New York @ Boston Pre-Season Game Thread

Welcome to the New York Knicks 2014-15 season!

Well, the pre-season, at least.

I’ve long held that Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson are confident (cocky?) enough to think that they can “fix” Andrea Bargnani, and we start the preseason with Bargs in the starting lineup. Let’s hope that they know what they’re doing!

Your New York Knicks starting lineup is:

Jose Calderon
JR Smith
Carmelo Anthony
Andrea Bargnani
Sameul Dalembart

Let the good (?) times roll!

Let’s go Knicks!

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49 thoughts to “New York @ Boston Pre-Season Game Thread”

  1. You have to start Bargs in this game, because the Celtics are in the East, and as we all know, The East Is Big, Man™.

  2. In case you hadn’t heard BC, our GIF-tastic power forward is now going by a new nickname.

  3. I love the Mbenga move if only because it shows that the Knicks realized what everyone should have realized about Travis Outlaw after last season – he’s no longer an NBA level player.

  4. The second unit looks more triangle-y than the first unit, unless Amar’e touches the ball. Once Amar’e touches the ball all triangularity ceases to exist.

  5. I don’t want to get carried away by the pre-season, but write this down. Tim Hardaway Jr. will be NBA MVP this season.

  6. If anyone out there is a hollywood executive, I would watch the shit out of a Cole/Pablo buddy cop movie.

  7. I have no idea who Travis Ware is, but he’s going to take Travis Outlaw’s roster spot. We’ve only got room for one Travis on this train, boys.

  8. Hardaway Jr. and Cole Aldrich are the future of the franchise, guys. Cleanthony Early looks good too.

  9. Here it is: I call this Barg-Amare-Calderon-THard defensive unit “ocean of lassitude” because it needs a poetic name that captures their unfathomable depths.

  10. The worst thing about the defense tonight is that Boston’s offense is terrible. Evan Turner is beyond awful on offense and yet he’s, like, their go-to guy.

  11. It’s really what Melo said the other day – he just has to give Phil time to give him real teammates. By the time that happens, Melo will likely be out of his prime which is why the Knicks are fucked, but this system can definitely work once Phil brings in new teammates for Melo.

  12. The Knicks do have 16 assists on 22 FG. Unfortunately they also have 15 turnovers but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  13. What a move by Hakeem Colajuwon! That ref was blind, deaf, and dumb if he thought that was a travel. Kareem Abdul-Colebbar was just too stunning in his moves that the ref just assumed he traveled.

  14. I heard Daryl Morey tried getting the Knicks to trade Cole so he could teach Howard how a legend is made.

  15. Your 14/15 Knicks- same porous defense and disjointed offense but now with more turnovers! Seriously, the only Knick who looked good tonight was Shumpert.

  16. Why is Aldrich still in this game? It’s a preseason game with a few minutes left in a blowout. We need to protect our key players here! Get him out before our season goes down the drain when he gets hurt.

  17. The Good:

    THJ was a terror on offense, had 5 rebounds, and 2 assists

    The Bad:

    Travis Outlaw is not an NBA player. Quincy Acy can’t shoot. The defense looked a lot like last years, and we turned it over way too frequently on offense.

    The Bargnani:


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