Notes on the KnickerBlogger Bracket Contest

If you don’t know about the KnickerBlogger Bracket Contest, you can scroll down and read about it.

* I forgot to add Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold. Kurt picked all the favorites in the first round, save for Sacramento in 6. The Laker fan also has the Spurs taking out the Pistons in 7. Sorry Kurt! I’ll go back & add you in to yesterday’s post.

* Although Detroit, Phoenix, San Antonio and Miami were unanimously selected to win their first round matchup, the Heat were the only team that all the prognosticators picked to win their second round matchup.

* Dallas would have been included in that group, if it weren’t for Father KnickerBocker being the sole believer in the Rockets surviving into the second round. He was also the only person to pick the Spurs to lose in the second round as well (to Seattle).

* Best upsets for the first round were Indiana (67%), Sacramento (60%) and Washington (27%).

* The Heat’s first series is expected to last 5.5 games, but their second series 4.9. Does everyone think the Nets are that much better than Washington/Chicago?

* Even though only 29% of the forecasters selected Boston to make it to the second round, two participants chose them to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. (Granted one was the author.) The irony is that although Indiana was enormous favorites, nobody picked them to make it to the round after that.

* The lowest seed predicted to make it to the Finals are the Mavericks, by Roland Beech and Martin Johnson.

* Oddly enough nobody picked the best team in the league, the Phoenix Suns, to win it all! Only one person had the Suns getting to the Finals. Of course it’s that same dissentor again, Father KnickerBocker. The breakdown for the 2005 champion is: San Antonio (47%), Miami (33%), Detroit (13%), and Dallas (7%).

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