a liability on both ends.

    The key was kobe down the stretch.

    I also think the knicks need to find Hill more time. He had 5 offensive boards and was pretty active. he makes kid mistakes, but so what?
    My only problem with Gallo is he needs to do better on the boards, and defense. The Knicks could have used his 6’11 body in the paint a few times on the boards when Gasol and Odom were causing problems.
    He simply needs to be more aggressive. For a second year player, tho, he’s playing well.

    No, if this team had a decent point, they’d be close to a 50 win team.

  14. Good game for the Knicks..

    Talent-wise the Knicks are definitely way out there as compared to the Lakers but we sure bled for every point out there using there size. A superstart like Lebron and a decent point guard would have what this team needs and its good to go for a 50 win season.

  15. I know many people here hated the idea of signing Jason Kidd but imagine how much better this team would be with him running the point. I cant believe how unbelievably bad Duhon has played this season.

  16. The difference between Jeffries sucking on offense and Duhon sucking at shooting (he is still a nice passer — a few of those dimes he dropped to Lee were pretty sweet) is that Duhon’s inability to hit the three makes the pick and roll ineffective and that’s 50% of the offense.

    When he gets healthy again (hopefully by the next game), Nate should start or at least see the majority of the minutes at the point. I thought he was really solid in the first half, despite not having his shot on — he battled really hard on defense and played controlled basketball on offense, getting the ball to Lee a lot.

  17. “Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t believe that David Lee is an All-Star this season because the former Knicks coach feels that no player on a sub .500 team deserves All-Star consideration.”

    HA! If only Michael Lewis had written Moneyball about basketball analysis, we might never have to hear terrible, uninformed opinions from the professional basketball inner-circle which, apparently, is as dumb as the average sports fan.

  18. As bad as Duhon is, though, Al, he’s only signed through this season. Kidd would have required a multi-year commitment for a fairly sizable salary.

    So I’m cool with passing on Kidd. But yeah, the team would be a lot better with him. Hell, Jason Williams likely would have been an improvement, and he’s not very good at all!

  19. The real tragedy about Duhon being the starting point is that this was such a great point guard draft, and we drafted the only one who isn’t a real point guard. Toney is much more scorer than distributor. We passed on Jennings, Lawson, Maynor, Holiday and others.

  20. Frank O
    Thank you for adding some perspective to this. Had Dwight Howard put those numbers up against the Lakers we would have been reading ‘ Superman Shines as Magic Stumble ‘ or even Al Jefferson, he would have been showered with affection. 17 boards is a collosal number considering the opposition. Now i don’t want to get into the ‘How much Lee is undervalued’ debate but i just thought it was odd that it did not get the coverage it deserved.

    Will Eddy Curry get half those numbers total this season?

  21. Lee was awful on D, though, Bynum and Gasol both backed him underneath and scored at him on will. that wouldn’t have happened to Dwight Howard.

    “The real tragedy about Duhon being the starting point is that this was such a great point guard draft, and we drafted the only one who isn’t a real point guard.”

    yes, a brutal mistake as we’ve been saying since draft day, hopefully it doesn’t end up costing us LeBron. at least Hill is showing signs of life, but Walsh HAD to take a PG there, inexcusable.

  22. I think Hill is a good investment for the future based on the limited minutes we’ve seen him play (including yesterday). He may be raw but he is active on the boards, not afraid to play physical underneath, can play “D” and has got size that complements with Chandler and Gallo’s game.

    I would say he is a good piece from the puzzle, we just have to be patient a bit and not waste such talent for some washed-up scrub with the illusion that we could get 2 max. player on 2010. I think a Lebron might be enough and a decent veteran PG (would have been J. Kidd) since if we acquired a rookie PG this draft, we would also have to endure the learning curve path of stupid turn-overs like Jennings has been showing or his PG percentage which has gone back to earth after the 50-point explosion at the start of the season. Hope we could buy-out Curry’s contract coz it would be a dream to trade him and i might be amenable to Jeffries staying for the rest of 2010 to help the Knics on D and avoid any further adjustments on team chemistry that a new player brings in the middle of the season. Unless of course its a max player and we only lose the likes of Darko, Nate, Hughes or Duhon (if its in exhange for a decent PG).

  23. Hill also has a surprisingly nice touch from 15 feet or so.

    If you don’t count his size and his “athleticism,” his outside shooting was pretty much the only thing that made him stand out coming out of college.

  24. jon:
    I agree Lee had difficulty guarding the bigs. He gave up a lot of size, but the mismatch he caused on the other end clearly out-weighed his shortcomings on defense.
    The Knicks didn’t lose the game because Lee had trouble guarding Gasol and Bynum…they lost this game because our overall guard play is atrocious!
    Bynum and Gasol combined for 39 points (66% on 21 shots), 14 boards and 5 assists in a combine 65 minutes.
    Lee had 31 points (50% on 26 shots), 17 rebounds and 4 assists in 42 minutes.
    For all intents and purposes, Lee fought to a draw the starting center and power forward for the Lakers. He didn’t block any shots and those guys combined for 5 blocks. Lee is a severely undersized center.
    So, that is to be expected.

    Where the Knicks got killed was the back court.
    LAs three point guards had 30 points (55% on 18 shots), 5 assists and 5 rebounds.
    The Knicks guards had 7 points (18% on 17 shots), 5 rebounds, and 14 assists.

    Chandler offset Bryant’s scoring, although Bryant played a more complete game.

    No, this boiled down to the Knicks point guards.

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