NYT: Mike Bibby’s Strong Suit? Experience

Do you like Mike Bibby? You should!

For good or ill, the helm of the Knicks is now in the hands of 15-year veteran Mike Bibby. Playing in his 10th playoffs, the 33-year-old Bibby – signed to the veteran’s minimum on Dec. 11 – is more than familiar with the opponent at hand. Last year, Bibby put up the worst numbers of his career for these same Miami Heat, a disappointing season culminating in a 3.6 Player Efficiency Rating (PER) during last year’s run to the Finals.

For most of this season, Bibby’s production continued its hemorrhage, with the former Arizona standout averaging nearly as many rebounds (3.8) as points (4.3). But with injury after injury thinning the Knick bench, a Bibby gambit has become all but necessary. While by no means spectacular, Bibby’s playoff output thus far has been far from a burden.

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9 thoughts to “NYT: Mike Bibby’s Strong Suit? Experience”

  1. great piece Jim! FYI both B-R and ESPN say that Bibby has only 3 TOs in 83 minutes (you wrote 4). Point made though.

  2. Solid piece. Like you point out how much of the low TOs is due to someone else bringing the ball up (JR or Melo by my recall) is open to debate.

  3. 4 posts deep into a bibby thread without an undead joke…what is the world coming to? Game 5 = zombie apocalypse

  4. Bibby not exactly playing any G duties. JR or Melo bring the ball up He put himself in position to shot 3pt only. He not really run any PNR which Miami sometime trap hard. He doesn’t penetrate into the paint. Seriously anybody guard playing that way would have very little TO. Keep in mind he has only 7 assists vs 3 TO.

    I would say he rebound pretty good by reacting to long bounces off rim. Averaging close to 4 rebs a game. Novak and him have same amount rebounds and both played 83 min each.

    His 3pt% 0.385 is 2nd to Novak. Definitely shooting at a good %.

  5. I’m sure Jim had zombie and vampire jokes aplenty, but the snooty Times editors edited them out.

    Definitely agree with the optimism re: Bibby. I was hoping for him to start last game. I think to connect this with the Douglas article, the two could play together with Toney at the 2, JR at the 3, Melo at the 4, TC at 5. That lineup at least has the potential to offer great floor spacing. It also has 4 solid ball handlers who can attack Miami’s ball pressure.

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