Open Thread: Knicks at Magic

Jeffries gets the start for Zach Randolph. Knicks down 7 with 3:30 left in the first half.

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13 thoughts to “Open Thread: Knicks at Magic”

  1. The Knicks got off to a quick start, but it was mostly mid-range jump shots (i.e., fool’s gold). Howard is killing on the boards, surprise, surprise.

    Matt Goukas on the Magic broadcast is all but reading from the NY Post about the Marbury stuff.

  2. I just can’t see why you wouldn’t play Morris at least a few minutes just to save some fouls on Rose, Lee, and Curry.

  3. Morris is on the Inactive List – along w/Marbs and Jerome James.

    This is one of the few games of the year that Jerome could actually come in handy

  4. My girlfriend and I were visiting another couple yesterday, and I thought I’d avoid the game, but the guy figured I’d like to see the game, so he had it on – so depressing. A worse thing than watching the Knicks suck is watching them suck around people where you can’t bitch too much about the game. ;)

  5. Brian I feel your pain. On another annoying 3rd party Knick enjoyment front, which im sure Davie Crockett can corroborate, involves the constant barrage of snickering Knicks expletives and taunts from native Celtics fan friends when you live in the Boston area. Holy Shnikeys. I had to turn my cell phone off after that 40 point loss to the Celtics earlier in the season.

  6. T-

    you have my deepest sympathies. When I lived in Framingham–which is two towns over from everywhere–the Celtics were awful and I still got grief. I can’t imagine how obnoxious it is now.

  7. well the way i see it now is the bubble had popped we arent making the play offs
    so that should atleast give us direction to next year. no more curry
    we should rotate these played
    starting nate,lee,zach,crawford and chandler
    subing with balkman,morris , and jeffries
    no more mardy no more jones no more curry

  8. Hello NYC from Seattle. This is a Soincs fan reaching out to the East in a plea for help. Our team is being hijacked!!! Stern is from you town can you blog or post or do something to help your fellow hoops fans. I know you are having a tough year but lets be frank, it is the dog days in Seattle, How do you like Crawford? He is from Seattle and I bet he loves the Sonics because he grew up with them. Anything you can do is appreciated..

    Just think this may happen to you(not NYC) but it may happen to any other city. We need to stop this type of extortion and money power play to fix a broken business. HELP HELP HELP!!!

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