Odds & Ends 1/14/05

John Hollinger, the author of the Basketball Prospectus/Forecast books, writes a few columns a week for the New York Sun. Recently I’ve found that the articles are now online for free (in the past you had to pay a fee to read them). Normally his columns cover the entire NBA, but this week he had two columns on the Knicks. Lazy Defense Sinking Knicks’ Ship paints a dire picture of the Knicks’ future, while ‘Black Tuesday’ Uncovers Fatal Flaws for Knicks and Nets lays some of the blame on Coach Wilkens.

This just in: Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban reveals a secret on his blog: he voted for Bush in the last two Presidential elections. Gee, a billionaire sports owner from Texas voted for Bush? What’s next? Paris Hilton is going to disclose that she’s not a virgin.

Dean Oliver recommends reading Alan Schwarz’ column on ESPN. It’s a discussion amongst two “Moneyball” guys and two “traditional” scouts. After reading it, head on over to the APBRmetrics forum, and discuss the issue in this thread.

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