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Like Shaq, I’ve decided a new home would be nice. So I decided to move my blog to a more appropriate place. You may want to change your bookmark to the new site – For the time being I’ll still have a redirect from the old page to here.

There is a lot going on in the league, so I’ll stick to the story that will have the biggest impact on the league: Ariza scores 22 in his first professional game. (But of course! ;-) Sweetney is the only other Knick that did anything of note, as he had 12 points & 5 boards (and apparently 8 fouls – is that a typo?). I don’t want to delude myself of Ariza’s talents, since this is only the first summer league game. On the other hand, he could have turned the ball over a few times and get himself yanked after a couple of minutes. Ariza’s performance is good news for Knick fans, especially in a week where Shaq is traded to a division rival. The game appeared to be on MSG today (Sunday), but I’m in training down in D.C. so I’m unable to watch it. If anyone out there has seen the game & feels like sharing their scouting report, send me an email & I’ll try to publish it.

Frank Williams didn’t play due to an ankle injury. Hopefully this will discourage any GM from trading for him, leaving him in a Knicks uniform come fall. Williams and everyone else on the Knicks roster has been rumored to go to Chicago in a deal for Jamal Crawford. I really don’t want to speculate on that deal until it is finalized, although the reports have been positive that the Knicks will (eventually) get Crawford. I still don’t see why the Knicks need another guard, when there are more pressing needs (like C or SF). Could this mean that Houston’s health is still an issue?

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