NYT: When it Comes to Calling Fouls, N.B.A. Should Look to the Playground

Hi! So I know this has nothing to do with the Knicks and that you’re tired of Knicks Morning News and stuff. We promise to get back to our regularly-scheduled content program soon, but I thought I’d share my latest piece from the Thymes, which is about the possibility of instituting a “call your own foul” system in the NBA:

A long-standing criticism of the N.B.A., has been the influence of referees on the flow and outcome of games – especially how, when, and in what context certain fouls are called.

Given the presence of ever-improving video technology, it’s inevitable that a good number of foul calls could be proven incorrect. Problem is, unlike with instant replay in the N.F.L., there is no mechanism for N.B.A. refs to right such wrongs, short of altering the severity of a flagrant foul.

Which is why the league needs to move from referee-whistled fouls and adopt a practice as time-tested as the game itself: letting the players call their own.

Well, kind of.

So you can click here to read the rest. All hate mail can be sent to Bob Silverman.

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Jim Cavan

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3 thoughts to “NYT: When it Comes to Calling Fouls, N.B.A. Should Look to the Playground”

  1. Jim–April Fools? (no dis)….I kind of hope? I’ve been playing hoop in call your own foul leagues for 45-50 years, so your piece really gave me a chuckle. It’s nice to see the system so refined. You’re funny and so is Robert, but his allusions/references often go over my head.

  2. I’m watching a replay of the epic game 5 vs. Heat in ’99. If those guys called their own fouls, there may have been fatalities. PS those Heat may have been the worst #1 seed ever.

  3. The proposed foul calling system would have to be tried out somewhere else first, like the D-League.
    But if Stern really cared about officiating, he would have fired that blatantly biased and vindictive sack of shit Joe Crawford.

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