New York 100 Boston 114

Sorry folks I don’t have time for a full analysis tonight. Tonight the Knicks played 4 good quarters of basketball, but the game went 5. Here are some nuggets to chew on:

  • Throughout the game, you could tell that the Knicks defense looked improved. Even guys like Marbury showed improvement.
  • It’s nice to have a front court that isn’t shorter than the other team’s.
  • No Lee. No Frye. No Butler.
  • The Knicks were awful on the glass. Curry couldn’t even get a missed Celtic free throw late in the game.
  • The lineup down the stretch was: Marbury, Crawford, Barnes, Davis, Curry.
  • Barnes was covering Pierce.
  • Barnes had a nice alleyoop in the 4th (from Jamal).
  • Q-Rich and Barnes did the 4th quarter offensive/defensive switch, but only once.
  • I haven’t looked at the box score yet, but my thinking right now is that rebounding & turnovers did them in.
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Mike Kurylo

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7 thoughts to “New York 100 Boston 114”

  1. From the looks of things, it appears the Knicks were discouraged when Ricky Davis made that 3-pointer in overtime despite a decent attempt at defense from Marbury. It seemed after that play, there was hardly any fluidity to the offensive side due to frustration and panic.

  2. Free throw shooting really hurt them.

    I fully expected to be disappointed by Jerome James but 4 fouls in 8 minutes?

  3. Yes, starting Barnes was a shocker, but not a game changer. too many loose balls, the Celtics had balls rolling into their hands all night. Delonte West??? seven 1st half boards? Our defense on the ball was good/great all night. Celts shot 42% for the game, But the celts got second chances on offense, and it would kill us all night. Lastly, not enough q-rich, no Frye???
    Jerome James, 4 fouls in less than 20 minutes, as advertised.

    now on to the celts, the league has got to stop letting Paul Peirce getaway with this bump-and- fall- foul called on your team nonsense, most of the time he goes to the line, he’s not even in shooting motion. He lived at the free throw last night. Ricky Davis got hot and Blount is still swishing 20 footers as I write this. good game from them, and we, the knicks, have now lost 15 of the last 17 games we’ve played against the Celtics.

    Please Put #3 back at PG, It wasn’t pretty last night watching Crawford self destruct. A more conventional lineup would’ve suited us better last night. I didnt see where having marbury off the ball helped anything. And Crawford has a fast break handle not a half court handle. And barnes did nothing special with the starting position.

    Hopefully we’ll give the same defensive effort and correct the correctibles for fridays home opener.

  4. Lee is not on the active roster, so you won’t see him for now. Defensive rebouding and missed free throws without a doubt killed us. But I agree that on the ball defense certainly improved. I hope we start getting more from Q Richardson. We need his scoring and size at the 2.

  5. We got murdered on the glass, I think it was 57-41. That is especially bad considering its not like the Celtics really have big-time rebounders. Imagine playing the Pistons or San Antonio, we’ll hardly get a board! I think we need a Reggie Evans or Danny Fortson or someone who doesn’t need to score, just focus on grabbing the boards. Or even a certain Mike Sweetney would be good – not to say instead of Curry, but he’d probably do really nicely right now.

  6. Well, Quintin, I think, is not playing full minutes because of his hamstring, which can’t be avoided. And I don’t see a problem with Brown working the rookies in, slowly –it didn’t hurt Tayshaun Prince — Robinson certainly was as wild as advertised, and I’m sure Frye will get in there somewhere — Taylor played well last night, so he wasn’t the problem…

    — I don’t quite get the mad rush to get Butler in there– he had a good enough preseason to make the team, which is good, but I don’t see him being very effective (at this point) in the heat of real battle…

  7. Bring in Channing Frye and have Jerome Hames as a dnp coaches decision.

    Frye is good for 8 boards.

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