Nomination for Worst Article of 2009

Well it didn’t take long for someone to put their hat in the ring for worst article of 2009. Today’s Daily News features an article written by Frank Isola titled “David Lee’s days as a Knick may be numbered.” The column names four players (David Lee, Eddy Curry, Quentin Richardson and Nate Robinson) who are most often mentioned in trade rumors. Isola says that prior to the Feb. 19th trading deadline, there’s “a strong possibility that at least one or two of those players” and he continues to single out Lee as the one most likely to leave New York.

However he gives no reason why he believes there’s a high possibility of a trade looming. Isola doesn’t seem to consider that the Knicks may not make any deals prior to the deadline, and simply wait until the summer to make a move. Since there’s no supporting evidence, you have to conclude that Isola is basing this on his own speculation. Isola is assuming that one of these players will be traded because of trade rumors. Yet trade rumors are created (and sometimes fabricated) by newspaper writers like himself. Perhaps there’s a bit of circular logic occurring here.

Isola mentioned that Walsh has told David Lee that he’s not looking to move the young forward, but rather Lee is often mentioned in trade rumors because other teams are interested in him. However the author uses this statement to prove that Walsh is trying to trade Lee, because Walsh has lied previously (about Marbury being an important asset this season). But this doesn’t make sense on many levels. First it’s possible that Walsh did mean for Marbury to be an important asset for the team, but other circumstances prevented that from coming to fruition. Secondly, even if Walsh was lying on this occasion it doesn’t mean that all his public statements are lies.

Think about this logic for a second. Walsh says that he’s not interested in trading David Lee. From that statement you can conclude:

A. Walsh does not want to trade Lee.
B. Walsh wants to trade Lee.
C. Nothing.

The answer is A if you believe Walsh to always tell the truth. But the only way to conclude that B is true is if Walsh *always* lies. If Walsh occasionally tells lies (to the media) then the correct answer is C. General managers have to hide their feelings and intentions from the public from time to time. But just because they do this doesn’t mean you can take everything they say as a lie and conclude the opposite.

Another place Isola uses faulty logic is when quoting a rival general manager: “Signing David Lee doesn’t hurt the Knicks for 2010… It screws them.” Sure every GM should run their team based on the advice of rival GMs. What’s next for Isola: “A rival GM of the New York Yankees thinks they should play Teixeira sparingly, perhaps batting him 9th so that he won’t wear prior to the 8th year of his $180M contract.”

It’s quite possible that Walsh moves Lee before the trading deadline. Many of the commenters here have come up with valid reasons to trade or keep Lee. What the Knicks should do is not clear cut in either direction. After reading Isola’s article, I don’t see any evidence of a “strong possibility” that Lee will be traded. All Isola offers is speculation and faulty logic. The way it’s written, it’s more fit for a Knicks forum not a major newspaper.

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Mike Kurylo

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7 thoughts to “Nomination for Worst Article of 2009”

  1. The problem with your nomination in the first place, is that you are considering Isola’s words as an “article” in the first place when they are really just space filler like those 1-800-sex-lady ads or the car dealership ads that photoshop the dealers heads onto celebrities bodies. All I’m saying, is that Isola makes Peter Vescey look like John Steinbeck.

  2. Mike,
    Two observations-one,exactly who is Walsh going to trade Lee for??all the writers,generally clueless, and the bloggers, worst, keep offering to trade Lee,but for who??are there legitimately any PF/SF’s available, I can’t find any, and how does a draft pick assist DW’s 2010 strategy, it can’t?? two, is it me or has MD’s use of Lee become confusing??it appears after a decent first quarter, working the pick and roll with Duhon,the team goes away form Lee as a potential scorer. With N8 in the game the ball is never at the top, always on the side, normally right, N8’s stength, and even when Duhon comes back,he passes to Lee on the wing and dives under, as opposed to Lee being the picker and roller??when Lee is a focal point of the offense they move much better in the D’Antoni style. Let me know what you think?

  3. The Post’s interpretation of Walsh’s State-of the Knicks address yesterday was that Donnie wasn’t planning on making ANY trades before the deadline. Walsh said: “It would have to be something that really helps us. Not just another guy. I’m not going to make a move just to make a move.”

    Considering Walsh’s press conference was the only news of the day coming from the Knicks, it seems strange that Isola would be talking about four looming trades…

  4. Oh darn I forgot one of the best lines by Isola:

    Knicks have won 23, 33 and 23 games with Lee on the team…

    Blame the last three seasons on Lee, who started 55 games over that span (an average of 18 per year)? That first year, he didn’t even crack 17 minutes a game. Just flat out ridiculous!

  5. Yeah everyone but Isola seems to realize that Walsh is going to be very patient for a little while. I understand wanting to trade Lee due to impending free agency but that is very tricky. It will be impossible to get equal value for him when there is no guarantee for a trading partner that Lee will sign with them long term.

  6. This reads like a non-article. It’s almost like he’s trying to explain things to someone who’s just walked in and has no idea of what they missed. And just for good measure, he’s put in a little bit of “I can’t come right out and say it but here’s what I think Donnie should do”.
    Articles like this are why I come to you guys for my Knicks news. Being on the other side of the world (Australia) with no access to game vision and limited understanding of advanced stats, I count on you guys to keep me up to date with what’s happening. Keep up the great work!

  7. Oh darn I forgot one of the best lines by Isola:

    That really is a good one.

    Suddenly, when you want to come up with reasons not to keep Lee, it goes from “he’s not good enough to be your main guy” to “he was the main guy – but they sucked (even if he wasn’t the main guy – and even if he was, it would be a useless statement – but still)!!”

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