NYT: For Shumpert, an Opportunity Down the Stretch

Over at the Gray Old Lady, I talk about pickled herring:

The recent loss of Jeremy Lin (knee) and Amar’e Stoudemire (back) to potentially season-ending injuries has been viewed as a potential death knell for the Knicks. Facing the N.B.A.’s second toughest home-stretch schedule, the Knicks have turned to Baron Davis, who has not exactly inspired confidence of late.

But while Davis’s play will certainly go a long way in determining whether New York will be in the playoffs for the second straight year, it’s the fortunes of another Knicks guard that may prove even more of a factor: Iman Shumpert.

Don’t stop now!

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10 thoughts to “NYT: For Shumpert, an Opportunity Down the Stretch”

  1. i personaly think we have a good thing going. this team has finally shown that they can persevere through the really tough times. not only that, if it was not for all these injuries, we would not be able to see the individual growth of this team and its players (for example Lin, Jeffries, Novak, Melo, and now Shumpert.). we have a team ladies and gentleman. a team that when totally healthy and clicking on all cylinders will be unstoppable no matter who they face.

  2. That is just quoting the podcast that was linked to yesterday. It all comes down to how arthritic the area is (i.e. how damaged the joint surface is). And since the Knicks called it “chronic,” the odds are that there was arthritis there (and therefore the joint surface was damaged), which means the 2-3 weeks timeline is out the window. But we’ll know for sure in the next couple of days. Let’s go no arthritis!!!

  3. Very well done article, although I think the analysis of the most recent four game stretch begged for the “small sample size” disclaimer.

    One area where Shumpert can improve is his transition offense. Shumpert has gotten a number of turnovers where he is immediately in the open court on a 1-1 or 2-1. He has been awkward in taking the ball to the rim, and has frequently failed to convert. Given Shumpert’s size, speed and strength, I think that he should be instructed to take the ball to the rim until the defender fully commits, at which point he should pass and look for the return.

    Let’s go Knicks!

  4. I’ve been the lead conductor on the Shump Train since before draft day. Nice to see everyone gettin’ on board!

  5. Wither game thread?

    Maybe you guys should start to automate or prequeue them in the future.

  6. Doug:
    Wither game thread?

    Maybe you guys should start to automate or prequeue them in the future.

    Sorry, that makes WAAAAAAY too much sense.

    Game thread’s up!

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