Open Comments: 2/25 Nets & 2/26 Heat

If the Knicks want to establish themselves as Post All Star Game playoff candidates, playing well against two teams they’re looking to leapfrog, the Nets & Heat, seems to be a good start. I’ll leave this thread open for comments on those two games.

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Mike Kurylo

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11 thoughts to “Open Comments: 2/25 Nets & 2/26 Heat”

  1. Orlando rallies behind the sadly lamented Trevor Ariza in his first game back (dude shot 10 FTs in the last 5 minutes), but comes up short, so we’re 1 1/2 games behind them going into the Nets game. hopefully the Cavs can do the same to Miami in the second half, and obviously most importantly, hopefully we can finally get a big win against those damn pesky Nets.

    GO NY, GO NY, GO!

  2. this thread kind of got buried, let’s see if we can bring it back up.

    so NY has the tiebreaker on both Miami and Orlando now, we’ve won the season series from both. Orlando and Chicago are tied with 6 minutes left right now, it’s so painful watching Trevor Ariza in a Magic uniform.

  3. Big win for Knicks against Heat, just curious, this might seem out of the blue, but do you think there’s any chance Pat Riley might come back to thhe Knicks to coach sometime in the next two years w/ the Heat aging? I noticed he’s been very completmentary of the Knicks, Curry, and Isiah. Even last year when everybody was bashing the Knicks, Riley was complementing Isiah saying something like, “The talent in New York is through the roof now, it’s on Larry Brown.”

  4. I don’t know who the next Knicks coach will be, but the last thing they need is another over-the-hill big name, a la Larry Brown/Lenny Wilkins/Don Nelson. anyway, Riley is a part owner of Miami, he’s not coaching anywhere else. I’d like a recent ex-player, an Avery Johnson type, and maybe keep Isiah as GM.

  5. The Knicks have done a decent job getting my interest back this year, but this one win, one loss, and never a streak mentality will never result in anything substantial to threaten the east or west. So the Knicks need to build around a core of young untouchables, and be willing to end the expiriment of trying to win games by playing 11 mediocre guys. My untouchables would be……Lee and Curry. My slightly longer list would include Frye and Crawford….In order to attract free agents like Wade or Lebron (or Melo?) in a couple years, they are going to have to keep the list to two. The Marbury gamble from three or four years ago just did not work out, he is not a point guard capable of making guys better, in fact he and Iverson likely stunt a player’s growth. He has fallen to a third or fourth tier guard in the league, it has become painful to watch his turnovers and terrible defense.

  6. Last night versus the Heat NY was able to get the stop they just never could get against NJ.

    Carter killed us because we couldn’t find much of an answer, and when we did other guys (i.e., Mikki Moore and Nachbar) hit shots.

    I’d like to see Isiah adopt Van Gundy’s approach. Make the big-time scorer beat you with no help from his teammates. The Knicks right now are constantly caught gawking at the major scoring threat rather than tightening up on the complimentary players. We almost saw a replay of NJ last night vs the Heat. During one stretch Jason Kapono got hot and hit some closely guarded shots. That caused other players to overreact and get out of position, opening up the floor for Haslem, Jones, and some of the other complimentary players.

    Two things turned in our favor. First, Jared Jeffries may have turned in one of his best one-on-one defensive jobs as a Knick shutting of Kapone in that crucial stretch, causing a couple turnovers. Down the stretch everyone did a better job of containing their own player, making Miami hit tough shots. (Quick aside: Malik Rose may need reconstructive surgery following the ‘bow he took from Shaq in the 4th.) Second, Marbury was a stud last night. He kept the pressure on the Heat defense. He was getting into the lane at will. Against NJ the guards couldn’t get any penetration at all in the 2nd half, even when Kidd wasn’t on the floor.

  7. A small victory – The Knicks are 3-1 against defending champs Miami this season. The last two games vs. the Heat have featured Crawford absolutely torching Wade & Co. for 52 points and (somewhat less dramatic) Curry getting the better of Shaq and ‘Zo in the paint, limiting Shaquille to just 23 minutes due to foul trouble. Good stuff.

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