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Thanks to John Kenney whose comment gave birth to this idea:

Well it’s not a J.S.G. Boggs, but I think it’s a good way to sum up how the Knicks have been over his tenure. Donnie Walsh hasn’t built a title contender (yet) and there have been a few missteps along the way, but he’s done an admirable job thus far. If nothing, Walsh has shown patience and the ability to bring in players that match his coach’s needs. Certainly he’s done better than the average GM over the same span.

With the league’s GMs playing poker and Carmelo Anthony being the big prize, Walsh hasn’t thrown everything in to risk getting the All Star forward. The press has reported that the Nets were ready to trade the farm, but so far it has appeared that Walsh isn’t willing to dismantle the Knicks for a player of his caliber. With the trade deadline looming, as a Knick fan I’d normally have a few restless nights wondering how the team would blow this one. Have to say that hasn’t kept me awake, because Walsh hasn’t given me many reasons to think he’s going to botch this move. In Donnie, I Trust.

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Mike Kurylo

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12 thoughts to “New T-Shirt”

  1. Going back a few threads, I’d like to see an ABCD eFG% shirt. I think that was one of your proposals for the intramural team name, but I’d definitely wear that shirt and think it captures the spirit of Knickerblogger pretty well.

    This is also a good one.

  2. How about “Thomas B. was right”?

    I trust Donnie with everything other than a top 10 draft pick or a free agent shooting guard. Other than that he is the man.

  3. Agreed, I’d trust Donnie a lot more if he Dajuan Blair were starting for us rather than the best team in the league. And if Ty Lawson were starting for us for a fraction of Felton’s cost or at the least backing him up….

  4. Was loving the Oklahoma/Heat game… until Eddie House just hit that shot.

    Just curious if the generic love for that great NBA player has shifted towards Durant after LeBron’s summer of really bad PR?

  5. Jim O’Brien fired.

    First Jeff Fisher, now O’Brien. What’s up with coaches getting fired soon after getting a vote of confidence from the owner?

  6. I don’t think Durant has the name recognition yet. Also he hasn’t played quite as well this year as was expected. Scoring leader yes, but overshadowed a bit by Westbrook and the Spurs dominance…

    The game was good until House hit that shot. I kind of wish he had missed, sparking reams of commentary about how Lebron doesn’t want to take the the big shot from the results oriented crowd and stat ridden responses from the process oriented crowd….

    The Lakers-Celtics is a pretty nice encore, i have to say, although Jackson is doing his best to ruin it….

  7. Durant straight up ripped Bosh after the game, called him a punk and a fake tough guy. lol

  8. Great idea but that is one ugly mug to wear on your chest. Sorry, Donnie. Maybe if you pull off a trade for Melo without giving up Gallo or Fields I’ll put that aside.

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